Last week, on Luxaholics, we talked about getting Lauren Conrad’s Chanel Caviar Jumbo Flap look for less. While we found several amazing handbags that offered a similar look for a smaller price, it got me thinking. Are there certain looks out there where you would rather save your money for the real thing than get a different bag with a similar look but for less? Now, just yesterday I talked about the Bottega Veneta Vibio Large Clutch and the notion of handbags being an investment. Personally, I feel as though everyone has a weakness, be it handbags, techie gadgets, clothing, etc, and with this comes the balance between what you want and what you can afford. So with these weaknesses, pinch pennies or get the look for less?

When it comes to handbags, exotics are everywhere! In all reality, they have been for quite some time now and I don’t see this trend vanishing anytime soon. Everywhere you look, something exotic can be spotted. If you are an avid reader of Purse Blog, you’ve seen some of the wonderful exotics we mentioned which came with a hefty price tag, cough Salvatore Ferragamo Oversized Carlotta Alligator Tote cough or perhaps the Hermes Kelly Long Wallet. Sure, we don’t all have thousands of dollars to drop whenever we want to expand our handbag collection, but when going exotic, is getting the look for less worth it? There are several exotics out there I have my eye on, but especially with the party infused holiday season quickly approaching, I am thinking about picking up a “look for less” in order to tie me over.

Ok, so now getting the look for less. Even when trying to save a little bit here and there while still saving up for that big purchase, there is no reason to sacrifice quality and beauty. Check out some of the exotics you can add to your collection without breaking the bank (well, depending on how big your bank is).

Thomas Wylde Voodoo Anaconda Clutch through eLuxury for $995.

Ginette Etc… Bazaar Caviar Clutch through Shop Bop for $265.

Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Snake Clutch through Shop Bop for $180.

Jalda New Croc Original Clutch through Luna Boston for $240.

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  • Grace

    I don’t think it matters… just as long as you love the style and your going to use it :)
    But if you can get a couple bags for the price of one, sometimes that might be the better option.

    Btw…Does that beautiful Salvatore Ferragamo Oversized Carlotta Alligator Tote come in any other leather besides Alligator???

  • ^ LEATHER!!!! It is stunning and MUCH more affordable. Let me get some specs and prices!

  • The Carlotta comes in a BEAUTIFUL deep wine-colored patent. I believe it was in the $2k price range, but it was GORGEOUS in person.

    And I actually adore that purple Jalda clutch.

  • Grace

    Ok ladies… i am VERY interested in the leather version :) I checked the website and it only showed 2 versions.

    Meg and Amanda… i’m totally ready for some specs and prices!!! I’m heading to NYC this Christmas…soooo maybe i will return w/ a gift for myself! :D

  • susan

    I am in the mood where I am sick to death of overpriced bags. With this economy, I don’t want people calling, offering me 15k handbags.

  • Sean

    Exotic skin is the only thing you can’t settle for less. If you can’t afford them, go for leather. Fake exotic skin looks like you’re trying…

  • BrennaMom

    How do I indulge in my love of exotics w/o breaking the bank? Go Vintage, Baby!!!

  • Brittany

    I probably shouldn’t admit this-but I bought a silver metallic “snakeskin” clutch at Charlotte Russe last year for…ohhh about $12…and you wouldn’t believe the compliments I get on it. It doesn’t look expensive, but it doesn’t look cheap. So with that said, as much as I love to splurge on bags, every once in a while there’s a “luxe for less” bag that gets the job done perfectly!!

    Now, quit your judging :)

  • Almsie

    OK Girls, I guess I better break out my original snake skin bags from the 80s! Beats the prices their showing, it’s the real deal!

  • I have a ton of faux exotic clutches. I live in a college town and go to college bars, and I would never DREAM of spending significant money on something I’m going to sit in a puddle of Jagermeister eventually. They all cost less than $20, I have a million of them, it doesn’t matter if they get ruined, which they all eventually do. Sometimes, there’s room in life for a cheap bag.