Photos via Chanel

I’m taking the day off tomorrow. Yep. Mental health day! Don’t worry, though, Megs will be here to hold down the fort and update the blog, but I’m going to have a three-day weekend. I don’t take many days off, and I intend to frolic.

It would be awful of me to leave you without something memorable, though, which is why I present you with the Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 Outstanding Pieces. We already saw the exotics from Chanel Paris-Byzance, and now we have a proper Pre-Fall collection full of aubergine alligator and gold python, in addition to the usual suspects. As always, all the pictures can be found after the jump.

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  • mandy

    Wow, stunning collection. I really love all of it.

    • Chels K

      Me, too. These are simple, classy, gorgeous.

  • rose60610


  • Yaz

    If i had to pick one i’d say the 2nd one from the left is a real stunner!

  • Ashleyg

    Just wow @ the main pic. I’m totally lusting after it! *drool*

  • Kat

    The one in the lead pic is to die for!

  • Chele

    What a stunning collection! I’m over the moon for the aubergine alligator.

  • angexz298

    wowww if i could i would actually buy all of them !

    • Ninee

      Wowwww how nice it is. Dream to have all in the collection!!!

  • Sandra Rowley

    Wow, 2 bags that are not chain handle flap bags… I agree that Chanel makes quality bags but something original would be nice.

  • Lynn

    Gorgeous collection of bags.. i’d love to have any one…

  • MizzJ

    Hmm it’s kinda unfortunate they chose a black background to showcase similarly dark toned bags :p I also kinda agree with Sandra; these bags are very nice and covetable, but it’s doesn’t look that different from any other Chanel.

  • klynneann

    OMG, I love that aubergine color!

  • roberto

    I’ve been in lust with the aubergine bag since July now i only need the money

  • dysfashional

    I’m going to hold a rally for a “Must Have Bag” Stimulus Package. Hell if cared for properly this bag could out live a newly built McMansion.

  • Jollygirl

    I am soooo in love with #3. Any one know how much that one is?

  • lchua

    I don’t particularly like Chanel’s Mademoiselle bags, but surprisingly I’m drawn into the Mademoiselle the most in this collection. Absolutely love the Mademiselle Croc. I think the design gives a youthful balance to the more mature, serious croc leather. *drool*

  • Merve

    They just kinda make you salivate…

  • Allen

    amazing collections!..i really love it!….i hope that you guys will tag this amazing collections in my Facebook ..more power

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    I’ll kindly take No.1 and 5..thank you.