Judith Leiber Owl Crystal Embellished Clutch

I have always had an affinity for Judith Leiber pieces. While her box clutches are stunning, it is always the animals and other objects that catches my undivided attention. To be honest, I have no event in the near future to wear one of these clutches too. But I so badly want to find a reason to splurge on a Leiber piece. I still love the cupcake, which was featured on SATC movie with Charlotte’s little girl Lily, and there are so many animals that they do magnificently.

Care to flash your eye for style? The Judith Leiber Owl Crystal Embellished Clutch is a wise piece. I look at Leiber pieces as art pieces, true collector items that can be put on display. The Owl is totally cute, hand-crafted with multicolored Swarovski crystals. There is a chain shoulder strap and an inside mirror. I would be a bit worried about this clutch banging anything, for fear of losing a crystal or two. But this is a conversation piece, that would look nothing but amazing with a little black dress for a night on the town or at a swanky event. Buy through Net A Porter for $4050.

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  • 19yearslater

    I love owls. If I had an extra $4000 laying around I would love to buy this.

  • I’ll give ya $50 bucks toward the $4050!! It is so cute, isn’t it!

  • Mandy

    I love owls as well. If I could afford a Leiber and had an event fabulous enough where I could carry one, this would be my choice. Stunning.

  • Who is it that uses the owls? Paul & Joe? This reminds me of them.

  • Julie

    Wow – pretty amazing. Would love one but could only admire it – never acutally use it!!!

  • janis

    Oh dear…this is bad!

  • Beth

    Amazing workmanship, yes, but it makes me vomit a little in my mouth.

  • lllfashion

    omg…its so creepy…as every other bag of the animal collection…would never carry one around….

  • fuchsiafury

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that Judith Leiber will bring out the most exquisite jewel-encrusted evening bags. It is incredible as a piece of art, but at the same time, it is simply not an attractive bag to carry. Imagine (and Net-a-Porter helps you) carrying it around on the chain that is attached to the owl. Does anyone have the SPCA on speed dial?

  • Deena

    love, love LOVE!!!! I can’t stop looking at it!

  • renee

    I don’t get it. I like her regular clutches so much better.

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    I don’t get it either!

  • bagpoor.blogspot.com


  • Fiona

    I don´t like these sort of bags, even if I have the insane amount of money they cost , I would never have one.Period!

  • Mika

    Love it!!

  • Pamela M

    It is just so beautifully done. I can’t imagine an even good enough to carry this too! Ha! But even sitting on your dresser it’s gorgeous!

  • Naggy

    It’s only cute because *owls* are cute. (ipad)