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  • Carolina

    Sorry but is it a blog for bags or for shoes?? I would like more many bags of….and please no shoes !! I like them but it is not the topic here, I would say ….

    • Mya Wilkes

      This has been explained in a previous post. PB is trying out some new things such as cross posting notable posts from talk shoes. Nothing wrong with talking about shoes once in a while. We will still get many “many bags of” no doubt I’m sure , so don’t worry. I don’t think the shoe posts impact the numbers of bag post, it is still PURSEblog but with a slight (very welcome) twist IMO.

    • Elle

      I agree.

    • As Mya said, we are of course bag centric and always will be. But we think having some beauty, some jewelry, and some shoes is a great addition – as majority of bag lovers are shoe lovers and those who love great bags are always seeing what they put in their bags and how they accessorize themselves :)

      • I think simply because you’ve got another blog for shoes, maybe they should be kept off here? I understand why you might include beauty, jewellery, etc. but I’m sure you have lots of readers who also read TalkShoes that don’t want to see the same content here.

  • Marnie

    :( I can’t see the shoe!

    • Katherine Callaghan

      If you are on your mobile, try swiping the text to see the images!

  • AshleyG

    no pics… And I’m on my computer…

  • anon

    I’m on my computer and I can see it. I had to refresh the page though.

  • Mythings&

    what a DIVA… She was in Iceland the other day and missed the opportunity to buy Mythings& clutch….

  • Her fashion choices are questionable… but at least the shoes are good.