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The Best Bags of Milan Fashion Week Fall 2022: Day 3

Pretty little Pradas and bright bursts of color!


While today marks the start of Paris Fashion Week, the last of the whirlwind that is fashion month, we’ve still got a few more snaps and shares to bring you from the very chic streets of Milan. There were pops of color to be seen throughout and a good variety of outfits too, so if you’re looking for some street style inspo, we’ve got your covered! From coveted sneakers to low-rise jeans, clogs, loafers, and more, day 3’s bag-sightings came with a side of everything that’s trending right now in fashion. As for the bags, we spotted some Marni, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci. Plus, everyone’s favorite bag lately, the Prada Re-Edition 2000, made an appearance too, alongside the teeniest member of the Cleo family. Don’t miss our full coverage of what’s going down and check out the bags from day 3 below!

The Best Street Style Bags from MFW Day 3


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  1. Amy Avatar

    I love the way the padded Cassette looks in suede!

  2. spoiledinseattle Avatar

    The editing on these photos is divine – so vibrant, warm, & dramatic!

    1. Kelly Avatar

      Agreed! Especially #3, I can almost feel the sun on my skin!

    2. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      I agree, our photographer in Milan did a wonderful job!

  3. Sam Avatar

    While the looks from New York Fashion Week were fun, many were cartoonish. To date, Milan F.W. has been more chic and elegant.

    1. love corgis Avatar
      love corgis

      I was thinking the same thing.