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  • Gigi

    I’m so bored with Givenchy lately, so sick of these same styles.

  • pinksky777

    Sooo glad I grabbed the gems I did this season, from the looks of this upcoming season… A little blah.

  • Rada

    Givenchy seems to be having a minor identity crisis with branding. They can’t seem to decide between Givenchy or Givenchy Paris. IMHO, Givenchy sounds more solid, Givenchy adding “Paris” is like a bandwagon move with Céline and Saint Laurent being the first ones to add their house location to their branding in recent years. Heck even Fendi started doing it on some of their bags with Fendi Roma (it works better partly because it’s not another Paris, thank goodness Fendi is an Italian house). And yes, Louis Vuitton has been doing this for decades but they are a much older brand.

  • Sandy

    I adore Givenchy. I think the Antigona is one of the best bags produced in recent years. I like the colored metallic finish of the Ants pictured above. I am not such a fan of the logo pattern..even stamped in the leather, the bags are beautiful they do not need that.

  • ginger

    i ADORE the metallic colors (30 and 31)!!! i hope they do a pandora in either/both of those colors!!!

  • Sparky

    Only silhouette I like is the Nightingale. The Pandora looks silly to me.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    A little S&M but not too much. Not loving the “LOVE” prints.

  • Kate

    I still love the Antigona. Looking forward to busting out the old burgundy workhorse in the Fall. In fact, I still like it enough that I’m considering getting one in black for when the burgundy has the day off. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • FashionableLena

    So. Much. Black.

  • Yoshi1296

    Definitely one of the best collections they released in a while! The Antigona in slide 31 reminds me of the Hourglass Radiant Light highlighter LOL!!!

  • Taki

    Why does Givenchy handbag is always on sale? I always see Antigona, Pandora, etc on sale online.. Are they not as popular as brands like Celine?

  • Julie Semple Stam

    I love 28 and 31 – can’t decide which metallic color I like more.

  • Maya

    ….more of the same….*snooze*
    I really miss when Givenchy was not so “trendy”, the logos were more discreet (I don’t care much for logos, for “look at me, I carry Givenchy”), it was all about the shapes and styles of the bag… I kinda sound like an old bat…wait, I’m an old bat!!!

  • I finally bought the Love shopper tote. I think it’s so fun, and Given-chic! And red is such a feisty color to splash in! :)