Zac Posen Raffia and Leather Studded ClutchYou know how you can see a bag, and then you can imagine what outfit it would look perfect with? I do it all the time. Somebody needs to tell my brain I am not an heiress to a multi-billion dollar corporation, I can not even afford my own thoughts. But I can share them with you and see if any of you agree or think crazy thoughts like myself. I often find myself looking at a bag that is impractical. A bag that would only match a handful of outfits (that I probably do not even own). But when I get that image in my head, I’m done. It’s embedded in my memory and I want to nab that look. This is where my biggest problems come into play. Which of you do the same thing? (Somebody please speak up and make me think I’m not alone in this world!!)

So when I ran into this Zac Posen Raffia and Leather Studded Clutch my mind immediately began to think of the perfect outfit with it. I have it in my head perfectly. Too bad it’s only about one outfit I can think of. But nevertheless this bag is more practical than one would assume. A classic pair of jeans and a tee could be seen with this bag and all would be good! Made of beautiful blue leather and nude raffia, this curved clutch gives me something to smile about. The bag also shows off a metallic ‘Z’ design and silver studs, who doesn’t show studs now-a-days? Also the bag has red lining with blue stitching and silver studs in cut-out detail on front, plain cut-outs on back and a thin leather strap. The interior is lined in soft beige suede and contains an interior pocket. Just what the doctor ordered! I love a bag that is out of the ordinary, and this bag does it for me. Here comes what the doctor did not order, the rather exorbitant $690 price tag on Net-A-Porter. I guess this leaves me with my perfect mental image of myself with the bag for now…

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  • I LOVE your blog! I now have the same image of myself with this bag. Someday when I win the lottery or something…a girl can dream, right?

  • wow that bag is so ugly….

  • martin lau

    E! Entertainment’s Fashion Police Jay Alexander recommended that Hollywood take note to a group of young designers that could truly liven up the red carpet after the Oscar’s big bore. He recommended Proenza Schouler, Mal Sirrah (Malcolm Harris) and Zac Posen as the fashion industry’s best choices to do so. Michelle Williams was schedule to wear Proenza Schouler, Reese Witherspoon purchased a Mal Sirrah original just in case her Dior gown wasn’t rejuvenated in time and Zac Posen actually made it to the red carpet on the back of Felicity Hoffman (at the very last moment). I agree with Ms. J, these designers could really spice up the joint.

  • deborah zielinski


  • Kathleen

    TOOO Expensive!!

  • danielle

    OMG I love Zac Posen’s bags!! I saw that bag in Marie Claire too it sells for $1400. I really think its a great inestment. They are so unique and fresh!!! You would pay the same thing for an LV and have the same bag everyone else has…why not stand out!

  • Hinda Ziskin

    I too am in love with the Zac Posen Bag that was featured on page 115 of the August 2006 edition of Marie Claire Magazine. I have not been able to locate it. If anyone knows, please post information so that I can purchase. Thanks much.

  • Naggy

    This is what happens when you run out of ideas. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t like it.. (ipad)