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  • Guest

    Your sympathy is not required. You make it sound like such an ordeal doing this write up-so much so that you didn’t even bother to check spelling!
    This is such a shoddy job-not the usual PB standard. You have left out celebrity adorning vegan brands like Wilby, Matt and Nat and Freedom of animals.
    You also completely left out wonderful nylon bags from the likes of Marc Jacobs and chic canvas bags from Coach etc.
    Those of us who embrace vegaism do not really mind not being able to carry a dead tortured carcus on our arms daily. It’s a small price to pay for our values.

    • I mentioned that it was difficult to find some of these bags not because I wanted to complain, but because I thought it would be illuminating to readers who have perhaps not thought about the frustration of trying to uphold ethical standards while shopping, as well as for retailers (who routinely check out site) who want to make their shopping tools more useful for all kinds of customers.

      Also, there’s not a single bag on Coach’s website without leather trim, at least that I could find, and there’s a Marc Jacobs bag included in the list.

      • L. Rachelle Babb

        Nevermind, the folks that were somehow offended by your post. I understood your humor and didn’t take much personally. Fact of the matter is, not all vegans live a vegan lifestyle. These new age vegans are redefining veganism. Fact of the matter, the term was coined by a doctor in the 90s in order to differentiate those nondairy vegetarians from the rest.

    • Guest

      What’s vegaism?

      • Dylan

        I’m not going to lie, I thought she said “vegasm”….

      • Regina George

        I’m was assuming something along the lines of….

    • Amanda

      Pot meet kettle you spelled carcass wrong.

    • shueaddict

      Would you cool your electric powered jets !!! I actually think it is a great first effort and it cannot please both vegans and tree huggers.
      I have also paid attention to materials and there is precious little information offered on the main shopping sites. I shall applaud LuisaViaRoma for including the list of materials used (also with pop up index reference).


    • Regina George

      Oh boy, you must be fun at parties

    • Dylan

      If you don’t like carrying leather, then you should be happy about this post. The PB team is trying to be helpful, and you’re being really ungrateful. The Coach logo canvas bags aren’t chic, they’re tacky. Amanda tried her best, and I would think you’d be happy she’s spreading the word about cruelty-free items. You know the PurseBlog is for higher-end, well-known bags, since you claim to know about the quality of their posts. That’s probably why she didn’t include Matt + Nat, etc. She’s focusing craftsmanship. You can buy a vegan leather bag at Forever 21 that will fall apart in 2 months.

      • My Matt & Nat handbag(pleather too, not fabric) has stood the test of time for me and been through hell. It’s held up pretty well. That’s craftsmanship.
        Funnily enough I’ve bought vegan bags by more mainstream brands that are more expensive(a few cheaper) and they can not HANDLE the level of abuse I put my handbags through(did I mention I also scored the Matt & Nat purse at a local consignment shop; it probably already suffered some level of abuse, albeit looked new. I like the water resistant nature of pleather/vegan leathers but the low level of quality When I see more household name brands have when trying their hand at vegan bags… it’s obvious to me that they are out of their wheelhouse.

    • Lily Cobbler

      Totally agree with you. Personally I get the 2K cost of the Antigona bag. As long as we’re comparing vegan leather to cow hide and not exotics.. I like Freedom of animals for more of a casual look but if you’re more into edgy style with a statement you should check out Fruitenveg. I just got their nami bag on their Valentine’s sale and it’s just stunning. One of my best purchases.

  • Sheena Ernst

    Bought the ‘Mini Bon Bon’ by Furla for a good price on Amazon, but returned due to pvc/plastic smell. It might have gone away over time.. but just want to shed light on this for other PB readers.

  • Stina Sias

    This is a great post I love the palm tree clutch! I hope you do another next season :)

  • Amazona

    Wow, I never knew you could make an Antigona into such a drab looking version…a good selection though, there aren’t a lot of designer bags out there that don’t have a single piece of leather on them. Kudos for skipping the most obvious one, Stella McCartney, and really doing research among other designers!
    BTW, plastic – and that’s what PU and PVC are – is NOT an eco friendly choice. A true HC nature-loving vegan would go after bags that have been made of recycled natural fibres. Globe Hope for example does amazing bags and clothes this way.

    • FashionableLena

      This is a list of non-leather handbags not eco friendly. The two are not the same. There are plenty of people who wear leather that are eco-friendly.
      Personally, I find that the process that it takes to get a non-leather handbag to look like leather to be more damaging to the environment than the whole leather process. I’m also glad that Stella McCartney wasn’t automatically on the list.

      • (I think she’s referring to the category that this post is listed in–I chose it because it seemed the most appropriate of our available options, although it’s totally valid to point out that PVC and PU are not exactly great for the environment.)

      • Amazona

        (You’re so right!)

      • Amazona

        My remark of the non-eco-friendliness was pointed out to all the fire hearted vegans that are always putting down others for their choices. As the 1st commenter already did, I might add.
        It’s a bit pot calling the kettle black; carry a leather bag for 10 yrs, then replace and it’s abomination but carrying a PU bag for a year and then replacing it is totally fine just because it’s not leather. Which is a byproduct of meat and milk production which isn’t going to stop any time soon. PU production uses up oil which we aren’t going to get more of any time soon, plus the process and all the chemicals and poisonous compounds that end up in the environment.
        I’d love to see more veg tanned bags in these lists, maybe do a post on them some time? =)

      • FashionableLena

        I guess that my comprehension of your comment was not what you intended. I took your comment at face value. To be honest, I don’t pay attention to blog tags!

      • L. Rachelle Babb

        Leather, unfortunately, is not a byproduct of the meat industry. This is a thought that they even projected upon us while studying fashion, but it’s untrue. Unfortunately, it’s become it’s own industry. The meat is often not even used for human consumption. The animals are often not fed or given water and walked for miles in heat to the factories where they’ll meet their demise. They’re often skinned alive. It’s quite gruesome, actually. I do agree that PU and PVC are not the ideal alternatives, that is unless they’re created in an eco-friendly manner. At the end of the day, we should all be in search of truth and open our eyes to the realities of life. Unfortunately, my fellow vegans don’t make it very easy for people to have compassion for us or animals with their attacks and judgments, though they mean well. But at the end of the day, we’re all human and should treat one another with respect.

      • Cobus Brink

        You make some rather serious accusations about the leather industry. Care to back it up with firsthand evidence, not 2nd hand blog tales?

      • Sierra Jones

        it’s all true. i have seen video of it. Pamela Anderson narrates a video about it as well. you can easily look it up yourself instead of calling it “accusations”.

      • Cobus Brink

        Dude or, I work in the industry, and know what hoops we need to jump through to satisfy the European fashion houses. Any one can make a video of the worst of the worst in an industry and tell it as if the whole industry is like that. And I am not educating people when I try and tell the truth of what I notice and do every day?

      • Lily Cobbler

        Couldn’t agree more!

      • Vendela Parker

        Just to clear something up, creating leather for purses is not eco-friendly if you think about what you’re really buying. If a person buys something made out of leather, a cow had to be birthed, raised and killed to get it. That takes much more water than other varieties of fabric. Cows drink and consume tons of water throughout their lifetime. I’m not saying that all vegans are eco-friendly, I agree that many are not entirely, but the product of leather itself is not eco-friendly. Only, perhaps, if the baby calf was killed only days after birth for soft leather goods. But that is not as common.

  • Amanda

    There are some very pretty bags on this list!

  • AshleyG

    Lord, I love meat in all forms so maybe my thoughts are irrelevant in this post but I just do NOT understand the existence of a plastic $2K Antigona. I know that the style of vegan’s should not have to suffer for their values’ sake but geez, can they at least get a deal for their well doing?! But, I suppose the same sort of argument can be made for the LV coated canvas… *shrug* Or perhaps, i should just not read PB and work on my Dave Ramsey budget at the same time, LOL.

    • Nahh you should def keep reading PB! hahaha.

    • Nicki

      Well, I’ve thought about that too- paying so much for a nonleather bag. But then it occurred to me, Stella McCartney’s bags are made in Italy, not at a sweatshop, and honestly, I’ve seen leather sandals for like, $12, so it’s not even like leather is hard to get or luxurious, so, why should a leather bag cost so much?

  • Rachel

    Freedom of Animals is a really great brand that is not only vegan but is also eco friendly and all made in NY.

    • I will make sure to take a look at them next time I do one of these posts!

      • Rachel

        Great! Their designs are super nice, not drab or overdone like a lot of other vegan brands.

      • Lily Cobbler

        Thanks for that post! I turned vegan 6 months ago and it really is difficult to get nice vegan designer bags. If you ever make another post check out Fruitenveg. Their designs are really cute and surprising and they don’t simply imitate leather bags. It’s like a totally different experience.

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  • enu

    Dont forget those gorgeous chanel graffiti backpack! And yes about that animal thing, unless u r total vegan (in diet too), i think its okay if the bag u wear is leather, as long it is not exotic leather, because u eat meats anyway, so those animal skin would be useful, no waste, and way so much go-green since real leathers r durable and longlasts, while pvc faux leather consumes much oil in making, which is no no! U already know oil comes from fossils which takes years in making and considered as cant be renewed.

    • Why not buy a purse made from recycled materials then?

    • Glittra

      The leather that is used to make handbags do not come from the same animals killed for meat/food. Just so you know. Not pointing fingers. Just keeping the information correct.

  • Annie

    I thought that I’d share this brand, Gunas, with you. I have not bought from it, but some of the bags are gorgeous. Here is a link to their homepage: http://www.gunasthebrand.com/

  • Audrey

    This list is great! Ignore the negative comments, Amanda. You’ve done a fine job.
    I’ve adopted a vegan diet and lifestyle for close to two years now. It’s a constant challenge (and quite disheartening) for me to EASILY find designer bags that don’t look like they came from a hidden room in Chinatown.
    Maybe for the veteran vegan fashionistas out there finding quality designer bags is easy because they know of more resources for information, but for those of us who are newer to the cruelty-free lifestyle and are still finding our way in a world of leather and fur, I can reassure you, it’s not always an easy task to find QUALITY top designer vegan bags AND shoes. :(
    Your list absolutely gave me some great ideas and saved me time searching. I also like that you offered varied price points for every buyer, so no one will feel left out.
    PLEASE make another list as more options become available to you.
    Oh and anything Chanel would be warmly welcomed. ;-)

  • geenak

    I just happened to run into this post. The first bag actually isn’t vegan because there is some leather on the strap connector. I would say for vegan bags, there are a lot of good brands/websites including Stella McCartney, Matt & Nat, Furla, Jill Milan, Brooklyn Industries, Susan Nichole, Crystalyn Kae, Deux Lux, Gunas, Folli Follie, Cri De Doer, Melie Bianco, Big Buddha, Wilby, Queen Bee, and often you have various designers that have various vegan bags. Chanel makes some, you noted Givenchy, and I’ve seen some from other various designers. And I know many may make the argument that designer non-leather bags don’t rate the cost but the leather in your 2k+ bags really doesn’t cost much, not to rate the price. It is all about name and design.

  • R Almeida

    Great post and beautiful bags!

  • I absolutely love this post!! Have been looking at nylon Chanel bags but it’s tricky as they usually have bits which leather, especialky where the Chanel is written on the inside. Had no idea about the Givenchy, and maybe I will make the Antigona or tote one of my first big designer handbag purchases! I am against animal cruelty but sometimes it is hard to imagine never owning that dream Chanel 2.55 or Birkin (dream bag!). I would love if you did posts like these more often, and wish more designers offered a faux leather version even if a bit more limited or even more expensive, it doesn’t matter, I would be willing to work for it as long as I don’t have to feel guilty and a horrible person about it :)

    • Cobus Brink

      Could you tell me why you would want a faux leather article and not just a non-leather? You do not want leather by choice yet you use the word leather and ride along on its name. Also it has to look like leather yet not be leather. Is that not a bit hypocritical?

      • It doesn’t have to look like leather, but it’s mainly a case of designers giving the option of real leather but also vegan leather that I would like. There are some handbags for example which I think look great, but I would like it even more if I had the option of purchasing a cruelty free version. I also wear faux fur and don’t think that makes me hypocritical, just like people wearing leopard print but not real leopard skin aren’t hypocritical. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me what the product looks like, but whether or not animals were harmed in the making.

      • Cobus Brink

        But your ARE hypocritical. The mere fact that you feel the need to use the words “leather” and “fur” to describe something which is neither shows that. I have no problem with people electing to not use products in which animals were not harmed, but choose a new unique name for that product. Do not tag it with something that has made a name for itself through the ages and then try and avoid blame by adding the word “faux”.

        And the animal harming think is also very narrow minded thinking. If you know anything about anthropology you would know that Homo Sapiens would not have existed today if it was not for animal sacrifice. And a lot of people (higher animal form) was also killed to give you the freedom you now have in Austria.

      • That is your opinion and mine is clearly different. A name is just a name to me. What I care about is minimising animal suffering as much as possible whenever possible.

      • Cobus Brink

        Nothing to do with opinion.
        If you are so concerned with the suffering of animals NEVER use the word leather then, use the name of the material the bag is made off. Leather, by definition are made of the skin of dead animals. No prefix or suffix will remove that connection. The need to use the word for something else is to ride on the popularity of the leather.

        And on the subject of harming animals. A huge percentage of the alternative handbag materials are petroleum base. Google “open cast coal mining in Europe” select images, and tell me how harmless the alternatives are.

        Good intentions is one thing, but one can very quickly be misled through ignorance.

      • Like I said, I don’t think that is the case, therefore we will have to agree to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • Lily Cobbler

        The fact a person chose to become vegan doesn’t make him a saint. Most of us grew up eating meat and believing leather goods are the best long lasting option. I think that if using leather substitutes that look like leather makes me feel good there’s nothing wrong with that. Animals and especially exotic animals are a beautiful thing and humans always wanted to posses their skin. So if technology allows us to do it without harming them that is a blessing. Nowadays you can find leather-like materials made of pineapple and mushroom and not just petroleum based.

      • Cobus Brink

        Lily, why do you need to call textiles made from pineapples, or mushrooms, leather like? Why use the word leather at all? Why not just say pineapple fiber bag?
        I tell you why. Because you, and people like you, do not want to kill the animal but still want to wear the label of leather. Pretty hypocritical isn’t it?

      • Sierra Jones

        yes, and American culture was benefitted by 245 years of slavery. so then should it continue? see how that’s a weak argument? they used to justify slavery by claiming that blacks were less than human and didn’t have a soul, therefore it is ok to treat them as animals. Much like people who benefit/support the exploitation/subjugation of animals justify is similarly; saying they are “just animals’ and have no soul. It’s really ridiculous, of course they have a soul…which leaves the body upon death just like everyone else. they have distinct personalities, emotions like ours and have capacity to suffer just like us. wearing fur and leather and trophy hunting are not “animal sacrifices”; it is unnecessary murder for narcissistic reasons. it’s simply unnecessary. what we did 50 year, 100 year or 10,000 years ago is irrelevant. we are an evolving species and treating animals well is evolved; treating them as things to exploit is primitive. we are not cave men anymore; it’s time to stop thinking as one.

      • Cobus Brink

        I say if you do not want to use leather fine, but do not then call whatever you decide to take its place also leather.
        Do you really know what a soul is? A soul is a term originated in religion. Now you tell me animals are religious? Whow!!!
        Tell me, do you kill a spider, a fly, do you make sure your house are flea free? What rules are you employing to decide which animals are worthy a life and which ones annoy you and may be killed?

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  • Miri L. Milne
  • Fanny Oldfield

    Hello, just wanted to share my eco friendly handbags designs. They are made from Silver Top Palm trees. Thank you. Please comment. My facebook page is Couture Des Iles.

  • Liz

    No one should support companies that sell real leather even if some of their products are non-leather. People have no idea what innocents go through each day.. The agony… No one can define agony but them… Ps: we dont need meat to survive. Most eat it cuz of its taste…

    • Maxine Tran

      Definitely flawed reasoning, supply and demand you show an increase in interest in vegan products and they increase production there and decrease production for leather

      • Liz

        Who do you think you are? A genius? Before attacking someone, check yourself first fried brain.
        By buying from companies that sell leather, consumers are showing support for it. Like saying “i dont care if you sell leather.”

      • Maxine Tran

        Hahahaha wow you are incredibly sensitive there is literally no attack inside my comment at all. You’re the one coming back with insults before getting any kind of clarification on if its a discussion or a petty fight. I’ve been vegan for 2 years I’m not trying to say leave the leather companies alone I’m saying major fashion houses aren’t gonna disappear overnight they’re going to shift their focus to what the public is asking for which is much more feasible and quicker in action. Milk companies who have started producing milk alternatives have scaled back their dairy production in a large way as the popularity of coconut, almond, and other milks have become popular and non vegans have been making these products even more profitable because they see the familiar label and are willing to try it. Yeah other non dairy companies have also grown but these are huge corporations that have begun to shift resources over. Several clothing retailers such as Urban Outfitters saw an increase in “vegan leather” sales from a jacket and quickly replaced most of their leather items with vegan leather and slowly have been edging it out in all but shoes. I am by no means saying don’t support vegan brands but you saying consumers buying vegan alternatives form not exclusively vegan giant companies is something only someone with a “fried brain” would say.

      • Liz

        Uhu…. fried brain.

      • Maxine Tran

        I apologize because after reading your comments from your disqus profile I realize you’re just an incredibly unhappy troll who likes to be pessimistic and pick fights on the internet and try to make people feel little just so you can feel better and they can feel worse. No wonder you were cheated on

      • Liz

        Lol? Youre just assuming i got cheated on… whos the overly sensitive now? Replying 2 times! Soooo sensitive . FYI, ive a great guy that loves me unconditionally and that supports me in every way possible. He may be one of the sweetest around. But of course, since youve never been truthfully loved, you have NO idea.
        Oh. And im not an ignorant unlike those who get cheated on. Lol

  • fashionistagurl28

    These bags are amazing! I like the different bright colors and the sizing options. Lithyc.com is a vegan leather handbag site with tons of cute bags like the ones here! You should check it out if you are looking for an affordable vegan bag.

  • Dahut

    If it’s faux skin, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of protesting animal cruelty? What if you’re walking down the street and someone says to themselves, “Doesn’t her snakeskin bag look awesome?” Fake animal skins virtually promote the same principles as the real thing. It looks like everything else. You’d think vegans would move away from that image completely. Animal prints are one thing, it’s obvious nothing died, but if you look like you killed an animal to look chic, your silent protest becomes more of a loud cheer.