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  • shueaddict

    Ok, the girl in slide 14 is clearly dressed for cold – would it kill her to put on pantyhose with her super tall boots? – it is an awkward look, slightly slutty … maybe I am getting old.
    Can anyone identify for me the lovely tall suede boots in slide 17 – they are amazing.

    • Finem Lauda

      how about not shaming women for the way they dress? seriously. There’s nothing “slutty” about the way she’s dressed.

      • shueaddict

        Ok, I apologize, the ‘slutty’ came out harsh – as crazy as it may sound I would have had no problem if she was wearing sandals or pumps in the middle of winter… (like slide 1)

      • Finem Lauda

        I was thinking something similarly, like, how is what she’s wearing slutty, when there are women wearing similar outfits? Is it the part of the leg exposed? What’s different about a thigh or an ankle? Thank you for understanding that yeah, that’s a reaaally harsh slur that gets thrown at women way too often tbh.

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        I do! How they heck do they not get frost bitten! It kind of justifies my suspicions that many fashionista among us aren’t really humans!!!

    • Mel

      They give me a sort of Stuart Weitzman-sy vibe, but I could be wrong

      • shueaddict

        I thought so too, but I live in Europe and it is harder to get my hands on S .Weitzman. Must peruse the net.

  • Love the blue Dior bag in slide 5, I think I need a Dior bag too. Love these pics Vlad!

    • seres

      I love how harmonious her palette is too, makes the kingfisher blue really pop.

  • Valentina

    People throw anything over and …go!

  • kemilia

    I love the coat in slide 1 (looks so warm and cozy) and the pleated one in side 9.
    And of course, Vlad’s pics are always wonderful!

  • Stefanie

    I really do love the Celine Mini Luggage, but it is starting to look outdated to me more and more…

  • G

    All the Chanel bags.. Ahhhhh. BORING.

  • TexasST

    I love these pics, I enjoy the street style at all the different fashion weeks even more than the collections!

  • Mariakvamm

    Can anyone ID the bag in #9? :)

  • Kelly Rae

    love slide #14’s coat and slide #9’s bag.