Spring 2012 is all about mixing color and textures, and as you can see, some designers took that idea to heart more than others. I normally love the Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bag in all of its sometimes strange iterations, but this 70s crocheted afghan version has me wondering whether it would have been best as a runway idea rather than a retail reality. More than anything, though, this bag seems like a perfect opportunity to play Fill in the Blank. You ladies already know how this works – finish our title sentence in the comments or, if you’re so inclined, buy through Neiman Marcus for $2895.

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  • Meghan


  • Laura

    Grandma’s senior center project.  

  • Lori

    Perfect for Great Grandma (may she RIP).   
    Seriously, $2895 for a crocheted bag?   What is the yarn made out of, silk?   I do like the colors though.  It might be a cool bag on the right person with the right outfit.  

  • camilla

    horrible. I would never never buy a bag like this even for 10 $. And the price is unbelievable.

  • mlle p

    Cute if it were $289. instead of $2895.  And also, ditch that ugly gold nameplate!  

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Dolce & Gabbana’s Miss Sicily Crocheted Bag is……(now I know people are going to want to kill me for saying this)……cool. Would look even better with gold studs.

  • lottie

    BUTT UGLY!!!! and to add insult to this atrocity is the price tag of $2895, REALLY!!!!???

  • Evawaswrong

    the worst I have seen in a long time

  • Silversun

    … perfect for my grandma hangin with her homies in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.

  • Psycho_zygote

    ready to go to an orthodox church somewhere in the Eastern European countries with a fellow grandma

  • Sandra Rowley

    perfect for somebody like Zooey Deschanel……

  • Kirstenreilly


  • Ms_eloquence

    a hot mess…and overpriced.

  • 19yearslater

    reminding me of the sac bags that were popular 10 years ago.

  • RMR


  • jeni

    …is awesome if I were 70 years old and found it at a yard sale.

  • ellenbakes

    $2,895??? Way too much for a bag my mother could crochet for me in a weekend. But I’m sure someone out there with a ridiculous amount of disposable income is purchasing this hideous bag as I type this.

  • Mona

    ..something I could crochet myself. If I wanted to, that is…..;-)

  • JaneB

    kinda cute.

  • foxgal

    …belongs next to my mom’s kitchen sink.

  • r60610

    …mighty weird. 

  • M Martell


  • Chris

    probably cool with the right person and the right outfit (the early Carrie Bradshaw styled by Pat Field might pull it off, or yes, Zoey Deschanel who is very cute) but other than that, this looks like a crochet project for my grandma (may she rest in peace).

  • REK

    better suited to Regretsy.

  • sit


  • Gee Brandenburg

    grandmother’s knitting bag, except she had better taste than this not-funny joke!  d & g, seriously?

  • JUST AWFUL!!!!!!

  • Martha Sonnenberg

    This bag looks like something my elderly aunt might use to carry her knitting materials.  $2895?  This is ridiculous.

  • Kouture Crochet

    Giving crochet a bad name!!!

    No no no!!!!

    Luxury Cashmere, Alpaca, Camel, and Merino Scarves, Gloves, Ties & more.

  • Edoardo Perni

    This is a nice bag declined in an ugly version…!


  • LuLu

    Disaster!!!!! LOL!

  • Lena R Collins

    a product of Mary Poppins.  In all honesty, I love it.  I would love it even more if that gold plate wasn’t on the front.  Maybe it should have been put on the side.

  • Linda

    Just ugly!!!

  • An eyesore that I’d carry to my death bed. :p

  • Anita

    an art project gone very wrong.

  • Camellia

    I’ve booked already .. =D

  • Vera

    a reason to pick up my crochet hooks again. I love this bag. I’m not wild about all the colors being used together, but I like the shape of it quite a bit.  No way am I ever going to fork over almost three grand, but I see a trip to the craft store in my future.

  • tammy

    Does this pattern make me look……old?

  • Peggy

    I can’t posted what I really would like to say in response to most previous posts!  It’s sad that people think this is old-ladyish!  *sigh*  Crochet is not just for old-ladies!

    The bag is cute but totally over priced!



  • Leah

    ridiculously priced…. You could feed an entire third-world country for that!

  • carol

    was it copied from this http://bit.ly/KDSVx7  or vise versa?

  • Momstyler

    love it – except for the gold plate.  so cool