Twelfth Street Embellished Velvet ClutchFor some reason I’m on an evening bag/clutch kick. Sorry if you all are looking for something else, but just bare with me today. For some reason in the fall there are always events I have to go to that deem it necessary that I have a nice evening bag. Growing up I was just about the only kid from my family who ever wanted to attend fancy ball parties, or auctions, or opening of restaurants, or art galas, etc because to me it was a way to get a new outfit! (Again, really hope my dad is not reading this today, because yet again I will be getting the shaking of the head and “So that’s why she actually wanted to go all the time- I can’t believe I fell for it” look). Yikes. Maybe I won’t be invited anywhere nice with my parents again, but I am sure I will still need a new clutch at some point.

The Twelfth Street Embellished Velvet Clutch is beautifully and simply done. Where most of you will be so surprised is the price, which is quite low (it’s all relative of course). I guess I just really like the option of having a simple clutch that adds a little razz with the golden paillettes and the knotted side strap. The bag is not the most catching to the eye, but it really is a simple beauty. The clutch is designed with velvet, either pewter or petal which is pink. The opening is a simple zip top. I really believe this clutch could be the perfect accessory to an elegant outfit if you wear it right, and the price tag makes it all the merrier. You can buy it for only $175 through Neiman Marcus.

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  • muniera

    its a great looking clutch – and you’re right: its got the gold to spice it up just enough to stand out, but otherwise blend in with your clothes.

  • amanda

    I am sorry, but I think this could be the ugliest clutch I have ever seen. I would make fun of it if one of my friends went out for the evening with it. It jsut looks junky to me.

  • billyjoe

    It does look like extreme crap to me. It loos like something like those cheap sequin dresses that you can get in those shops that are next to gay bars and sex shops…. *looks in disgust* :P ughh….

  • Shucks! I really like it! *blush*

  • chemlex

    I love Twelfth Street!!! The Crystal Suede Shopper is my dream – but I had to forgo it because I finally got my Botkier Luxe Trigger Bag (in Nude). I guess I’ll have to wait until I save up some more money to splurge.

  • lmpsola

    It’s ok. It is not beautiful, but it can help an outfit, look even better.

  • Zippy

    I think this velvet bag looks like it is left over from the 60s’. It is a toss up between the 1860s’ and the 1960s’. Perhaps the pink shade helps it?

  • Naggy

    It looks like a throw pillow. (ipad)

  • KY

    This is a gorgeous clutch! (ipad)