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  • Gigi

    Slide 20 is gorgeous!

    • Stefany Druckenmiller

      Agreed love the boy bag!

  • Lina Lee

    I really like love bag slide #25

  • Aly

    Love the rocket ship bag!!!

    • kemilia

      Me too! Clever with the chains hanging off the end.

    • Sparky

      Me three!!! VERY clever! I also like many of the other bags.

  • Chanel

    Am I the only person who cant stand nylon bags they just look so cheap to me unless its for the gym or something and I already know they’re about to be 2k+

  • LOLA

    Chanel is low-key trying to reintroduce the Coco Cocoon line….
    I think i like the Gabrielle.
    As usual, the clutches and mini bags are great. I’m waiting for the full collection.

    You should talk about the Loewe collection bags!:D

  • Maya


  • KloeF

    I actually like the clothes they are wearing much better than the bags.

  • i love the last chevron style one ???

  • MissDemeanor

    Watch the show it’s incredible. Looks like I’ll be breaking into the savings account!! The boots! The jewellery, the sparkles!! Can’t wait!! I buy more from the A/W than any bother season!! Show here >> https://www.facebook.com/chanel/videos/10155143167789235/

  • Choogamo64

    Love 2,7,16, 20,21,22 and 24

  • JanelleClayton.com

    The rocket bag is definitely my favorite from the show. I can’t wait to see it in person!!!

  • GH68

    The very long chains on the Gabrielle bags are weird, ugly and totally impractical. I tried one in store last week. It will be interesting to see how they sell …. The chain has to be slung across both shoulders.

  • Rashida

    I am not impressed

  • KO0926

    These bags are fugly! I for one am tired of seeing Brands think they can put anything out there and people are just going to go all ohhhhhh…. I’ve love it!!! Just because it’s Chanel. These bags look cheap. If you told me I had to carry one, you could not give them to me.