A few months ago, Coach unveiled a return to its roots with the Coach Legacy collection of handbags and accessories. I spent a long while perusing the bags in all their color glory and realized that this is the Coach I knew and loved. This is the Coach I desperately wanted to see make a resurgence, and it has finally arrived. Good news: beautiful leathers in an array of colors have taken over Coach because the Legacy collection is now available for purchase.

From carnelian to sunflower to emerald to cobalt to neutrals to black to colorblock, there is every color, shape and variety of bag when it comes to the Coach Legacy Collection. The prices are also really fair, as even for a larger leather bag you will only reach the $500 mark, which is more in line with the Coach we’ve all known and loved in the past. While Coach has a fanbase that crosses generations and it produces items from Poppy to exotics, the re-release of the Legacy has brought back my love for Coach. It is all about the leather, the bag, and the design, and this is what started me off as a Coachie to begin with. Add a piece of Coach quality to your collection and shop the vast Legacy collection now at Coach.com.

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  • crazybaglady

    Lovely bright colors, nice styles from Coach- too bad they don’t make their bags in the USA like they used to.

    • ithinkyouareanidiot

      who makes the anything in the usa anymore?

  • Lizarde

    Oh thank god. I hate their new stuff, but love color and style. I’d defected to Kate Spade, but maybe my next bag will be a Legacy.

    • Donna D

      I still have a Coach tote bag, like the large ones shown, that I used as a work tote for years. Even tho the color faded from rubbing against my side, I cannot bring myself to toss it. It will still tote an amazing amount of things.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    The colours are beautiful, but Coach leather is always stiff….

  • nice and good bag beauty and lovely bag i like it

  • Laura

    I was just in a FP store yesterday and these bags are GORGEOUS!

  • MizzJ

    I’m really liking that emerald green large tote: the bright color and the squishy top make the leather seem like it’s just begging to be touched


  • Babs

    The concept was good…the execution was not. The leather is not what I expect for Legacy. Now, I’m not looking for the thick leather of yesterday–I get that it makes the bag heavy and is more expensive–but this leather is not good. But, don’t believe me…go to the nearest Coach boutique or Dept Store and see for yourself. Coach quality has been on a downward trend for at least four years and, unfortunately, this line is no exception…

    • gpc

      I agree Babs – it’s called “Made in China”…

    • WOW! You are totally right. This is why I stop purchasing coach bags back in 2005. I remember working for Mercantile Stores 1993 (vendor) and I received all their bags 65% of the wholesale price. The quality was awesome (thick rich leather).

  • RR

    It looks like the collection actually some really great work bags.

  • bryologue

    Wow, I never thought Coach can make these colorful leather bags. But as others have mentioned, the leather quality might not be at par with the vintage Coach glove tanned leather bags they previously made.


  • LaurenBake

    Is that a bad made from leather? I am interested to but that yellow bag above ;D

    laura from

  • carolinakate

    I’m loving the return of this idea…but hate that they found the need to slap that cheap little gold ‘coach’ stamp on the front! What happened to that old removable leather tag that those of us who aren’t big fans of plastering initials that are not our own on bags could easily remove?! The styles look great – hopefully the quality will remind us of the old Coach days as well.

  • Rebecca

    These colors are great, but nothing compares to the ’06 or 07″ legacy line. I have the Maggie satchel in whiskey and it just keeps getting better with age.

  • hope

    Hi guys :]! just got the a4 tote bag in orange (4th series of pics) from the singapore store. It is gorgeous! lovely feel of leather, amazing pop of colour and yet still not over the top due to the simple structured design of the bag and really cute tassels too. its my first branded bag so not sure abt its quality of leather. but its beautiful.

  • Amandajhon

    These colors are great, but nothing compares to the ’06 or 07″ legacy line. qr.net/easymoneyToMake

  • Guest

    Ok, I just asked my niece and her friends about these bags and they told me these bags are beautiful and totally pretty. HOWEVER, no one is wearing Coach bags anymore…LOL! These college kids are something else. They love those expensive LV, Gucci, designer bags (even if they can’t afford it). They kill me! LOL!!!

  • Ok, I just asked my friends if they like these bags and they said YES. But once I told them it is Coach, they were shock and said heck-no! NO one is wearing Coach bags. LOL!!! These college kids kill me with their LV, Gucci, or Celine knock off! What would they know! LOL!!!