Fendi Denim Spy Bag

The Fendi Spy bag was once one of the biggest “it” bags of it bag history. Remember the days of it bagdom? I do. Those days have come and gone, for the most part, and now handbags are sought after that have stay power rather than float our boat for 2 weeks. I still own and sometimes use my Honey Fendi Spy Bag. It is a stunning color and I adore it. But the Spy bag had such a huge high that now many think it has hit a low. I am not quite part of the many, but I do enjoy seeing some of the Spy Bag atrocities that Fendi designs season after season (come on, give it up!!).

But a very simple change can work out well, as seen on the Fendi Denim Spy Bag. This bag is certain simplicity, with the change being the material re-configured in denim and accented with leather. I know what you all will say, the price is ridiculous for a denim bag. But this is Fendi. What else do you expect? There is the famous hidden coin purse, double top handles, and the foldover flap closure with wristlet accent. Worth the price or over-hyped? Buy through Saks for $1550.

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  • mette

    This is absolutely not my bag,not in denim,not in any type of leather. It is so pussy!

  • HAHA, pussy? What do you mean by that.. never heard a bag called that :)

  • janie

    I love this bag’s shape but the demin in not correct and definitely for the price…softest leather is the ticket!

  • Anilu Magloire

    Ugh!!! Denim bags are a huge no-no….

  • Ellez

    Ya I think I had a denim bag as one of my first purses in like the 5th grade…but never again and certainly not on a bag that expensive. Huge no for me!

  • Empress

    Why is this not in the fug bag section?


    i don’t know i think its kinda cute….i would not buy it though but still cute

  • mette

    Megs! Well, maybe `pussy´is totally a word I made up myself. Imagine a cat, a pussy cat, that is sleeping in a roll type of way and is round as a boll. Are you catching my idea? All roundish,soft,etc. bags are pussy to me.

  • Linda

    Fendi could have come up with a classic for the ages if it were not for the bizarre variations of this bag each season. I think this bag is for folks who have money to burn….are there any of those types of people left?

  • Jackie725

    I don’t get the anti-Fendi stuff going on on Purseblog. My honey Spy was one if my first loves. Last spring I was one if the few in the US to be fortunate enough to get the limited leopard b-bag. In addition I have a few baguettes, a gold chef bag and a gorgeous black leather mini-hobo wristlet whole hardware. All gorgeous! I am not saying every Fendi design is drool worthy but whose are? Anybody seen how many MJ frog bags were on the sale tables last year? I love Marc Jacobs to. The only reason I mention MJ in this post is because I think that great artists create great beauty and occasionally a fug handbag – doesn’t diminish their greatness. Can we lay off of Fendi?

  • Jackie, I ADORE ADORE my Honey Spy. I still get TONS of compliments. I think Fendi has some very ornate bags and they are not received as well…

  • FendiFan

    I don’t get it either, they consistantly have beautiful designs, and their classic bags are always current.

  • coco13

    I agree that denim bags are a no no beyond the age of 12. The spy is only nice in leather/velvet/exotics.

  • Merve

    I am totally bored to death of Fendi because they cant come up with any new imaginative designs. Thats why we are always complaining.

  • FendiFan

    Beautiful black all leather Spy Bag on BagAmbition.com website. Looks in perfect condition, but half the price. They sell pre-owned, authentic bags, that’s why the price is so good. They have other fendi’s also, including a limited edition baguette that is fur!!

  • kami

    OK, does anyone know about http://www.toplvcn.com? How is the quality. I hate knock-offs, but with purse prices the way they are going..UP, and the number of fabulous bags out there, I have no choice. Please, anyone, let me know. Thanks. Please, I want honest answers. Thanks

  • Sarah

    I still love the Fendi Spy Bag. It will remain in my favorites forever. Denim is not my thing, especially when the price point is high. But I DO love this bag regardless!!

  • gloria

    i had a gift the same bag pattern and style but with zippers its so confy and can be used a lot !! i do prefer stuff that can be used a lot but that doesnt mean we cant buy other bags that r limited

  • MC

    anyone…. please comment… if you could get a fendi denim spy bag for only for $685, will you buy it? i am having secong thoughts of getting it …. it is 2009… is it still “in”?

  • KT

    I don’t understand why there are so many negative views on denim bags. I mean its young and fabulous. And as for it only being an attraction to people with money to burn i highly disagree with that! Its a casual bag. Why should it only be available in leather? Leather is more traditional Fendi tries to look outside of the ordinary and create designs that are unique and in order to do so you need to be open and versatile to many mediums; so why not denim? and as for the last comment of whether you should buy it. Well why not. 685 is a good price and as for it being still in i say of course. LV is rocking denim and many people have it so why not a Fendi denim??

  • abf

    I have the Fendi baby spy bag in the denim and it is absolutely lovely….for some reason I think it looks better in the baby spy than the large spy….I always get compliments on it and it is perfect for summer – it goes with everything and looks very chic…..but I also got it in a sale so I didn’t pay an outrageous price for it! In any event, I still think the spy bag is a great bag!

  • Adrienne Zedella

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