This Sunday is Father’s Day (if you forgot you still have time). For some reason Mother’s Day is always marketed for months before, making sure that every child and husband in the world will not forget about the special day. But what about the dad’s, the ones that also do so much for us? Well even if they are neglected from a marketing standpoint, we do not need to neglect them. I did my father’s day shopping today. And while I can’t share my secret, because my dad will undoubtedly read this and see, but I know it is a gift he will enjoy. Hope all of you and your dad’s have a fabulous Father’s Day!!

So what did you get your father and/or husband for Father’s Day?

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  • Graciella

    I was born on father’s day, and this year I’ll turn 22 on father’s day, so my dad and I will spend the day together. We’ll probably visit a museum and go for a drink somewhere and then have a barbeque afterwards at home with friends and family. I got my him a dvd of his favourite opera-singer and my sister and I will also get him some new Armani sunnies, since he’s lost his today whilst watching a soccermatch in Zwitserland. It’s going to be a lovely day I think! :grin:

  • labag

    Just a family day by the pool with my hubby and dad(he’s 77) and my family.
    My dad gets cash to go to the casino and my hubby gets me!(just kidding….) I’m getting him a couple of gas cards, he spends a fortune on gas, so he’ll luv this.
    I know boring , but he’s a simple guy and I love that about him.

  • Alex

    the kids gave hubby/dad a baseball jersey and two baseball tshirts. can you tell he’s a sports fan? LOL. he loved it. they also made him cards. i think he loved those more!

  • All wonderful gifts! We are going to a musical with my dad on Sunday. Before we will have dinner and after dessert at my place. I got him a gift I know he will like!

  • cindy

    Sadly, my dad passed away 14 1/2 years ago, but my husband got a Carve Board for Father’s Day.

  • gotracey

    My two wonderful stepkids are both recently graduated from college and out on their own. They always get him something cool and/or we all go out for brunch. I got him his favorite pocket t-shirts in four different colors. He appreciates the practical stuff.

  • dimon

    We bought him a Serge Blanco rugby shirt that he loves and he bought his Dad a Shilton rugby shirt. These are French brands where rugby is big time important! My dad’s in California so he’ll just get an e-mail and a phone call.

  • Beautylicious

    My dad and I haven’t been on speaking terms for years (long story). Wishing him a wonderful day anyway :smile: