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  • Alex

    oh.my.god! that backpack <3


  • Lori

    Why are these bags still so hard to get? Do they just not manufacture enough? Is it a marketing ploy? Don’t get me wrong, they are great bags, but at what point have they been around long enough that “everyone” has gotten one so you can just order one at any time??? (So many questions for these geniuses!!)

    • anon

      It’s just a marketing ploy and its working for them so far.

      • Lori

        I agree with you. Funny enough if the bags were more accessible, I would have purchased one by now. But at this point reading about the “restock”, I think I’ll just skip it.

      • Sparkletastic

        Exactly. I’m very much over these bags. I would have bought one earlier but they weren’t available. Oh well.

    • K_Elizabeth

      Agree with you and the other replies! Playing hard to get for so long has just exhausted me on this brand. I would have bought one a long time ago if they were easier to get but now I’m just over it.

    • From what I understand their production volumes are still quite low. Do remember that they are still a small, independent brand (i.e. not backed by the likes of Kering or LVMH) with a relatively small team (less than 50, I think). To be able to produce up to the point where the bags will be easily attainable would probably require capital that they don’t have just yet. It’s a very young brand (less than 5 years old, if I remember correctly) and they’ve only probably started turning a profit in the last 1 or 2 years, so it’s unlikely they have the cash to expand and/or have managed to attract a big enough investor who could give them that cash.

  • Manu


  • Jimmy Lin

    it doesn’t worth the hype … (that backpack costs $1200 ) the price of its bag close to big brands … i rather save up for something worths … my personal opinion no offense to MG devotee !

  • Smithy

    Two words for this brand: over. it.

  • Sara

    I really want one of their bags but I’m not sure if I want it because I really love the bag or am I falling for the marketing ploy of “hurry or you’ll miss out again”. They are simple and elegant bags but plain and blah at the same time – confused :-(

  • GoBears95

    Welcome to the restock game, may the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Erica Deary

    So will they be allowing only 1 bag per customer again? And does that mean one bag any style or can you buy say a Lady bag and moon clutch?