When you run a website about luxury goods, you hear a lot of the same question: how do people afford these things? Sometimes it’s asked in genuine curiosity, and other times, it’s a rhetorical declaration of awe and confusion at other people’s very different lives. Either way, this curiosity persists at least in part because the question of money is one that’s forbidden in traditional fashion media, which generally considers it rude to acknowledge that participating in fashion costs a lot. We’re not traditional fashion media, though, so we’re not beholden to those manners, and we want to know about your bags, your budget, and how you balance the two. So we’re introducing Closet Confessionals, and we need your help. (Don’t worry—it’s anonymous!)

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Inspired by other websites whose readers engage in fascinating, frank discussions of how they make their money work for them (like Refinery29’s popular Money Diaries series), Closet Confessionals will each feature one reader or PurseForum member responding to a number of questions about their income, shopping habits, bag collections and beyond. We want to demystify the numbers and internal negotiations that are always lurking in the background behind anyone’s love for shopping.

We’re hoping to hear from people at all points on the financial spectrum, from those who save up to buy one or two moderately priced bags per year, to those who don’t think twice about impulse-buying a crocodile Birkin. What do you do for a living? Where does the money come from? How did you start buying bags? Credit card debt? Generous benefactor? We’ll cover it all, even the taboo parts, and you can provide photos of the bags in question if you want.

To participate, all you have to do is fill out the Closet Confessionals questionnaire, which includes questions about all the personal topics we think people are most interested in. The more detail, the better—we only require you give us an email address so we can reach out for any necessary clarification, should we choose to publish your submission. No one but those putting together the article will have access to that info, and you can use an email that doesn’t link back to your real life identity. We want the kind of honesty that fashion media finds uncomfortable.

This series will be ongoing, and we hope to hear from PurseBlog readers from all walks of life and across the globe: how do you make your bag obsession possible?

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