I’ve loved the Chloé Drew Bag since its release nearly four years ago. At the time, I was just beginning my career and was interning at Chloé’s NYC office. The Drew was just making its big debut, and it’s truly thrilling to see how much momentum it has gained and what a staple it is now among the Chloé line-up. Sadly, I finished up my time there without snagging a Drew bag, and I regretted it until the very day I finally got a Small Chloé Drew of my own!

A couple of weeks ago I found one on sale in a beautiful off-white color, and after chatting with you guys about winter white bags, I didn’t even think twice about swiping my credit card. I’ve been carrying it since the day I got it, which has been a little surprising, because at the time I thought I would reserve it for special occasions or nights out due to the color. But I love it so much, I haven’t wanted to put it down.

The Drew that I got is a Spring 2017 style, which features a thicker chain strap that can also be doubled to carry it shorter, which I honestly really, really love. I’ve been wearing this bag one of three ways: crossbody, over the shoulder, or hand carried with the strap doubled. Crossbody is probably the way I wear it most, as I love to be hands-free, and the chain strap does tend to slip off when its thrown over just one shoulder. The latch is really easy to get in and out of, and I like that it also is a bit magnetic, so if you forget to twist the turncock into the closed position, it won’t pop right open. The gold hardware is a bit more matte and a little less shiny on this style of Drew, which I also really love.

Truth be told, this is not the world’s most functional bag. Due to the shape, you have to kind of organize your goods in an awkward way so that the bag will close and keep its shape, but I love the overall look of the Drew so much, its a sacrifice I’m willing to make. I got the small size versus the nano, and it’s a really great size to transition from day to night for me personally. However, if you tend carry a lot during the day, then this definitely won’t work for you as a day bag, but it would make an excellent evening bag. I was able to fit in all of my musts: a Louis Vuitton small zippered card case, my favorite Ray-Bans (I have them in two colors!), my iPhone 6S, a pack of gum, and some miscellaneous beauty products, which I keep in a small pouch.

There is one interior slit pocket, so you could skip a wallet or a card case if you wanted to, which I often do when I’m going out at night as I rarely carry any cash. The Drew bag is crafted in Italy of beautiful grained leather and lined in suede. Its dimensions are 9.3″H x 8.3″W x 3.2″D. The exact color I got is unfortunately sold out, but you can snag one of your own for $1,950 via Farfetch.

Overall, I give this bag an 8 out of 10. I would have given it more because I’m truly obsessed with it, but that wouldn’t be too objective, now would it? The reason it wouldn’t get a full ten stars is because the usability and functionality of this bag are ultimately not the best, but where it lacks in practicality, it makes up in looks. It’s beautifully crafted, and I’ve always been super impressed with the quality of Chloé’s bags. My favorite Marcie bag that I still use today has aged beautifully, and I’m sure this will do the same. I think this bag has pretty good staying power as well, and I see it living among the Chloé lineup for years to come. Do any of you own a Drew? What are your thoughts on this bag?

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3 years ago

So I just found and am likely buying literally this same bag. How do you double up the chain as you state in the article show in the pictures? Does the chain itself “unhook” (have yet to see the bag in person).


Stephanie Rubio
Stephanie Rubio
2 years ago

Hi I came across your article because I bought the exact same bag on a pre loved market. I usually research whatever I’m buying specially if it is one of kind piece. I haven’t received my bag yet. But i am concerned because all the Drew bags I have seen. Has the chain tie up on the hooks nothing like what you have/ I bought. You stated that this Bag style is part of spring collection 2017 so far I haven’t found any image besides your article images and the websites images where I bought my bag from. I even watch the show SS 2017 and the bag is not carrying by the models. My question to you since you worked at Chloe this was some sort of limited edition or region edition bag.? The one I bought is coming from France. Thank you.

GG Pastel