Dior Gaucho Large Double Saddle Bag

Yes, I am fully aware that we all ‘know’ the gaucho. But I haven’t yet given you every detail that you may like to know. Not to mention, being able to take some time from my life to talk about this bag makes me smile. I want one of these Christian Dior handbags so badly. Wait, let me rephrase that. I need one of these bags. Yes, this is a need basis. Put the Gaucho right next to the list of food, water, shelter, and GAUCHO! The Dior Gaucho Large Double Saddle Bag is made of supple washed calf leather which is folded over to represent a true saddle shape. Each of the flaps contains a zipped compartment (one even has a buckled cell phone pocket). There are lambskin links trim and contrast topstitching along with perfectly accenting antiqued silver metal hardware. For your shoulder’s pleasure, there is a calfskin shoulder strap with antiqued silver metal links and buckle which can adjust in size between a 11.5″ to a 14″ drop. One of my favorite additions to one of my favorite bags is the “1947” Christian Dior medallion and large key dangling from the front of the bag. Finish the bag off with Dior logo textile lining and overall measurements of 14″ x 8.5″ x 5″ at the base of the bag. Now, I may have told you exactly what makes this bag, but the beauty of this bag cannot be put into words. For a small peace of heaven with a small fortune price, buy this bag via eLuxury for $1995.

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  • Cathryn

    I love the western vibe this bag has and NEED a brown one! The large gaucho is a true saddle shape whereas the medium gaucho is more of a rectangular bag made to remind you of the saddle shape.

    • haley

      please contact me if your’re interested in buying a new gaucho bag in brown.

      • Denise

        Comment by haley
        2007-04-06 15:31:08
        please contact me if your’re interested in buying a new gaucho bag in brown

        Hello, I’m very interested…please email me. not sure how this site works. Thanks, Denise

      • Kelly

        Do you still have the Gaucho Double Saddle Bag?

  • marsio

    Western chic, is very in, thanks to this fantabolous bag, check out europe where a new dark denim is out and the chocolate is selling out everywhere,its the must have for the woman with real attitude!

  • Shopaholic

    Hi! Is there a smaller version of the double saddle gaucho bag? Almost similar to the small single saddle gaucho, as in smaller than the medium?

  • geishathekitten

    Could someone please let me know where I can buy the SMALL Dior Gaucho bag?

  • Biana83

    You can get the small gaucho at Eluxury.com, I know they also sell them at Saks (I just got one myself) and Neiman Marcus.

  • Bailey

    bought the large gaucho, 50% off at the Dior Vegas store

  • patricia

    looking for the large gaucho bag….in red or brown, contact me asap


  • Melanie

    Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in buying a Dior Gaucho bag. It has only been used once. Will send pics if interested.

    • Abby

      Hey Melanie, do you still have the bag? I am very interested in it!

      • Claire

        I have a baby dior in an olive / brown colour.
        please email me & I will send you some piccys
        Claire xx

  • Nurulhuda

    This is so far one of my favorite bag that I usually use. Despite the annoyance of the metal clinging, I really love this bag.

    I have the brown medium one, it really caught attention when I bought it back in early 2007. Still remember the big smile I had when I was walking out of the store in Paris… Love it love it love it!

  • SophieM

    Email me at zuckerkaninchen@gmail.com if interested in buying a large brown Gaucho

  • Laurie

    I have one of these bags in a blue suede if anyone is interested. Used a few times….super brand new looking. Email Laur519@hotmail.com if interested.

  • Hiew Mui

    im interested in buying a dark red Gaucho large double saddle bag( or medium).
    please mail me kng_neverland@live.com and send me some pics .

  • karina

    Hello…im interested on buying an authentic large tote gaucho bag.not the double saddle bag.can anyone suggest? if you do know just email me hownowbigbrowncow@gmail.com and if u have pictures would be good as well.


  • Merritt

    I Have The Dior Gaucho Large Double Saddle Bag in a supple Calf Skin Light Brown, well kept in its Lint Bag. If interested willing to let it go for less than sugested price. Located in West Hollywood can ship it though. I will send Pics upon responses. Thank you.. Merritt.

  • Amanda

    Hi merritt,do u still have the gaucho bag fir sale..I am very interested..

    • Drcougs

      I have one for sale, I just posted it on Ebay, 160482887161. It is only at $66 right now and I paid full price for this brand new at Saks! I hope it sells for more I want to get a new bag I have had my eye on for months. It was so tough to put this Gauch up for sale! AHhhh I have serious Dior handbag problems!

  • Naggy

    I’ve never understood the appeal of this bag- the gaucho. (ipad)

  • steph

    does anyone have a double saddle Gaucho in red or the patent leather they want to sell??? actually, ANY Gaucho! I LOVE the Gaucho, but have totally missed my chance to buy them in stores…

    • leah butler

      yes i have a gaucho red double saddle bag, i have it currently listed with a consignment shop fashionphile.com but i’m not comfortable with the price they are trying to consign it for. it was purchased at neimans in 2006 for 1900. its was barely worn and i’d like to sell if for 1000.00, let me know if your interested.

      • Wendy Tan

        Hi Leah,

        Is that bag still available? It is off fashionphile now, I don;t find it antymore. Are you located in the US?
        Please contact me.

  • Wendy Tan

    I am looking very very hard to find a red Gaucho, preferably single medium. But I don not really mind any size and which to say I will consider black or olive too.
    Let me know if you have one forsale preferably in EU region.

    • Tatiana

      wendy, I have a red and a green olive to sell, send me your email and I will send you the pictures if you are interested tafetu@hotmail.com

  • beautifulbasics on eBay


    I have so many Dior Gaucho Bags, my favorites are my large metallic tote and medium bag featured on all of the celebrities. I am actually selling one of my Dior Gaucho Bags right now. just use my name listed above and look within any search website and you should find my account. Thanks and best wishes to you all, beautifulbasics on eBay

  • ramona

    I am hunting for about 6 months to find a double large saddle Gaucho…
    I know I m gonna find it, I so love this bag. Please send me any links over it!

    • Bigtroubz49

      dear ramona,last month my mom passed away after a long battle with breast cancer,in her will she left me and my wife a few things that we are now forced to sell due to a addition of twin boys due to be born in september.it is used,left in the same condition mother left it ,it was purchased for 1900.00 some time ago ,considering these factors i am willing to ask for a unheard of price …$400.00  if you are intersested please contact me @ bigtroubz49@gmail.com

    • Kkim005

       Hi there, have you found the bag you are after? i have the large double saddle gaucho in metalic bronze, here is the link and price is negotiable if you are still interested. Thanks
      please email me at kkim005@yahoo.com.au


  • swagitbag

    I am looking for the Dior double saddle Gaucho in red or green anybody selling one

    • Tatiana

      I have both of them, If you want, send me an email to tafetu@hotmail.com to send you the pictures.

  • Sneha

    Hi, I own a Gaucho saddle, in the red (like in photo), and everything mentioned about it in the article is spot-on. This bag grabs you, because it has so much character and its unique factor. However it is heavy, especially when filled. Mine is in near perfect condition (9/10), and I am eager to sell or trade for a bag with similar value, cache and luxe factor. E-mail me (canadienne_1@hotmail.com) if you would like me to e-mail pictures. I have the original duster bag and the authenticity card it came with.

  • Tatiana

    I have 2 Gauchos to sell, they are brand new, one of them is green olive and the other one is red.
    If you are interested please send me an email to tafetu@hotmail.com
    I am in Paris but we can arrange the place for the delivery.

  • alexa

    hello! i have 2 gauchos to sell, the gaucho saddle bag bronze with metallic golden details limited edition and the red one. if interested email me cot_alex@libero.it

  • alexa

    hello! i have 2 gauchos to sell, the gaucho saddle bag bronze with metallic golden details limited edition and the red one. if interested email me cot_alex@libero.it

  • Dawn

    Hi, I would like to buy a Dior Gaucho Large Black Saddle Bag, must be in very good condition. If anyone has one to sell please email me dawn keys@btinternet.com. Thank you!

    • Tanya

      Hello, I have a New Dior Double Gaucho Saddle Handbag with tags. The price is very good. If anybody is interested leave me a message on klythia@gmail.com.

  • Tanya

    Hello, I have a New Dior Double Gaucho Saddle Handbag with tags. The price is very good. If anybody is interested leave me a message on klythia@gmail.com

    • Msdeal

      I love this bag! Searching the net when I came across this pic. Do you still have it and if so, let me know your price. Email me at djacksonafan@yahoo.com

  • Sophie

    Selling large double saddle gaucho in dark brown leather, pre-owned, email me at sophie.lily@live.com.au if interested! xx

  • Danielle Morris

    I also have a limited Ed pewter one still with the tags on. Never been used. If interested email me on auntyphe@gmail.com. I am a collector and have a large designer bag collection.