Hermes Kelly Longue in white

If you have been reading our website, you will know that Vlad is a major photography buff. A lover of the art of photography, we even transformed our guest room into an office and photo studio for the man behind Purse Blog. Designers send us bags to review and shoot, which has been an exciting adventure for us. When it came time to pick a wedding photographer, Vlad, of course, was very hands on. We would not settle for anything less than amazing when it came to the photography, and we ended up with more than we could ask for. After asking around, researching like crazy, and examining work, we ended up choosing Jeff Kolodny as our photographer.

Jeff’s work wowed us from his previous jobs and has blown us away for our own wedding. There will be hundreds of other photos he will be showing us to add to our album, but we got a first look at Jeff’s work from our wedding today. Being able to capture true feeling, emotion, and beauty in every photo, Jeff Kolodny photos amaze us. An array of photos from our wedding day can be found at Jeff Kolodny Photography. And as shown above, Jeff knew about my love of handbags and he integrated my Hermes Kelly Longue into many of our photos, which is ever-so-perfectly-fitting.

Thank you to Jeff and his wife Robin for their amazing work. Not only do we love it, but I know all of the handbag loving world will appreciate my Hermes bag being part of our wedding day!

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  • luvhautecouture

    beautiful!! you chose a wonderful photographer, and the subjects are so beautiful, he did not have a hard time!!! so lovely

  • Thank you so much for the kind words!!!!!!!

  • Janinevs

    Goregeous wedding. But I’m dying to see your bridesmaids’ bags! Did I miss it?

  • Mid-

    Megs and Vlad, what beautiful pictures that truly capture the most precious moments of your life together! Thank you so much for sharing, I’m welling up for pure happiness for you!

  • Nathansgirl1908

    The pictures are gorgeous!!!

  • Wealtheow

    Shoe photos, please?

  • ^ I am waiting for those!!!!!!!!!! The shoes are so well used and loved from the wedding night that they look like a mess now. Crisp shoe photos to come soon!

  • Sweet Pea

    Absolutely Gorgeous pictures!!! You two make a stunning couple!!! Loving the last name…so exotic.
    Wishing you much happiness in your new life together!!!

  • Burberryaholic

    No words…this is so classic and beautiful! Congrats!

  • KacyC

    Absoultely gorgeous photos! Simply beautiful.

  • KacyC

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Simply beautiful.

  • PC

    The photo says it all..The bag as usual is fabulous and the two of you gorgeous!

  • piratesbooty

    The photos are beautiful. You both look great and so in love. Congrats again!

  • holly

    Beautiful pictures! You both look so good! And the one with you both under the veil is so cute!

  • Cindy

    What a creative photographer! Loved all the pics. Pretty bridesmaid dresses too, black, wowzer!

  • Melissa

    Ah! Fantastic and love the bag. Would you mind if I profiled your wedding on my website? I think my readers would get a kick out of how you incorporated your Hermes bag in the photos!

  • Franca

    Fantastic shot !!!! congratulations for your wedding

  • Pursegrrl

    Gawd, could these pics be any more amazing??? LOVE IT!! So happy for you two…XXXOO PG

  • Beth

    The bag is nice, yes, of course, but you, Megs? You are STUNNING! What lovely photos! And Vlad’s not bad either, ;-) May you enjoy years and years of love and happiness together. I cannot imagine a more glorious beginning!

  • Jenn

    Megs — I am so happy for you and Vlad!! You look so beautiful together and I wish you all the happiness in this life together.

    I haven’t been very active on the forum due to losing a lot the past year monetarily and job wise, but seeing that picture of you and Vlad gives me a lot of hope for getting through these tough times. TPF love to you!

  • Lisa

    Congratulations on your special day! The photography is amazing! Thankyou so much for sharing with us!

  • coachwife6

    Congrats. Lovely photography.

  • LAltiero85

    Wow, that pic is awesome :) So beautiful!!! Congrats to both of you and may you live a long happy life together! ♥

  • kwek2

    I’ve been ur reader for some time. but this is my first comment ;)
    Congratulations on your wedding!!! I’ve seen the pics on Jeff’s website, the pictures are amazing.. and I really love the idea of Hermes bag as the bouquet! and you’re so beautiful Megs, stunning!! Have a wonderful marriage!

  • capecodsoprano

    Great pics! Very talented. is it ok to add you to my blogroll?

  • Thanks so much everyone!!!!! We are loving married life already :). More pictures coming soon!!!

  • M

    Beautiful! I was already planning on incorporating a special bag into my special day, but your showcase of Hermes just encourages me some more. Congratulations on your big day (and many more to come after ;] )!

  • M_butterfly

    Beautiful photos… They make me want to get married again.. to the same man of course. Love the black and white ones. Megs you look absolutely beautiful. Vlad looks very handsome and both look so happy!!

  • patchworkcat

    Awesome shots. Those are truly a treasure!

  • Superqueen

    Amazing shot!!! And awesome bag *____*

  • Tika

    Absolutely beautiful! I love your blog & best wishes and lots of wedding wishes to you both :)

  • XSatiram

    Ñ óäîâîëüñòâèåì ÷èòàþ âàø áëîã. Ïðîäîëæàéòå ïèñàòü îáÿçàòåëüíî. Àíäðåéêà, Áàøêîðòîñòàí.

  • wed photographer

    I really liked your blog! great