I’ve Become Entirely Re-Obsessed with the Fendi Baguette

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Few handbags have had a collective hold on fashionistas like the Fendi Baguette has. One of the most important bags in modern handbag history, the Baguette, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary, rose to cultural icon status in the late 90s and early 2000s. Now, a quarter of a century after the Baguette’s debut, it has catapulted itself back into the spotlight, and its vintage iterations and revivals have become highly sought after.

The Baguette: a Cultural Icon

Cementing itself as one of the handbag world’s new classics, there’s no denying that the Fendi Baguette is here to stay. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Baguette is one of those rare bags that is an icon not only within the House of Fendi but also in fashion. The Baguette continues to evolve, with fresh iterations capturing a whole new subset of Baguette fans.

The Baguette has always held a special place in my handbag-loving heart. Released when I was just seven years old, I truly cannot remember a time in fashion before the Baguette. Still, owning a Baguette bag has never reached high enough on my lust list for me to forgo other wants to purchase one. However, that’s all changed recently, and suddenly, I find myself entirely re-obsessed with the Baguette.

An Insane Collection of Vintage Baguettes

When the Fendi Baguette was first released in 1997, it was characterized by its petite silhouette, which tucked perfectly under the arm. Named after the way that French girls are often snapped walking around the streets of Paris with their Baguettes, the original silhouette was defined by its small shoulder strap sans a longer strap, unlike the Baguettes of today.

Copenhagen Street Style Fall 2023 14.jpg
A vintage Fendi Baguette on the Streets of Copenhagen

Our most recent installment of Closet Confessionals featured an insane collection of original Baguettes. From FF logoed versions to an array of beaded babies and even a beaded fur iteration with python trim, rarely have I seen a collection like this that actually has kept me up at night on Fashionphile and Rebag, trying to decide if I could trade one of my bags for a Baguette. Alternatively, I’ve prayed to the bag gods that I’ll find a vintage Baguette in Paris next month at a steal of a price.

One of the iterations I keep returning to is from the brand’s Spring/Summer 1999 collection and one of the most recognized Baguettes in Fendi’s history. Fendi has even reissued the bag as part of its 25th anniversary collection. It’s embroidered entirely by hand with 20,0000 beads and 380 small mirrors. Priced at $6,750, the re-edition is definitely a holy grail piece.

Do you still have the Baguette love? I’m entirely obsessed with the Baguette, and it’s quickly rising to the top of my list—vintage or new…

BITW Upper East Side April 2023 16.jpg

Fendi Baguette Bag
via Fashionphile

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10 months ago

I love the Baguette, it’s just perfect, the original and the new ones, imho. The embellished one worn with the silver boots, a sick outfit, in the picture PurseBlog uses in rotation, haunts me.

10 months ago

These have never been my thing, but I totally get the appeal . The last photo in particular gives off an art deco boho vibe. So pretty .

10 months ago

I own a vintage baguette. I bought it for a song as it was going out of style. They were dirt cheap back then. I bought a Mama baguette as well. I never stopped carrying them.

10 months ago

i want one…but is it worth getting the funky designs, or vintage, rather than the newer ones.

I kinda love the beaded astrology one