I just can’t, you guys, this baby, she is so cute, look at her little cheeks.

*deep breath*

Ok! So. Now that my hormones have been shoved back into their proper places, I’m here to tell you that North West, instantly famous child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has her very own page in the forthcoming 5th issue of CR Fashion Book. North, of course, made her editorial fashion debut in Vogue as an infant.

This time, North was photographed by herself by Michael Avedon, complete with a Chanel brooch on her baby cardigan (which is certainly cashmere) and a teeny-tiny Chanel bag in her baby lap. Everything about this is ridiculous, and I love it.

Carine Roitfeld, CR’s founder and guiding force, is a big fan of the Kardashians; she had Kim grace the cover of a previous issue, and Kim’s spot within pop culture fits right in with much of the sometimes hyper-sexualized aesthetic that Roitfeld has honed over the years.

This image, of course, is a pretty sly wink at the Kardashians’ place within pop culture as well; constantly covered in expensive clothing and cultivated for fame from birth. When North gets a little older, she’ll have plenty of mom’s bags to borrow.

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  • Guest

    Very Adorable baby.

  • Marnie

    Baby chunk does me in every time, she’s too adorable.

  • Sigh


  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    Interesting how she CANNOT be shown (save for the top of her head for a tenth of a second, several times in several episodes, an obvious DO NOT SHOW NORTH’S FACE directive from her father) in any Kardashian show but it’s fine to splay her about the high end fashion publications.

    I think she is simply adorable.

  • Mya Wilkes

    North is just toooooo cute, damn! A little fashionista in the making.

  • Antonia

    North is the cutest!! Those cheeks….I need to pinch them-lol! :)

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Sorry to say but this child is doomed with those parents. I would respond better to an ad of a young girl working hard and saving for her first Chanel bag.

    • cynkisskiss

      How is she doomed ? Shes just a baby shut up if north is “doomed” then most of the children are because the Kardashians and Kanye are just people with issues and money .they have money they can buy whatever they want with their blessings for their kid .

    • Marnie

      That’s such a sad thing to say about an innocent child. I pity you.

    • bradpeater757

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    • Agreed. North is going to be spoiled rotten, she’s going to grow up thinking she’s the Queen of the world. With all of the money her parents undeservedly earned by banging other people and each other, and now North is going to grow up like her mom and make her own nasty tape so even SHE can become famous too. Things aren’t looking too bright for North here, her fate will be doomed.

  • Sara

    I don’t feel this Like “coco” stuff

  • Sara

    Lagerfeld : we lost you!

  • Guest

    Poor kid. She is clearly going to have the wrong values from the start. I feel very sad for this innocent baby girl who will probably end up without an education and preening on a catwalk or in front of a television camera before she’s even old enough to drive. Her paternal grandmother was an educated woman who, alas, is no longer here to provide her wisdom and guidance. So this unfortunate child is left to the devices of her ridiculous parents and money grubbing maternal grandmother. I agree with the person who said that she’s doomed. She is.

    • Sue

      I agree. Well said.

  • Thelma

    I think it’s awesome that north have hers first bag as an Chanel bag. Chanel have so beautiful history that she can Chanel.

    • What’s so awesome about that? North is going to get spoiled rotten that everyone is going to be jealous of her. She gets to have all of these overpriced purses from mommy and daddy, while the other girls her age are forced to work 6 jobs just to buy one single purse. WOW. SO AWESOME.

  • Gina

    As much as I love Chanel, Kim featuring her daughter in this pic is disgusting. Especially given that she doesn’t even take care of the child. At all.

  • Guest

    I know this is just my opinion, but I’ve seen cuter babies

  • Guest

    really… if this kid was an ordinary kid she wouldn’t make it on any magazine

  • Kennedy

    U mama a ho
    When she grows up she can see her mama screwing a RayJ

  • ericadr

    So many vicious comments toward this sweet baby’s photo. She is not the first child born into privilege who will grow up being “spoiled” by having the finest things in life. People may not like her parents, but they have absolutely no bearing on any of our lives in a direct way. Hundreds of babies are models and featured in print ads, TV, movies, etc and none receive this type of vitriol. This is a beautiful photo of a beautiful baby, we should just appreciate it for what it is, & leave the rest. Who cares how her parents make their money? It doesn’t matter to me in the least & I find it so strange that people let themselves get worked up over Kanye/Kim/the Kardashians… to each his own