Christopher Kane Aqua Gel-Filled Clutches, $720 via Neiman Marcus in green or pink

There are plenty of indications that I’ve fallen a little too far down the fashion rabbit hole. The foot-long neon pink feather earrings that I searched out for a month? A telltale sign. My urge to apologize to both friends and strangers for the sensible shoes I’ve been wearing since I hurt my ankle a few weeks ago? Another one. But perhaps the most obvious sign yet is that upon viewing the Christopher Kane Aqua Gel-Filled PVC Clutches, my first thought was, “Well, I’d totally carry the pink one.”

Granted, I’ve had five months to get used to the look. Kane debuted ready-to-wear made out of similar gel material at his London runway show during fashion week to somewhat mixed reviews, but I thought then and think now that the construction is pretty damn cool. He’s a young designer and something of a wunderkind, and I appreciate anyone who’s willing to take a chance like this while the pressure of burgeoning fame is on. You don’t get noticed in fashion by following the pack.

At the same time, I can imagine myself enjoying the squishy colored gel inside the clutch and how it would move around and create patterns while being carried, even if the effect is a tad childish. Sometimes some weirdness and immaturity is a great thing to have in your closet for a night when you need a little dose of fun. These clutches are for the adventurous (and perhaps slightly brain-damaged) only, but sometimes that’s what makes fashion so great. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $720 in green or pink.

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  • Ashleyg

    *deep sigh* I feel like you slapped me in the eye with this thing when I look at the price. Seriously, $720???!?!?! I swear I’ve seen these pouches at my local Walgreens.

  • Jbbee

    I’d totally love to have one of these to carry to a waterpark, but the price is just ridiculous. These shouldn’t cost more than $30.

    • mimi

      I was thinking the same thing when I first saw it…

  • DorianGray

    Dear Amanda, i love this blog and I visiti it every day but I’d like to read more reviews about Versus and Versace purses, even if sometimes they’re not so… good looking :-)
    Thank you from an italian fashion-victim.

    • I’m actually thinking of writing a review of a pair of Versace shoes for TalkShoes tomorrow! Versace and Versus aren’t as widely carried online as some of the other brands we talk about more, so that’s why they don’t get as many posts. It’s harder to find pictures.

      • DorianGray

        You’re right Amanda, it’s not easy to find an e-store that supports the brands. I look at Nordstrom, Luisaviaroma and, of course, Net a Porter. There are more shoes than bags indeed. I’m looking for Versace for H&M collection (maybe you could review some items, I think the pics will be easily available). Thank you.

  • rose60610

    No way.

  • alice

    would not want it to get punctured!!!

    • Faiza

      lol true that :p

  • Lynn

    This bag reminds me of pencil case that I had when I was in grade school…. I’m into this bag, but not for 7 beans…. a hundred or less, maybe, but 700 is a tad too high for me….

    • Merve

      Oh my god totally!!! i had the same one. It was really useful when i was bored in class as i could squish the gel around. I would never buy this bag now because im not 7 and 700 dollars for gel and plastic is ridiculous.

    • Yaz

      OMG you’re totally right! I remember having one of these too! For $700,i’d rather get something that does not look like the blue ice pack in a cold water bottle

  • Morgan

    Ahhhh I totally get it!! I would love to rock the pink one with a black bandage dress, some crazy heels and this fabulous clutch. If it was in the $100 price range I would be on my way to the store.

  • Stacy

    I actually like the idea but NOT the price. Is PVC and liquid really worth the price? Um, no.

    • Chels K

      Yep. Sorry, priced too high for what it is.

  • amyg

    Its different, i wouldn’t buy it, but it does make me think of those jelly sandals i wore as a kid.

  • Selene

    I totally agree with Amanda! The clutch is extremely juvenile and tacky, what’s preposterous is they think they can sell this for $700 bucks. They sell baby bath toys of the same material for 7 bucks or less.

    This looks like something I could buy at Claires.

  • Chele

    No, no, no….(Shields eyes from such a sight).

  • Wyllowdaemon

    Wow, that’s insanely expensive… for plastic and gel that looks like a pool toy? No thanks…

  • 19yearslater

    reminders of notebooks I used in elementary school.

  • goldChanel

    OMG. SO UGLY!!!!!!1