Does the title of this post shock you? Does it even mildly surprise you? And if it does, is it because you thought the Chanel Graffiti Backpack, a standout piece from the brand’s Spring 2014 runway collection, would cost more? Since the price of this piece was unearthed over the weekend, I’ve seen a couple of breathless posts from fashion sites about this bag’s extreme price tag, but it just doesn’t seem that extreme to me.

Yes, $3,400 is a lot of money for almost any handbag. Yes, the price stands in particular contrast to the grungy, DIY aesthetic of this particular bag. But Chanel is a brand that has made $30,000+ pearl-covered seashell minaudieres in the recent past, and it has a customer base that isn’t particularly price-conscious, especially when it comes to getting its collective hands on a very visible runway piece. Those Chanel Lego Clutches cost (start at, really) $10,000 and are constantly sold out everywhere.

Like the ridiculous Chanel Hula Hoop bag, this piece will likely disappear quickly off of store shelves and into the closets of Chanel completists, who will brandish it as though it’s the trophy result of a particularly fashionable hunt. For those customers, $3,400 is a drop in the bucket compared to what similar prize handbags cost, even if it’s a lot of money to most of the world.

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  • FashionableLena

    Wow. $3400 for what amounts to a graffiti Jansport backpack. But, I do agree with you. This price tag is no surprise, and let’s not forget the $9500 Chanel #5 perfume bottle bag. Now, that is on my dream handbag list.
    Even if money were no object, I doubt that I would purchase it. As much as I love an over-the-top handbag, this is too much even for me. I would also fear that my husband would throw it away thinking it was trash.

  • laura

    It’s an ugly backpack but, like you said, the price isn’t surprising, it’s Chanel after all. I can see this bag in a supermodel, someone like Cara Delevingne or maybe Miley Cyrus

  • citizenlen

    I swear I’ve seen this bag before! Oh yes the hobo at the subway was sporting the same one with his homemade gravy! Lol!

  • Wendy

    I think the purse is actually fair for Chanel. I have the perfume bag and will pay any price for something from Chanel I love ( many will too). Chanel, and many other high end labels, have to price items at certain price points so not everyone can have it. If it was priced too low, it would not attract the core Chanel clientele.

    • Or

      Wendy, its just a canvas backpack with 2 interlocking Cs – take pride in being part of the core chanel clientele

  • Williams

    Wendy, in the future your life will become more meaningful.

    • Avra Goldenblatt

      Brilliant. We all hope Wendy’s life will become more meaningful! her comments are just sad.

  • Maya

    Chanel or not, it’s still a crappy backpack that looks like, well…a crappy backpack!! Only word that comes to mind when looking at the price tag is…absurd!!!

  • Guest

    A fool and his money are soon parted….lol!

  • Blair Sylvester

    I am not upset by the cost but I am upset by how the bag looks. It is just so dingy and grungy and just looks sad to me when usually their bags look whimsical and eye catching

  • Not for my wife

    I would definitely separate from my partner if she ever spend my money for such kind of stupid over priced this particular bag collection.

  • kindled

    I am STILL wondering how those shell clutches open. Does anyone actually know?

  • JK

    Guys if you don’t understand luxury fashion brands and pricing, why are you here??? Wendy just explained it, and I don’t think anyone needs to become personal.

  • Marcus

    There are so many rich people around the world. I’m sure that the majority of these bags will end up in Asia and the Middle East.

  • Isabel Londono

    it is out of class for my taste ! my own classy chanel doble flip lambskin bag it is what CHANEL generally means. I understand how fashion-trend goes this days but we don’t have to follow and agree with it at all the times.

  • christina

    i am calling all chanel stores …can’t find it anywhere. Please anyone…where can i buy it from??they all tell me the same story ‘sold out’. anyone please???thanks

    • Shawna

      If still interested, I have 2 of them :) Bought the last 2 when they were available!