lauren conrad
Lauren Conrad at her Runway Debut

Recently an exorbitant amount of ‘celebrities’ have turned into designers. First we had Lauren Condrad for Linea Pelle Handbags, and then we have Lauren Conrad’s debut line, followed by Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood, now we hear of Whitney Port (another girl from The Hills) designing, along with Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan.

While Lindsay Lohan will be sticking to what she knows, leggings, Rachel Bilson will be designing with DKNY jeans. Whitney and Heidi will be debuting small lines of clothing. But what gives? The gals from The Hills are merely ‘reality’ tv stars. Sure Whitney and Lauren interned at Teen Vogue, but would that be enough background to teach them the skills needed to be designers. And Heidi? The blond who is enamored with her boyfriend and seems to have no background in design is debuting a line called ‘Heidiwood’? Have we turned into a society so obsessed with stars that we now allow anyone to design our clothing?

Let’s have a Tuesday debate: Will you look into the lines from these gals, would you ever buy, and what do you think?

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  • lisa

    i think its unfair that these girls get to “design” a line of clothing- which basically means they take credit for someone else’s designs and MTV foots the bill for the show- when thousands of talented, aspiring designers cant afford to show or start their own line. And the feedback so far for Lauren Conrad’s line has been very negative and the pieces are supposedly very amateur and cheaply constructed.

  • william

    I can’t agree more with the previous commentor, being a design student with aspirations of making a label eventually. It’s just sickening to see her create such cheap, ugly clothing.

  • Fallon

    I can honestly say I’m am not the slightest bit interested in any of these “designers”. I mean, Rachel Bilson maybe, at least shes got some style and seems to really enjoy fashion…but Heidiwood?!?! Are you serious?? That’s just hilarous.

    Oh and I watched Lauren’s fashion show on youtube, the pieces were completely boring and unoriginal, I found myself falling asleep watching it.

  • grace

    Well, out of all those, if I were to check any of them out, I’d go with Rachel Bilson’s jeans, and Whitney Port’s line.

    Reasons are: Rachel Bilson definitely always looks very cute, casual, but not messy. I like her style, and I wouldn’t mind getting tips from her! Plus I’m sure there will be an interesting gimmick that goes with her line like natalie portman’s vegan shoes…

    And I’d like to see what Whitney’s line looks like because she has had significantly more experience in the fashion compared to Lauren or Heidi. I read somewhere prior to being @ Teen Vogue, she spend several summers doing interning at Women’s Wear Daily. With that much exposure, I’m looking to her to be the one who really has good ideas of what’s fashionable (colors, cuts, ways to wear things.)

    She also seems to be the one who would be sensible enough to look for help and expertise advice when she doesn’t know what she’s doing (i.e. regarding fabric choice, & actual manufacturing) Which is why she’s my best bet.

  • tracy

    I’m going against the grain here by saying that creativity should be encouraged. Yes, had it not for their 15 min of fame, they would probably not have had the chance to even make their own clothing line. Still, whether their lines are hot or not, at least they are doing something creative besides getting drunk, partying and then checking themselves into rehab a few months later. (Ooops, except Lilo of course).
    What I will say is that unless they are a Gwen Stefani, who has a direct influence on the designs that trot down the runway, celebrities should leave the designing to the designers, because let’s face it, all they’re really doing is putting their name and endorsing the product that some talented young designer will not get credit for. They get the raw end of the deal because I believe that designers (the ones who actually dream up, draw and sew the actual clothing) are some of the most talented people, and I personally feel it insulting that celebrities, who have not spent years learning this craft, get the credit for designing such a “fabulous” line.
    I know that Lauren Conrad and Whitney are involved in fashion and Lauren does go to FIDM to study fashion design, so I think her “fame” helped her get her foot in the door. Who can blame the girl for trying? As for Lilo, well,…I’d rather buy my leggings at Wal-Mart. :mrgreen:

  • ines

    Whatever needed to get fame is OK . However I think she might have picked this bag

  • Norma

    I will say if people like their design and love their style ..then why not??, if I like something I dont care whom made it!, as long as is chic and fashionable is good for me. :wink:

  • karolynka

    alright, i like the hills, lauren’s cute, heidi’s naive and whitney seems to be the wiser one but with a doubtly sense of style. so thumbs down on each whatever clothing line they could design or pretend to have designed. real fashion is something else. it’s something that you can wear and can last in your wardrobe for seasons without being “out” or simply “ruined”. i’m sorry for my english, i hope you know what i mean. i’m italian so i cherish and cuddle every single piece i own, hand washing or dry cleaning the best ones..and no, no no, no drying machine for God’s sake!anyways that was a digression..i think, come on let this girls have their opportunity, but time will tell. dolce&gabbana started being very young, and look where they reached, stella mccartney is a celeb too and she has a pretty line as well (though i hate her bags – expensive and who knows which material are they made from)..i think they won’t reach the haute couture runways, neither they aspire so much (i hope so) let them have fun, they’re just another commercial wrapped in a cute smile with a ribbon on it. we love another level of fashion.

  • melvina

    LC’s collections are so plain and i think anyone can design her clothes i mean come on the prices are kinda expensive too for plain long dress $100+?? also the materials arent that great either..dangg i could have bought like 5 or 6 cuter dresses at forever 21 or maybe with the same style…however, i must admit her handbags are cute though
    Heidiwood?? that is a joke..she knows nothing about fashion..i think she just want to follow the rest of the girls since they all into “fashion” now..
    Rachel Bilson’s style is nice and neat so if I had to choose one, i would buy her jeans..

  • luce

    I think I would like Lauren’s line more if she had actually started to build her way up….but instead she just started pricing her mediocre at best (in my opinion) line at very high prices. I just don’t get it! I saw the clothes and the prices and it just didn’t add up. :shock:

  • lisa

    of’s clothing are ugly ugly ugly oh and boring plain and wannabe. :oops: I’m so embarassed for her. Oh and heidiwood? I guess she could not think of another name. But yea only time will tell. Maybe they both cAn design for forever 21 if they let them. Although forevers line is by far much better than what I saw of laurens. As for rachel bilson I look forward to seeing her designs . No comment for lohans line. It will be interesting…

  • Gina

    Being a fan of the HILLS, I do believe Lauren&Whitney will make it in their fashion lines. Although I believe people who watch The Hills will just buy their clothes because of the name. I looked at Lauren’s line and I believe it is way too high priced for what she is offering(Plain colored long dresses&tops).Lauren should stick with her own sunglass line&accesories. I think Heidi just doesnt know what to do anymore to get fame so she is just following the other HILLS girls which is going to cause a competition among the three girls….

  • becks

    Although I’m a fan of the Hills (the drama is just so captivating!) the only line I would even *consider* buying would be Whitney’s. I think she is the most stylish and, to echo a previous poster, has the most experience from a design point of view.

    Lauren’s pieces are rather boring. The line Vince has the same kind of luxurious basics at a lower price. Heidi is such an attention-seeker, and this clothing line is such a contrived cry for more publicity.

    I would be most interested in seeing Rachel Bilson’s line because she has a very defined style that inspires others.

  • Bluejeanjones

    Tan is the New Black! A common misconception is that a black handbag is all you’ll need. Wrong. A black handbag can give you a dual effect, one that is dull and boring. No edge. Ladies give the black handbag a rest. For so many years it has been the standard. The one piece that every woman must have, and improperly worn consistently with everything.

  • angelchick182 and some of the gals at work were discussing this general topic just yesterday! The general idea of this topic has always really annoyed me. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of multi-talented people out there that do many things well, but I’m sorry, I’m just getting tired of all the crossover-careers. Just because someone is a good singer, doesn’t make them a brilliant actor, clothing designer, fragrance designer, etc. As I said, there are exceptions to the rule – one example for me is Gwen – I’ve been a fan of hers since No Doubt’s debut, and think she’s done a wonderful job with her LAMB line. But then again, in my eyes, there’s a big difference between a career expansion based on actual talent and one based on “15 minutes of reality fame”. I applaud their effort, but it does get really old – really fast.

  • fuchsiafury

    In the political world, you need to have a “track record”.

    In the legal world, you need to demonstrate “standing”.

    In the economic world, you examine “year-on-year returns”.

    In the fasion world, surely you’ve got to have the chops.

    I am not the only one wondering out loud “where are the chops of Lauren Conrad et al?”. As one of the 6.59 billion people in the world who is not part of The Hills 2 million viewership, I also wonder who would buy an overpriced, comme-ci-comme-ca outfit from Miss Conrad? Give me an outfit by a Project Runway (close to 3 million in viewers) designer any day. At least that has the reliably fashionable Heidi’s seal of approval.

  • Jahpson

    the only celeb I would buy clothes from and have, are Gwen Stefani

    because clearly she isn’t on any “design bandwagon” the girl really knows what she is doing. multi talented

  • lisa

    i agree gwen stefani has great style but she does work with a designer- he designs most of her pieces and she gives approval and takes credit- jennifer lopez’s sweetface line was designed by tommy hilfiger’s brother, etc. its a shame the real designers are not getting the credit, but then again many big time labels like ralph lauren and calvin klein are designed by many designers who collaborate and then the designs are approved by a creative director who takes all the credit. that is why if lauren and whitney and heidi are serious about fashion, they should pay their dues by working for an established designer, and then create their own labels.

    • Jahpson

      true. But I remeber a long time ago before Gwen released her LAMB line. There was this show in where this woman wanted Gwen to design her wedding dress.

      anyone know what I’m talking about? Well, Gwen designed it off her own head (took her a little while) and the dress was really unique! I actually liked the end result, and was surprised to see an artist with alot of talent.

      Gwen was even praised for her designing, and this is probably why she released her own line (she had a fan base behind her)

      With that said, I appreciate Gwen Stefani and Stella McCartney has real designers!! I think if they wouldnt get paid from doing it, they would do it anyway.

  • lisa

    also, from what i understand, stella mcartney paid her dues before designing for chloe and then making her own label

  • suzana

    The whole Hollywood/Reality TV clothing lines have become a corporate moneymaker. The person is no longer a public figure but a brand. There are to be bags, perfumes, clothes, stickers, notepads, bookbags, and all sorts of junk made with the stars name on it. I really feel true quality and design require years of dedication and working under a good fashion house. Most of these stars are not really designing anything- instead they are letting their name be put on a product. ( I really can’t see Lohan or Lauren Conrad sewing anything…)
    The only piece I have bought was a dress from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsens line – Elizabeth and James. I got a few wears out of it, but would probably not buy again. I would not pay their absurd asking price for their higher line- The Row which pretty much makes t-shirts and jersey knits for over $1000. This whole subject is a supertrend which any consumer should be weary of. Stay with classics that can be worn in 10 to 20 years and still look great. I really don’t think anyone is going to salivate for a Lauren Conrad piece that has been in their closet for years, but a Balenciaga Edition Dress would be divine in a 100 years….

  • Stephanie

    I must admit that The Hills is one of my guilty pleasures but I have no interest in clothing lines from any of the girls (or any other celebrity really). I’ve seen a small glimpse of LC’s line and everything looks like something you could buy at Gap for half the cost. :shock:

    Maybe these lines are targeted to teenage girls so I can’t relate? I’m in my mid 20s and have never been interested in the celebrity clothing/shoe/handbag lines.

  • Fallon

    I don’t know, I’m only 15 years old and am disgusted at these “reality tv stars” claiming to be designers. It just doesn’t seem fair to all of the designers out there who work their buts off just to get their name known.

    And I don’t think i’d ever wear something by a brand called “Heidiwood”…although I can’t say I represent the average 15 year old girl so I’m really only speaking for myself.

  • a.

    ugly and you would not be able to pay me to wear it…

  • fashion-in-the-making


  • celina

    Lauren’s always wanted to design which is why she’s in FIDM. I like her pieces, they’re actually kind of classic. You should all take a look at it first.

    As for Heidi, ugh, I’ve seen her prototypes and they’re like $5 hooker clothes.

    We can expect chic stuff from both Rachel Bilson and Whitney as they’re both very tasteful girls. But I agree with the comment before mine that the emergence of young, new designers makes the timeless and classic ones precisely what they are. And besides, I think the industry needs some fresh fashion and something to talk about.