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  • Freya

    Slide 3 reminds me of a SDJ.

  • LadyRinka

    These are gorgeous.. I love the way they set up the bags and shoes.. Everything looks wonderfully together.. Its beautiful

  • Khaya

    I am LOVING the suede versions! These bags are very ladylike

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    • Notimpressed

      Am I the only one not impressed? Yet another Birkin wanna be. Looks like a Sac du Jour (itself a Birkin wannabe) and the other design is like LV or Fendi. Yawn!

  • Smithy

    I just perused the site. I do like the new designs Sun and Lady because I was never wowed by the bucket bag or the tote. (I jumped on the early bandwagon and immediately put the bags on eBay upon receipt. I hated the leather). However, their pricing is slowly inching towards the upper end and to me that was the allure of the brand in the first place. Plus, I’m going to put down a 50% deposit for something that won’t arrive until July or August? Do I earn interest on my deposit? No thanks.

  • I really love the bright blue bag and the yellow one. Sooo pretty!

  • Aidan

    Does anyone remember the Bamford bag that was sold at Neiman Marcus in 2007? (https://www.purseblog.com/totes/bamford-ombre-crocodile-tote/)

    Literally a carbon copy….. Not that original if you ask me.

  • Tinsley Proust

    I love the Elegant bag! It’s so chic.

  • Irene

    I love the suede lady bag. It softens the silhouette of the bag and makes it appear more slouchy. I want the red! So pretty.

  • McMema6

    I’ve been obsessed with the Lady Bag all year. I just ordered a mini black one and one of the aptly named Elegant Bags in black. I know I need to get a little color, especially for Spring, but I’ve never been disappointed in black. Black and I go way back.

  • Marta

    I was baaaad and snagged 3 bags during the trunk show: mini bucket in light pink patent, Elegant Bag in navy suede and Sun bag in burgundy suede. It was soooo hard to decide. I already have large buckets in cammelo and black and a lady bag in black, so I knew I wanted different sizes, styles and/or colors. So excited!

    • TexasST

      OMG, you are so lucky!! I will probably have to wait another year stalking them to get one that I want, LOL.

  • That pebbly leather on the red Sun bag is gorgeous! Not particularly a fan of the red, but the leather itself looks lovely and sturdy.

    The penny loafer has a lovely classic look as well.

  • cdawgcoop

    The new satchel in the patent leather looks incredibly cheap. Patent is hard to pull off. It looks like a bag for sale at Family Dollar store.

  • tess

    I have several of the “Elegant” bag they are were my mother’s bags from the late 60s nothing new about them at all

  • Slim

    Love, love photo #2 so Grace Kelly looking. Always loved bags made on a frame!

  • S

    Sorry but I’m not a fan. MG are just beyond impractical. That large bag that I can’t even put on my shoulder, no zipper either? SUEDE on a handbag? and the cheap looking gloss?? NOPE. Yea! saving my $

    • natasha

      Same for me. I bought a lady bag and I don’t love it. It is so impractical. It’s hard to get in and out of the bag. MG bags look nice, but the bags are always gaping open like the bucket or are hard to close. wish I hadn’t bought in the hype.

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    so Birkin-esque.

    • cdawgcoop

      True. I’ll take it a step further. Birkin-esque with a quick stop at Kate Spade while en route.

  • beachbumsta

    Omg I want it all!