Christian Louboutin Marquise Clutch, $1295 via Net-a-Porter

A few months ago, I wrote a funny little post about bags that could be used as weapons. As fashion’s penchant for embellishment grows increasingly inescapable, it seems as though most high-end accessories can be repurposed for self-defense in an emergency, and with the prices that designers charge, it’s frankly nice that they have the extra utility.

If I had only known that the Christian Louboutin Marquise Clutch would be coming out, I would have waited to write that post. This bag may be the first I’ve ever seen that would actually allow you to stab a mugger, a cheating husband, that jerk in front of you in the line at Target, whoever strikes your stabbing fancy. I wonder if this bag could be classified as a deadly weapon?

With the length of the spikes, I wouldn’t be surprised if airport security pulled you aside to have an extra look at this bag if they were to find it in your carry-on. Keep that in mind for future travel plans – if you’d like to carry this clutch (or wear the matching shoes) at your eventual destination, they should probably be stowed in your checked baggage. Once you’ve reached your destination, stab people to your little heart’s content. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1295.

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  • edoardo

    I love this clutch is so so cool! Loubi is making every time cooler bags!

  • rose60610

    I do think it’s kind of cool, especially to wear with a mean looking motorcycle leather jacket. Paired with the matching shoes it’d be pretty neat, uber edgy.

  • Musette

    This post warmed my vicious little heart. By all means, check both the shoes and bag – they’ll never get past TSA!


  • PhotoGirl

    Definitely a checked baggage item, though.

  • J Umm

    uber cool
    but not worth the price

  • katia

    I love it, but would not buy it


    hah, it looks like a weapon and can defend others,

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    *********** **********

  • camilla

    I had not know it was a Louboutin I would have said it’s an Alexander McQueen…very rock

  • mochababe73

    If money were no object, I’d get the clutch and the shoes. But I would pair it with something unexpected. A rock/motorcycle look would be too easy.

  • ninjaninja

    Better than pepper spray? Probably.

  • AW

    Actually this looks pretty cool but yes definitely dangerous even if unintentional – you might end up stabbing yourself even.

  • A Few Goody Gumdrops


  • Bagolicious

    Dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be in a crowded space, like at a party, and have someone carrying that purse accidentally brush up against me.

  • alizzaa

    That is the best for night out. Definitely i will take it.

  • Demi

    Wow! It seems dangerous, especially if you bump onto someone who carries it! LOL
    I love Louboutin’s designs, but this one is a bit extravagant!

  • how beautiful and creative the clothes is .it only for try