Fendi Spy Bag
Fendi Spy Bag

We all have been with the Fendi Spy Bag as it has taken its ups and downs in the handbag world. What I love about the Spy is that it is different. The look of the bag is not similar to any other. The handles set it apart with the knot detailing. The shape has become household; we all know it. And as I have watched the Spy go from the hottest bag to less desirable, I have noticed that there is still a huge following of the Fendi Spy Bag. To be honest I continue to carry my Spy bag and love it! It is chic and my version, in honey, is able to be worn year around. The Fendi Spy has been re-invented hundreds of times, in different colors, leathers, materials, there was even a luscious Fendi Alligator Spy. There have been huge misses, like the Fendi Sequin Spy Bag, but the fact remains that this bag has held its own for years. So if you ask me, while it may not be at the peak of its curve, the Fendi Spy Bag is a classic bag that will always be recognizable and always be something a little different from the mainstream. There is a new color at Net A Porter, a stunning hue of purple, dubbed plum. Buy through NAP for $2,250.

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