Introducing the Miss Dior Bag and the Celebs Who Carried It

This brand new bag has already received a lot of love

In Paris for Fashion Week, Dior presented its Spring 2024 show with the fanfare that we’ve come to expect from the brand. This meant a slew of celebrities, influencers, and VIPs descending at the Jardin des Tuileries dressed by Dior in its latest wares. The bags are always what we are focused on, and today, a brand new bag was released on Dior.com.

It’s not coincidental that Dior placed this bag on a handful of its attendees for the launch, a common practice for all luxury brands when media attention is on their seasonal show.

Dior Miss Dior Details (1 of 6)

This is your first look at the Miss Dior Bag, which we were lucky to see last week before its official launch. This bag line continues to allow every Dior element to shine while adding a young, fun vibe. Even its name signifies it will bring a little bit of a more contemporary flair.

Celebrities Carrying the Miss Dior

The courtyard entrance for the Dior show is its own catwalk, a show within a show, if you will, with hundreds of guests dressed in their best Dior ensembles and photographers clamoring to get the best street-style shots. Today, our photographer joined the crowd to spot the latest release (and much more to come). Seeing a bag, even if it’s placed by the PR team and stylist on someone, still allows me to see if I like how it looks in “real life.”

Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (1 of 10)
Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (2 of 10)
Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (3 of 10)
Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (4 of 10)
Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (5 of 10)
Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (6 of 10)

Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (8 of 10)

Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (9 of 10)
Dior Miss Dior Celebrities (10 of 10)

This bag acts as a seamless wardrobe addition, is easy to identify as a Dior bag without screaming the brand’s name, and, as I said, still allows you to carry your small daily essentials.

The Bag Details

The Miss Dior line of bags is new for the Cruise 2024 collection, and there are a few variations. Our focus specifically was on the Miss Dior Top Handle Bag, which brings us elegance and functionality with standout Dior touches. The lambskin body features Cannage stitching, a House staple, and the front flap has small D.I.O.R. charms, another well-known and beloved brand element.

Dior Miss Dior Details (2 of 6)

This version of the bag is further defined by its top handle, which allows it to feel a bit more demure and be carried by hand, but there is also a removable chain strap. This allows for multiple ways of carrying, which, for me, is a huge selling point.

The flap closure has an easy opening, and on the interior, you’ll find two compartments with a zipped pouch and a rear patch pocket. I love the functionality of this bag, as it still can be considered a compact bag, but the interior is highly functional (and yes, it fits your iPhone Max!).

Dior Miss Dior Details (3 of 6)

Within the line, there is a Mini Bag version as well as a Miss Dior chain pouch, so you have options. Speaking of options, one of the aspects I love most about Dior is offering countless colorways in a specific design, allowing you to find the bag for you, and this is true with the new Miss Dior Bag.

Dior Miss Dior Details (4 of 6)

The larger version I reviewed comes in four colorways and is now available on Dior.com as an exclusive prelaunch for $4,000. While the black seems like a great option, the pastel yellow keeps calling my name!

Discover the Miss Dior Top Handle on Dior.com

Dior Miss Dior Details (5 of 6)
Dior Miss Dior Details (6 of 6)

Photos by Kyle Mark for PurseBlog


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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Ooooh I love it!

  2. Gracie Avatar

    I like it. Not sure it really stands out from the crowd though.

  3. J H Avatar
    J H

    I generally don’t like Dior bags with the the exception of the Book Tote but this bag reminds me so much of the Boy Bay and I love the Boy Bag so I sort of like this one. I’d would have liked it if the pictures had a wearer carrying it with the shoulder strap.

  4. SonShownu Avatar

    Cute, kinda looks like Caro with top handle.

  5. Passerine Avatar

    Do I like it? Yes. Is it something I would be willing to spend $4000 on in light of what else is on the market? No.

    1. StopFollowingTrends Avatar

      What other bags are you interested in? 👀

  6. A Woman Of A Certain Age Avatar
    A Woman Of A Certain Age

    So every time you open the bag the charms fling up?

    1. Burn Avatar

      And everywhere you go you sound like a dog rattling his collar.

      1. Guest Avatar


      2. Becky Avatar

        I have that pet peeve with some of my bags, but the charm is on the zipper, and if I have the zipper facing a certain direction, it doesn’t rattle. Glad I’m not the only one who gets this!

      3. Amber Avatar

        I have the min version and it’s not loud at all. Barely hear it when opening it. And the chain is prettier on the mini too.

  7. Aspen Avatar

    Very basic.

  8. Amber Avatar

    Got the Miss Dior Mini a while ago. That version has been out since at least April. It was definitely worth the money, IMO. Not quite seeing the value of this larger version so zero regrets about it being available now. I’d rather buy another mini which can hold essentials and a little more.

  9. Josieverona Avatar

    Old fashioned

  10. Sofya Avatar

    Pochette Metis forever

  11. adangerousbeauti Avatar

    So underwhelming. I’ll find something similar at Target or Ross Dress for Less or at Burlington.

  12. umer wahab Avatar
    umer wahab

    Amazing bag with attractive color.
    Impress by the Dior bag but one thing it’s for reach people.

  13. josman2023 Avatar

    They are carrying that bag because Dior and the pictured “celebrity” (whatever that means) PR team have agreed to such and therefore they are contractually obliged to do so. For how much longer is the internet going to keep pedalling this illusion and/or scam for?? They did not buy that bag and nowhere in this article does it state so. You are being programmed #pavlovsdog

  14. Selene Avatar