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  • AshleyG

    ummmm…. is she performing and there is like a Miley Cyrus, VMA Blurred Lines costume under that sweater??? Because otherwise… *deep sigh* I blame Justin Bieber…

    • dnfl

      lol what does justin beiber have anything to do with this

      • AshleyG

        LOL! Justin Bieber visited the Canadian Prime Minister wearing overalls- was a whole big mess about it!

  • Rosa Lily

    Was it an Easter egg hunt or Easter street walk?

  • Edia

    “omg shes so pretty, how do i not know her”
    *scrolls down*
    “OMG the boots…”

  • omg what …… i don’t have any words left

  • eyda

    no chanel bag can save that outfit

  • pam

    Going to the White House looking like a stripper. Have some class girl!

  • ReneeO

    Even Chanel can’t elevate that look. Not appropriate.

  • QuelleFromage

    Umm…wow, I am usually open-minded, but you wear those boots to the White House?!

  • K

    The top looks so cute then I clicked to see the whole look. Oh god why…..

  • Interesting post!

  • Keiah

    She’s a living Bratz doll – and I don’t mean that in a good way…

  • Jennifer

    She’s a Nickelodeon star, not Disney.

  • shueaddict

    she was told by her stylist that wearing a blue dress to the White house is a big no no

    • ivy

      What? Wearing a sweater and no pants is better than a blue dress?

  • Guest

    Utterly disrespectful! Instead of stylists, these “starlets” need an etiquette adviser. Put a damn skirt on, girl!

    • Guest

      And as for those whore-tastic boots: no words.

  • Ty

    If it makes you guys feel any better, she wore the bag with a less ratchet looking outfit lol

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    omyga she is so pretty, who is she?
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