Kanye West Louis VuittonFor the most part, we are all pretty familiar with the fact that designers like to collaborate. I’m totally fine with this. I love seeing how two, three or four creative minds can work together in order to arrive at a final product. As some of you might have heard, singer Kanye West has collaborated with Louis Vuitton for a shoe line. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, I’m not a fan. While I come across images of these shoes, what I am more interested in would without a doubt have to be the Louis Vuitton bags he has in toe. In this image, you see an up close and personal image of a Camouflage Louis Vuitton Bag. Unfortunately, I don’t have information on where you can buy it or how much it is, but let’s have a little fun here. What do you think? Last week I talked about Heidi’s Chanel Manicure, which definitely stirred some debate. So when I came across this bag, I thought it might do the same. For those of you who LOVE all things and everything Louis Vuitton and for those of you who just like to admire any handbag you can, what do you think? You see it now, but do you wish you never had?

Images via Just Jared

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  • Leah

    I just HATE Kanye West, he’s so full of himself. The bag is horrible. Not what I’d expect from Louis Vuitton.

  • Pe. Riche.

    I just found your blog and I love it!!!

    I hate camouflage. Period. Louis Vuitton has some beautiful bags, but the camouflage motif is horrible.

  • J

    This bag is SO last season. How did you not know about the Monogramoflage collaboration with Murakami?

  • Tamee

    Hate to say it, but the day I was done with the Marine Corps (honorable discharge btw!) was the day I was done with camouflage!

    Reminds me too much of the “ditty bags” we had to carry a bunch of our gear in.

    If I ever get an LV bag, I want to be seen, NOT hide!! LOL!

  • Heather

    Kanye West is TERRIBLE thinking he’s some kind of fashionista, getting invited to shows, etc. I read some interview of him saying he’d do whatever menial jobs he had to do just to get his foot in the door, what a lie, he definitely paid someone off to get that shoe collab.

  • Kimberley

    This bag has nothing to do with Kanye. This was from the Monogramoflage range by Takashi Murakami. I personally own the iphone cover, but passed on the bags, as camo has a very limited shelf life.

  • Sweet Pea

    Whether you are a fan of Kanye or not, I don’t think he cheapens the name of LV no more than Madonna or anyone else!!! I am not a fan of the Camo line no matter whose carry them. Why would he have to pay to get a shoe line? LV is collaborating with in and everybody!!!!

  • Cat W.

    I don’t like camouflage, I think they could’ve come up with a better design especially if I”m paying a lot of money for it.

  • karen

    dont like him, and i dont like camoflauge, ick…i dont know why they have to collaborate with any celebrity, their bags can certainly stand on their own without the help of any celebrity..in fact if anything, i would probably not buy a bag from lv that was co-produced by a celebrity.

  • Heather

    I only say that sarcastically but it’s not like he knows anything about fashion. Look at Lauren Conrad, all she had to do was be on a crappy mtv reality tv show with a staged job at teen vogue and ta-da a line of jersey knit dresses and tees comparable to forever 21 and american apparel.

  • gina

    That Monogramoflage bag is old news… It was ugly then, and it is still ugly now, in my opinion anyway. No offense to the Kanye lovers out there, but I have to agree with Leah. He is waaay too full of himself.

  • Jon

    I’m neutral towards Kanye, but his collaboration, IMO really made Louis Vuitton sound less interesting to me. Wasn’t he a streetwear brat before this? Though designers do get inspirations from streetwear, it turns out chic and nice, but from Kanye, I’d doubt so, I never really considered him to have a “Style”. Is he just using his fame to easily enter the doors of these fashion ateliers? I’m pretty sure if Anne Hathaway or Victoria were to announce their interest in interning in one of the fashion houses, they would be MORE welcomed by many labels. Just my 2 cents :) peace

  • coco

    Horrible. Kanye West? You’ve go to be kidding me.

  • Merve

    Another Lux brand bites the dust. I mean what is LV doing collaborating with some rapper who has no fashion knowledge accept whats given to him for free so he can be photographed more. Ridiculous honestly.

  • swtshan7

    I would never buy I one of theese bags but I have seen the camo speedy on celebs like rihianna and one of the simmons girls….but that was a while ago this isnt new and its not a kanye design ……

  • Cherie L.

    I’m okay with Kanye. I hate Vuitton. I own one Vuitton bag (I made a huge exception — Sprouse Roses — fun!). I love Kanye’s custom Damier Azur backpack — envy inducing. This Monogramoflage custom luggage tote is boring and hideous, Louis Vuitton or not. It’s not Kanye’s fault that the French house allowed itself to make an ugly bag.

  • yeh-yeh

    My first reaction to Mr West’s new take on designing kicks for Vuitton was ‘Disgrace!’. But I wanted to give the guy a chance. I saw the photos from the runway- didn’t impress me. And then I read the interviews. I hear the couturiers turning in their graves. I’m sorry for being so hateful but bratty Mr West might’ve needed a class in collection presentation and explanation before getting his way in presenting his ‘wonderful’ designs on a catwalk of a real big luxury name. Until proven otherwise (I sort of hope not to see any attempts of evidence) I reckon Kanye’s gifts are elsewhere.

  • Joe

    Eww. This Bag is OLD NEWS!

    Its so ugly, it should never warent another post either!

  • Joe

    Oh and the reason you cant find it anywhere for the price and such, is because its alreafu all sold out. Some people have some really expensive ugly bags out there!

  • Jessica

    I saw this bag a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was a cheap, fake bag from a flea market. I could not believe such a high end label like LV would make such a tacky bag. I actually did a double take and my jaw dropped when my friend told me that it was real and that kanye was to blame.

  • Mam

    I think it’s cool, if that’s your style. I would never buy it though. I’m still lovin’ LV.

  • Mam

    Jessica, I laughed my butt of when I read your comment, “…my jaw dropped when my friend told me that it was real and that kayne was to blame.” The more that I think about it, the bag is pretty darn tacky for such a high-end label, but what do you expect when a wanna-be-gangster gets hired. I really don’t know what to think about this thing. Any of you ladies (or guys) own or know anyone who owns this thing? Can anyone defend its style/craftsmanship?

  • aga

    cheepy, cheepy, yak !

  • attie

    You guys! If you wear all that camouflage I can’t SEE you. When you go out into the jungle I want you to CLASH!

    (Ernest Le Sincerely)