We keep talking about spring trends in handbags, clearly there are many. We have brought you stories on denim and perforated leather, and today I will tell you about another trend; floral patterns. Typically we would cover this Coach bag on PurseBlog Savvy, but I actually wanted to feature this on PurseBlog.

Coach bags receive quite a bit of flack from many handbag enthusiasts. And while this may be the case, Coach continues to be the brand that starts many people’s handbag obsession on their way into other brands while remaining the go-to brand for many as well. In fact, my first bag was a Coach bag.

In the past few years I have loved the direction Coach has taken. The collection is so diverse, it is easy to find a bag that suits different tastes and wants. Here we are with the Coach Madison Floral Audrey and I am in love. I am not typically drawn to floral print bags, but with spring around the corner as I see more floral prints I also realize how much I would love one.

The combination is romantic, with the feminine colorful floral printed canvas being accented with gold metallic leather trim. I just bought a new floral printed pillow cover for our couch from Williams Sonoma that reminds me of this bag. I keep staring at the pillow and realizing that I can no longer fight my old aversion to floral prints, I now embrace it.

Another reason I love the idea of this bag is because it is a trendier style that you may not wear year round, so it is perfect not to spend thousands on a trend. Dimensions are 11.5 L x 8.25 H x 6.5 W. Also, there is both top handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Buy through Coach for $358 (they have the purple version).

Will you or won’t you sport a floral printed bag?

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  • Donna C.

    I love my Coach Ergo bag but I do not like this one at all. The floral pattern is going to clash with so many outfits and the gold makes it look cheap in my opinion.

  • LAltiero85

    I think it could be cute with a little black dress or a white sundress…perfect for a BBQ or a picnic. It’s definitely a statement bag.

  • purseforumsux

    you guys are a bunch of asswipes

    • Jane

      Why are you posting here? Your username says it all about your lack of respect for this site as well as the purse forum. I love these sites and I don’t appreciate being called a name.

    • This is just a banned purseforum member, who was promoting her video on tPF and got banned.

      • purseforumsux

        you guys are a bunch of liars who said i was given a bunch of “warnings” when the only warning i recieved was someone telling me I could not start a thread about the video.

  • Jai

    Hideous and cheap looking. I’m sorry, but I miss the old Coach. I had a Station Bag. I loved that damn thing. I guess that’s why I’ve migrated to Burberry, it reminds me of what Coach used to be.

  • Thomas

    This bag is disgusting, but I am assuming to keep up this blog someone must be paying you heavily and its not very shocking that it is coach with all of your give-aways etc. Nothing about coach deserves any blog-worthy recognition! SORRY MEGS!

    • If I was being paid to write this post, I would have stated that :). That is my true opinion on the bag. Personally, I like it as a fun floral bag. Not everyone will agree, and I know that. But Coach is a well-established brand and will get recognition on our site and forum.

  • MsMellody

    JC Penney.

  • Ashley

    On the Coach sub forum we actually had a very similar discussion about this exact bag. However, I will admit it was more refined then the conversation going on here. It was pretty much unanimous that we weren’t huge fans of the bag…some said it reminded them of their grandmothers curtains, another said it was her sisters bedspread in the 1980’s. But ever brand has a bomb now and then–this just happens to be Coaches.

    And I personally don’t believe Megs should be attacked for reviewing Coach as “Thomas” did. Coach is as recognizable as any other designer and is a corner stone in finer handbags. Dollar for design you’d be hard pressed to find a better product.

    • Thomas

      Coach is not designer honey….sorry

      • Ashley

        Actually,”honey”, Coach is a designer handbag brand. A very successful one at that. As many people know, designer and expensive aren’t mutually exclusive to each other. Designer also isn’t defined by which country creates the product.
        Coach is, by far, one of the most recognizable brands, it wearable and youthful without compromising on detail and refinement. Actually, on the companies website Coach defines itself as “…leading American designer and maker of luxury lifestyle handbags and accessories…”
        But I’m sure you know more about this topic then they do, right? (wink, wink…honey)

    • thomas

      so ashley…..i have been holding back but i just showed my girlfriend who works for saks this post slash bag…we decided since you are such a coach fan..just like the rest of middle america, you also probably have bleach blonde hair with crazy black roots, cake on cheap makeup over a fake tan, and have more eye liner on daily than a common raccoon. Just because coach says they are a designer brand means nothing, just like you continuing to deny that u are not a wt slut bag. coach is cheap baby boo. GET OVER IT!

  • dieanne

    My first handbag was a Coach. Although I owned several designer handbags except a birkin, I love coach especially the new leather colors.

  • cge

    I agree 100 % with what Ashley just said. Some of these other comments are completely out of line.

  • Alana

    I actually like the bag too. It isn’t something I would wear daily, but it would
    be a fun bag to add to my collection.

    Who are these haters??

  • Nancy Rush

    This is one ugly bag. I agree that Coach may start the handbag obsession, but they’ve certainly lost my interest with this kind of junk they are so insistent on rolling out year after year.

  • speaking of…

    Maybe in a different style..and if u ppl don’t like Meg or any of the other bloggers I have one thing to say to you: STFU! Bitches…

    Meg you rock but I disagree this bag looks something like what I’d find at JCPenney a lil’ overpriced and grandma’s wallpaper looking….and the handles looked like they were ripped off the coach madison in gold..sorry but its true

  • Violeta

    I find this bag cute and feminine. I wouldn’t wear it with a business outfit, but for casual, daily use it’s a great choice and definitely fun to have.

  • Khadeidra

    Wow, some of these comments are ridiculously offensive, for absolutely no reason. Anyway, Megs…I also like this bag. It’s cute and whimsical..perfect for spring. It’s price point is great, considering that it’s not a year-round bag. I appreciate it because it is a bit unconventional for Coach. I feel that it’s good that they can try different things, rather than being predictable. :) Much love to TPF and PB! :)

  • Nyzinga

    I think this Coach bag appeals to a lot of younger women my daughter’s age. And I could see one of my daughter’s friends liking this bag.

  • anonymous

    I actually love this print and the bag. I wouldn’t buy it, however, because it is too recognizable to be special or different, which is what I like best in a bag. Coach still has some of the best leather and quality for the price out there today. I know because I have tried them all!

  • Shannon

    Blog haters to the left.

    I love this bag, but I will wait for it to go to the outlet, I won’t pay retail for it. It’s so pretty, I love the print. I saw it at the boutique, and the gold actually looks less cheap in person.

  • Megan

    i think it is pretty. :)

  • nuÅ¡a ann

    Huh.. I absolutely love it! <3

  • Shri

    For me Coach is a hausfrau brand and I usually don’t go for their stuff. I would love a floral bag – and I like the incorporation of the branding – but I think the fabrication looks like tempera paint – I would prefer something more irredescent and Pucci-like. And does the trim have to be gold? That is a lotta look going on there. It looks like something one would see walking through the Phoenix airport. And i say that with love.

  • MaryJane

    I… strangely like this bag! It’s cute! I think it’s an adorable day bag! I can definitely see myself carrying it out to lunch when the weather heats up!


  • mochababe73

    I own alot of Coach bags. I don’t see the problem because they are of good quality. They also have something that will appeal to anyone regardless of age or station in life.

    I like the bag, but I love colors and prints. However, this is too much money for a seasonal bag.

  • Loquita

    This particular Coach style is not my taste (I don’t care for floral prints or fabric bags in general), but I have to say that Coach leather bags will take a beating and then some – and the Parker line is lovely! I was just looking at a Parker bag the other day as a gift and was very impressed. Thanks for showcasing some variety in PB, Megs. It is appreciated. :)

  • bisbee

    Hmmm…such ugly comments! I don’t like this bag – at all – I think the gold handles with the floral fabric are quite unattractive.

    That being said – even some of the comments that aren’t offensive ARE still a bit holier than thou – the vast majority of women can’t even entertain the idea of spending money on a Coach bag, much less a more “prestigious” brand. People need to open their eyes before they make the comments they do…

  • HandbagReport

    I agree with Shannon! I’m not a fan of floral prints but this bag is perfect for spring!

  • Lauren

    I really love this bag. I can see so many outfits it would really be spring-like with. This is not your go-to everyday bag, but I have enough of those. This is fun!

  • Chris

    The floral pattern is lovely ! Perfect for spring and summer. But the gold – I do not like it. Light brown leather would have been so much nicer.

  • 19yearslater

    This bag is so springy. I haven’t seen the purple, maybe I’ll check that out. I would love a nice bag that isn’t going to break my wallet for spring and summer.

  • Janet

    Though this bag is pretty cute on its own, I just can’t imagine that it would go with springwear. I don’t know why people keep knocking on Coach — it is almost everyone’s entry level bag. I admit that a lot of their bags as of late look cheap, but their leather is still quite nice. Plus, their bags have the perfect amount of interior pockets. Also, their prices don’t break the bank, especially for those who do not live off of credit cards and have mortgages and student loans to pay. Thumbs down on this one though, I’d prefer a Tory Burch.

  • Christy

    Wow! This bag really inspired all sorts of strong opinions. I love floral prints but I’m not sure what to think of this bag…the gold handles are distracting me. On the right person with the right kind of personality and outfit, it could be cute. For those who do like Coach- they have made some other floral bags this spring- these are leather with an embroidered floral pattern- very pretty and a bit more subtle than the bag featured in this review.

    Anyways, I love reading the bag reviews that Megs and the other staff write- thank you for keeping us informed and entertained on TPF. :)

  • Lori

    Don’t like it at all. Too busy, too garish.

  • Liang

    I’m not so into this print.
    However, this floral print is better than gucci’s floral one sold in DSW.
    I love the original Sabrina than updated Audrey.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I like bags because they are FUN !!! Sometimes I like to wear an over the top (probably bordering on tasteless in some eyes) bag just because I am in a crazy mood. Othertimes it will be more classic components. This bag reminds me of pop art with its colors. If I saw someone wearing it I would think it is fun and relaxed. Some of the comments have been personal snipes. Purseblog writers don’t deserve that criticism.

  • Leslie

    I think its a pretty bag, whether I would wear this one would depend on how it looks in real life and if it matches me.

    In response to your question, I have been digging the florals lately so I would definitely sport a floral printed bag. I enjoy having things specially for spring/summer..in Vancouver we have so much rain and gloomy days that its nice to have some summery and bright.

  • Stacy

    I would sport a floral if the right one came along regardless of price – it could be $10 or $300. For me though, if a bag is over $300 then it better be all leather. There is no sense in paying that much for logo splashed canvas.

    Now as for this Coach bag…to me it screams Emilio Pucci wannabe. And as others have said and I completly agree with…the gold is too much-it looks like gold lamé fabric instead of leather. It is too cheap looking and distracts from the bag.

    And lastly, as far as carrying a Coach bag, I actually own the Madison Leather Carryall. I just purchased it last month after my Prada bag was almost ruined by someone spilling coke all over it inside & out. While the Coach leather is not as soft as some higher-end bags it is durable and stands up to daily use.

  • The Suzy

    I don’t think its worth spending 300+ on a bag made in China. Period. I don’t care which ‘designer’ it is. In that price range I’ll buy American from a smaller house and get better craftsmanship and no lead content (and god knows what else).

  • marcjacobs12

    For me, Coach is just like Abercrombie and Fitch. They try to market their products to a senior-in-highschool or college girls, but the people who end up actually buying their products are 12 year olds who think their younger lines (Poppy and abercrombie kids) are “tacky” and “so fifth grade”. The actual college people move onto better brands, such as Burberry,Prada or Louis Vuitton in Coach’s case, or J.Crew or other upscale preppy retailers.

  • mary s


    i dont like this bag. lately i have been liking coach less and less and for one reason: everything that i have seen lately says “coach” in big bold letters (ok this one bag says “coach” in slightly smaller letters”). but to me, what happened to trusting in the designs of your designer bag to speak for themselves. coach isnt the only house that is taken to do this, they do it most boldly but others do this too, and i wish they wouldnt.

  • Jennifer

    Not feeling it…..I, too, miss the old days of Coach -thick, supple leather, no lining, & handful of well-made bags (think mid-90s). Don’t care for the direction the company has gone in. Every company doesn’t have to make something for everyone.


    As you can tell by my sign in name I adore Coach…

    But this Floral Audrey looks like a tacky flower shop barfed on the bag….

  • QueenMAB

    It’s a standout bag, but not for everyone. It was perfect for one of my friends and looks fantastic on her. And she looks like a star wearing it. So it does everything a great bag should do.

  • zaya

    love this purse! will most def rock it :)

  • emma

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  • Jasmine

    my 1st bag was a coach too.. e floral prints are so bright and cheery! nice! but i wld definately only wear it in spring..

  • Jasmine

    my 1st bag was a coach too.. e floral prints are so bright and cheery! nice! but i wld definately only wear it in spring.. (fb)

  • Elyse

    I’m not into this print but I will admit it is fun. I can see a young woman carrying while wearing a simple outfit and having it look incredible (fb)

  • Shannon Baker

    Not for me. i seen it at the store and it reminded me of a bag a much olde woman would be carring around~ sorry!


  • Joy

    too much going on for me :(

  • Linda

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  • Linda

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  • fefe89

    [${the first time i saw that bag, I fell in love with it, so i bought it.}$]

  • coachbags

    coach bags It looks very noble

  • Queena

    floral patterns, it is fabulous and so attempting! it is different with classic Coach bags with double C logo, perhaps it is more suitable for active girls!

  • Missy

    I love this style bag but I don’t like the print. It’s too busy and loud and looks like a bad hotel bedspread. (fb)

  • Jane

    I like this purse , and just get one from http://www.coachbuynow.com

  • Kate

    Does anyone know where I can buy this in Canada? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. I have looked all over the internet aswell, and I cant seem to find it for sale anymore. I have only seen it once in the store, and I went back to get it and it was gone. I have not been able to find it anywhere since. If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Debi

    have you checked out the web site http://www.bohopurses.com they have some great deals on purses.

  • Beautiful

    This bag is gorgeous!! I did not think I would care for it after buying and now I’m glad I did! It is roomy and stylish for the Spring and I get great compliments! Also, the gold does not make this bag look cheap! It’s beautiful and I will purchase more Coach bags if I find one that I like.

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    Pretty! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Bag is pretty but not really my style (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    beautiful colors! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    perfect bag for spring! (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    pretty floral pattern (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    very pretty! (ipad)

  • Beth

    Beautiful, they have an almost exact copy Ashley Satchel out for spring 2011 available @ Bonanzabags for $ 259.99 Pattern is so beautiful for spring type in Coach # 16177 in the search engine