For a while, I wondered every season why Fendi wasn’t reviving its iconic logo fabric, especially when it comes to bags. After all, classic logo bags have been gaining popularity for several years, and Fendi’s monogram is one of the most well-known in fashion history. The brand has apparently realized the opportunity that lay in front of it, though, because it’s been adding in more logo pieces to its collections consistently for a couple seasons, and for Fall 2018, Fendi has gone all-in.

The most notable use of the traditional Fendi Fs in handbags are in close-cropped, printed fur, which appears on Peekaboos and Baguettes, as well as less well-known bags. There is also laminated logo textile in quite a few iterations, ranging from tiny crossbodies to big totes that feature a spinoff of the FILA logo (tweaked to spell out FENDI, of course), layered atop the geometric Fs.

The other big, notable additions to Fendi’s lineup for fall were some new Peekaboos; specifically oversized, slouchy ones. The bag has always been known for its very particular structure, but since big bags are coming back in a big way, it appears as though the brand has opted to try out something new. Check out all the images from the runway collection below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway}

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3 years ago

Love some of these fendi fur bags, and i usually prefer leather. Fendi, has made it’s come back and I’m happy about. I just wish it was more affordable, but they say all of the bags are hand made ..
2018 great year for Fendi! thanks to their designer, whomever that maybe

GG Pastel