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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Special Moms in Your Life

Wow mom this year with our unique gift guide!

Giving gifts is something I truly love to do. Rarely am I one of those people who waits until the last minute to buy a gift. If I do, it’s usually because I simply haven’t had the time to pick up what it is that I’ve decided on buying. I like to give a gift that fills some sort of need or is truly something a person wants but often wouldn’t buy for themselves. I’ll pay attention throughout the year to what my loved ones say they need or want, storing the information in the back of my brain for when the time is right or writing myself a little note so that I remember.

It’s truly the best feeling to see your loved ones smile and then find that they use and really love the gift you gave them down the line. I remember getting my dad a nice slim leather card case for his credit cards for Christmas one year since his cards were always carried in a contraption he crafted from some paper sleeves and rubber bands. He was happily surprised and used it every day for years. It always made me smile to see that he was using it!

When it comes to shopping for Mother’s Day, moms can be notoriously difficult to shop for. After all, they “really don’t need anything,” but they certainly deserve it all. Our mothers and caregivers who mother us really do sacrifice so much. Mom, if you’re reading this, thank you! Words really can’t say enough for all that you (and all the wonderful Moms out there) do to keep us happy, safe, and cared for, no matter how old we get!

So without further ado and with just 10 days left to shop, here are some things to consider gifting Mom this year.

The Best Bag Gift For Mother’s Day 2022

This first one may seem obvious for many of you here, especially if the mom you’re shopping for loves bags as much as you do! However, some moms don’t often buy themselves material things, designer or otherwise, and a new bag just might be that special gift she would never buy for herself! My mom rarely buys herself anything designer, and recently she and I were looking at the Gucci Jackie 1961 together after discussing that she and Jackie Kennedy Onassis share a birthday. Buying my mom a bag may seem a bit less sentimental of a gift, but in reality, a big gift like that represents the sacrifices and love my mom put into raising me. She would never splurge on a gift like that for herself, and my mom, like so many others, often went without to give to my siblings and me. So in many cases, a handbag really is the perfect gift!

Gucci Jackie 1961 Shoulder Bag 1

Something Personal

I like the idea of gifting something that’s unique and personal to the one you love. There’s nothing my mom is prouder of at this stage in her life than being a ‘meema’ to my three nieces. While mom would work here (you can personalize with up to eight characters), I think it would be super special to spell out meema in honor of my mom’s favorite mothering role to date! For all the moms out there with little ones, it would also be very cute to add the first initial of each child.

Adina s Jewels Initial Necklace

Something She Didn’t Even Know She Needed!

Oftentimes, no one knows a woman better than her daughter, and this is where it helps to really know a person inside and out. If you’re buying for your mom or someone else that’s like a mother to you and you have a really special bond, it can be great to gift something special and unique that’s also useful! My mom is a huge coffee and tea drinker, but she tends to forget about her hot beverages because she’s always busy tending to something (or someone!) around the house. When I saw this cool heated mug, I knew this was a really cool gift to give. It comes with a special charger that uses magnetic energy to heat up the metallic layer on the bottom of the mug, keeping a hot beverage warm and toasty.

Cupcake Pink Warming Mug

Experiences Over Gifts

It’s true that moms never stop mothering, and the older I get, the more I realize that I will never not need my mom. Not to mention, many moms reach a point in their lives when they become grandmothers too, which is a whole new (but different) level of mothering. Rarely does a busy mom stop to care for herself unless she’s prompted to do so, which is why experience gifts are so special and important to give!

A couple of years ago, I gifted my mom a day out on the South Fork of Long Island. We dined at Wölffer Estate Vineyard‘s restaurant and visited the winery, all my treat. It was a great bonding experience and also a day for her to just relax and not lift a finger or a credit card! A spa day is also a great gift to give, and if you’d like something tangible to physically hand to mom, along with the experience that will come, I recommend a candle that’s themed to the experience you’re going to give!

Prosecco Scented Candle


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