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  • Janinevs

    And no 2 is exactly why I can’t bring myself to buy one, I see that bag and I think trashy Hollywood. Which is a shame as they are beautifull, I always fondle them when I’m in a Chanel store.

  • Karolynka

    I completely agree with you Amanda!! I dream of owning a large flap bag in tan or neutral…drooling :) that day, i won’t be walking.. I’ll fly with my CC.. lets just hope i won’t be too old before i can afford one..

  • Diane


    I love when you write these type of blogs! I get my husband to read them and then it is you who has talked him into the thought that I need this bag for my collection. Happy Spring!

    • Shelly

      Hahaha I do the exact same thing, I just sent this article to my boyfriend :)

  • Mochababe73

    Well, a teacher’s salary just doesn’t afford one to buy a Chanel. I have wanted one since I was a teenager, but I have just resigned myself to the fact that I won’t own one anytime soon. I haven’t had a credit card in 14 years, and I have no intention on putting myself in debt to purchase a handbag.
    It doesn’t mean that I have stopped my search to find an affordable one at a resale shop or estate sale.

    • mochababe73


    • lightdays

      Not necessarily true. Many people including myself either have no jobs or regular lower paying jobs and still bought a Chanel bag without being in debt. You just have to save up and put an amount of money aside each month. Save, save, save and you’ll have the bag.

      • Aimee

        agree with on that one ..no need to be rich to own that kind of bag.. Im not rich but I have one..if you want one save up!!!:))

      • Yani

        I agree, you just have to save $4 a day for 3 years than you can buy a chanel bag.

      • NAR

        When saving, it’s probably important to take into consideration the price increases that happen.

      • Ester

        I am a 22 year old university student. I am a year from being a elementary school teacher! I have always loved designer bags and have been collecting since I was 17. I come from a well off family and am very fortunate to have my parents pay for my schooling, car, insurance etc. But I work as well, from a young age my parents have installed the importance of saving in me. I have been working since 16, everything from Mcdonalds, clothing stores etc. I have a fairly good job now that pays well – for a student at least. I just bought my first Chanel Bag couple months ago, the Chanel 2.55 Jumbo! I promised myself I would treat myself when I complete my degree! I did not go in debt from purchasing a high end luxury item and I still have alot in the bank. If you love something you will find away to get it, saving money can do wonders for you! Anyone can own a designer bag – teacher or not. Saving is extremely important, and i’d much rather use my money on a Chanel Bag over going out each weekend and partying any day! Can’t wait to get more bags once I start teaching and I get my Masters in Education as well!

      • S

        Of course you think anyone can buy a Chanel when they don’t have any responsibilities. Most people who are in your position who pay their own college, car, insurance among other things would never have the $ to do this. Maybe when they are 40, and if they never have children.

      • Ashley

        What’s wrong with that? Her parents pay for basic needs, and she pays for luxury items. I’m in college too, and I don’t know a single kid who has to fend for themselves. The times have changed.

      • Fedup

        Oh Ashley, clearly you don’t know how hard it is when others are not as fortunate to have parents that aren’t selfish. My best friends and husband’s friends (including us) had to work extremely hard to earn money in order to pay for our own lunches, transportation or basic necessities because it was our way of life. Not sure if you really know the struggles of immigrant families.

      • S

        RIGHT, and what do you wear with your Chanel bag, when you are jobless?!! Your focus is just in the wrong direction.

      • baglover

        would you rather have food to eat or a chanel bag. People with no jobs should be buying what they need not what they want.

      • baglover

        The problem with saving for a
        chanel is that the price keeps increasing and when you can finally afford to buy the
        price it is today, it has increased by so much that you have to save up again.
        It’s a never ending cycle of saving. I reckon you bought it on your credit
        card and paid it off in years!

  • Dulce

    I have the marc jacobs quilted and it just isnt the same, I thought it would satisfy the craving I had for a classic flap but it did not, however, it made me spend a lot more money because the next month… I bought a classic flap bag! :) I love it! Thanks Marc Jacobs!

  • eorchid

    My immediate reaction to the title of the article, “you don’t have to tell ME that!”, because I’ve been dying for a flap (actually, a reissue flap) for a while now. Love this article, especially reason #1. Too bad I’m a grad student and will have to save my pennies for a while to get one!

  • ad

    ohhh.. they’re beautiful aren’t they? but i very much prefer the lambskin ones. they look far more luxurious than the caviar

  • CarolineLondon

    I’ve wanted one of these for years and still do.
    I daren’t go into a Chanel store or concession because I know I’d come out with one, and I can’t really afford it. I mean, it’s two grand on a HANDBAG! I have yet to break the 4-figure barrier. Some day though, some day *soon* at this rate!

  • Dania

    I want one so bad, I brought the half-moon woc to help me get through until I can afford the classic flap. I’m still not sure what size I will get when I do save enough to get it….

  • Tracy

    Better than Zoloft and a Martini as a mood stabilizer! Dressed up or down, timeless elegance.

  • Kelly

    …sending this to my boyfriend who thinks I’m crazy. He just simply thinks the prices are absurd – he doesn’t get the rational behind owning a classic, timeless piece.

  • rhea

    I agree they look very classic and I love the design, but they have become a way (at least in my group) for these girls to make a point to show off their status, hence I’m so over them. I don’t feel the need to show off how much I have (or don’t have). I don’t mind different ones, non-quilted, different chain etc but I find no individuality in being like everyone else. I picked up a non-classic gold one last week with great workmanship, can’t argue that they make them flawless. I also agree that classics are probably much better investment in terms of re-sell value, but I just refuse to carry one just because everyone else in my group has one. Not to put anyone off, they are gorgeous and make you feel great :)

  • debbie

    Love this purse! I got my daughter one when she turned 18 and she was hooked. It is now a birthday tradition:) But you are this is a great investment– the price did go up 6 months after I bought it. Better return than my 401K!!

  • Kate

    I’ve been wanting to purchase one for years so I opted for Louis Vuitton, they have online store. I’m finally convinced on getting one! There are no stores in our area that carries Chanel purses. Is there a legitimite sites that sells authentic ones? I know Nordstrom and Bloomingdales sells it on their stores but not online any suggestion where I can get them online.

    • lightdays

      You can order them via phone from the Chanel stores. Just locate any store here at: chanel.com. Call them up and ask if you can order which most likely you can order over the phone. Then they’ll ship it to you.


    that is so true
    i dream about having one since…mmm i was 3 probably!!
    bags are probably my favourite thing in the world
    but as a 15years old my lovely mum thinks it stupid spend so much money in bags
    (theory that she apply just with me because too young and she happly skip with her bags)
    steel keep dreaming :(

  • Kristen

    I have LV and Fendi, which I love, but I’m currently saving for a Chanel flap – I’ve been wanting one for awhile now, and I always end up buying slightly less expensive bags. No more!! I’m just going to wait a smidge and get this lovely lovely thing :)

    • lightdays

      I was like you. Into LV, Fendi, and Chanel. Now I’m all about Chanel and LV.

  • 19yearslater

    I love the way younger celebs wear classic flaps with boyfriend jeans, it’s a look that strangely works. Chanel’s not in the cards for me just yet but someday I want a red flap bag. These five reasons why posts are great.

  • carly

    with $2,000 there are SO many better things you could do… like donate it to a good charity?

    • Bailey

      Carly, most of the money you donate to charity goes to the ceo, workers, etc. While a bag is like carrying a piece of artwork, and holds up for a VERY, VERY long time. I agree on the fact that yes, you can buy many other things with that 2,000, like get out of debt (If you are in it,) savings, or you could get roughly three louisvuitton bags (depends on the bag, price, etc..)

  • papertiger

    totally agree with #3 :yes:

  • Sim

    Is the caviar better than the lambskin? I always thought that the lambskin looks better, more chic… But maybe it’s less durable?

    • lightdays

      Yes!!! Caviar is always more durable than the lambskin. In fact, caviar is more popular than lambskin jumbos. Everyone wants caviar. If you look around on tPF, more women bought the caviar flaps than the lambskin ones.

    • Scottsdale Kim

      I agree completely. I have three bags in lambskin and the dye wears off of the corners no matter how careful you are with the bag.

      Cavier is beautiful and far less stressful. i do have one exception, my Cerf tote has been at Chanel for months in repair because the dye rubbed off of numerous corners and it is less than a year old.

  • justa9url

    This post kills me because I already know…maybe I should show this to my boyfriend who obviously disagrees with me about bags. *sighs One day I’ll be a proud owner of a Chanel Flap Bag, the one with the original turnlock and not the CC even though the CC is more recognizable…something about being the original turnlock attracts me more.

  • gpc

    At 43 years old and it being my first Chanel purchase, it took me over a year to find the perfect one. At first I shyed away from the classic flap, but believe it or not, my final decision was a Maxi flap in the metallic grey. This color is unbelievable. I dress it up and down. I will own this forever and it will never go out of style. To make it even more special, it was my 20 year wedding anniversary gift from my husband.

  • Stacy

    I will have to remain in the third group. Just not a CC fan.

    • Pookie F. – (Stacy)

      (fb) – needed to add

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    I love Chanel bags and own them…but I am not a fan of the Flap.

  • Grace

    The classic flap is my one and only designer bag. It was a very special gift from my husband once he started working again after being laid off. It will always be special to me because of the thought and time my husband put in in finding the perfect bag for me.

    I have the black caviar leather, any suggestions as to how to clean it? The ladies at the CHANEL store weren’t very helpful. Thanks!

  • Glo

    You are so right!
    I hope one day to have one, my mom got me a $1000 gift card to Saks, so all I need to do is work on the rest of the money. One day I will own the bag…it’s like a key element to any fashionista’s wardrobe.

  • dohamallrat

    iwish there are Chanel bags for Men…………wish.

  • Celeste

    I want the pink one sooooooo bad…some day it will be mine :)

  • Vivre²

    Ok, i know, 2000$ is a lot, but I keep telling myself that it’s worth it, it’s a piece of art, I’ll never have to buy another bag when I have a 2.55 (ok, I will never have to buy a bag that expensive…)
    I really can’t afford one right now, but some day, I will.
    And just in case, I’ll send this article to my BF =)

  • Sofia Nolan

    I have one too, very practic and easy to use. It`s not authentic though, but it`s more than I`d ever wish for :)

  • Danielle Szikszai

    A chanel bag is passport to another era – timeless and elegant.

  • covertanjou

    I was planning on asking my husband to get me the classic black in lambskin for our 25th anniversary. I have wanted one of these bags forever. Now, I just have to wait till November!

  • Lulu

    Omg and here I thought I literally just convinced myself that I’m just gonna take this bag out of my head, until maybe I get married. Even though I can afford it to be honest, but of course I have some priorities here and there. Then I see this topic..and I’m like *SOB* now I want it all over again!

  • mary s

    gotta say i have never understood chanel…. its quilted leather…. umm, yes, and??? but there is never a good “and”?? at those prices the answer should be “it’s quilted leather and its completely hand made and hand quilted by one french maiden. the last stitch is finished on the night of her deflowering, and she kills the cow and tans the leather herself…” otherwise there is no reason for it, other than show off, i say use that money for Hermes or the cheaper LV bags.

    • Pookie F.

      LOL – great comment! and??…too funny. :) I agree with you 100%

      • Pookie F.


  • Idealist

    Great post! If any bag can be rationalized its definitely this one! Unfortunately @ $2000 minimum I still can’t afford it right @ this very moment, but that doesn’t mean I never will!

  • An4

    I always thought this was a granny-bag and all those who were “inspired” by it ruined it for me because you can see versions of the flap in pvc and other man made materials in every store, BUT then I saw a blue metallic flap and fell in love… so I’ll def. have it some day.

  • husband

    How do I get this blog taken down permanently due to crimes against husbands around the world??? My wife has forwarded this to all her friends, and now I’m getting all the heat from all the husbands!!!

    • The outcome is inevitable. She will get what she desires. Resistance is futile.

  • Alyson

    Proud owner of a classic Maxi flap which I bought second-hand.
    It’s good for the environment and the wallet!

  • gacats

    I finally bought a lambskin flap with gold hardware 2 years ago. It is classic, elegant and I deserve it. (fb)

    • Hi gacats…I purchased one in the late 90’s…it’s still beautiful. Enjoy your Chanel!

  • hlm89434

    A must have!!! (FB)

  • Sheryl

    This timeless piece will be in my possession one day. It will represent my hard work and success! Oh how I love thee <3 (fb)

  • Effie

    Because Chanel is timeless and beautiful, AND because every woman deserves a little luxury. The Chanel legacy has been around for so many years and it makes me feel good to be a part of it. (fb)

  • Pamela

    I really want one! I have a piggy bank just for that! (fb)

  • sarah lindborg

    so timeless and classy..this purse will never go out of style and the quality looks unbelivable…..this purse reminds me of something Grace Kelly or Jackie O would have…facebook

  • Cristina

    gorgeous and classic!! hopefully one day! :) (fb)

  • Katy

    Wow, this one I would love to have fb

  • Diane Stokes

    I would love to own this purse! (fb)

  • Lizzie

    I love this! One day I will own a Chanel bag… they are just classics and will never go out of style

  • Kim

    These bags are so gorgeous and timeless! I can’t imagine a time or place where carrying one of these wouldn’t make you look and feel immediately classy and pulled together. Now, if I could only finish up school and land an amazing job, I’d be all set to make one of these beauties mine, ha ha =) (fb)

  • Jenna

    I die for this bag. Someday… (fb)

  • Nessa

    well… you’ve easily convinced me to get one! lol (fb)

    seriously, though… Chanel flaps are classic and pretty much a staple for many fashionistas!

  • Amy

    I’d love to own one someday. (fb)

  • Susan

    I would LOVE to own a REAL channel bag.. but would be careful what i chose… some can look dated but with the event of “mad men” vintage is in… it would be great! But I would most likely bring it home and watch it admiringly from afar, it would be way to pretty to tote around! (fb)

  • Assiya

    ahh, it is in my wish list. One day I buy it! (fb)

  • cheerie

    Oh Chanel boutique how i love thee! I bought my best friend a pair of earrings from there. I have yet to make the money to get myself a lil something from there though! I do own a pair of shades which are my absolute favorite pair EvEr…. but a bag… sigh… someday!! (fb)

  • Jen

    Not too sure I dig these quilted things. Maybe when I am much older. (fb)

  • Lydia

    If I had to purchase any high end purse, it would be a Chanel flap purse. Others are too trendy or dated. This one will never be either. And imitations/inspired bags will never fully encapsulate the Chanel feeling or status. (fb)

  • Tahnee

    Wow, this was a very interesting post…..ever since the Hills, I’ve wanted a Chanel bag. If I had the money, i’d fork it over. You pay for quality! Haha…plus it’s nice to know not everybody will have your bag. I love Coach purses, but they are running rampant! lol I don’t like having the same things as everybody else. That’s just me, though! :) (fb)

  • Cynthia Frank

    I agree. If you’re spending the money, getr the original. So timeless and classic. Owning one would signify coming into adulthood…reaching success.
    A girl can dream, can’t she??

  • jonah

    I would love walking downtown wearing my Chanel bag, turning the heads of both men and women, causing them to wonder, does Chanel make man bags?as a guy i think its a privilege to own one..its the brand of all brands for me its been a big hit since the day i was born now that im in college i think i need to own one . a REAL one.

  • jonah

    I would love walking downtown wearing my Chanel bag, turning the heads of both men and women, causing them to wonder, does Chanel make man bags?as a guy i think its a privilege to own one..its the brand of all brands for me its been a big hit since the day i was born now that im in college i think i need to own one . a REAL one.(fb)

  • Rosanna

    Unfortunately I am a poor college student, but when I’m settled into a career, this will definitely be my first bag purchase! (fb)

  • Joyce

    i got one~ and i LOVE it. i don’t use it often tho. cuz i usually carry a lot of stuff. (fb)

  • troger

    I have one in white, It’s too up tight to use for everyday but I still love it!!!! : )

  • Veronia Allen

    All Chanel bags are beautiful, but pricy!! (fb)

  • robyn

    Beautiful…need I say more? (fb)

  • Linda Davis

    Thanks so much for this post! I’m on the wait list for one and have been waiting so long, I began questioning whether it was worth it. Now, I’m convinced it is. (fb)

  • Shine

    Chanel Flap bag had been in my wish list long time ago, the classic bag had been very ideal for me, like what you’ve said the pice is really high and i need to save some bucks before i can have this..but being practical as i am .. i am considering a pre owned bag. (fb)

  • Dawn

    It is beautiful although probably wouldn’t be a great every day bag for me since I carry everything including the kitchen sink in my bag. That is why I love my Linea Pelle Dylan tote. I can carry so much! (fb)

  • Yenli

    I want one so bad! (fb)

  • joana

    how i wish i can own one :( (fb)

  • Rachel Tiller

    Who wouldnt love a chahel… (fb)

  • Rachel

    hoping someday in the near future to purchase one…they seriously NEVER go our of style. (fb)

  • Kizzy Vatcharakomonphan

    You’ll regret it if you don’t own one.

    <3 Chanel

  • Maria

    I’m partial to the Chanel flap…my HG, though, is the Chanel diamond stitch tote!!! (fb)

  • Donna C.

    I have spending more and more time in the Chanel forum. The price is so high though and not sure I feel ok with spending that much money on a bag….the flap is beautiful and you don’t get much more classic than that. (fb)

  • Paulina

    Cannot wait to own one some day. (fb)

  • AimeeR

    My dream, to one day own a Chanel handbag…. (bf)

  • AY

    Love Chanel classic flaps!! They’re so timeless. (fb)

  • lynne

    I have one reissue ” crocs” , quilted black satin, size small, love it ! however, I think large or jumbo will be too big, won’t be cute at that size.

  • Jacelyn

    Have always wanted to get a Chanel. Hope someday I can earn my own keeps and buy one to pamper myself. :) (fb)

  • Moudane

    This is the bag that even when I was a child a wanted so bad …(fb)

  • sketchy

    Sorry I’m biased, but I don’t think there’s any other bag more beautiful than Chanel flap! Even though I’m also a fan of several other brands, there’s really nothing like a timeless flap… It really pulls your whole outfit together no matter you dress up or down! (fb)

  • Grace

    I would LOVE to own this bag! As soon as I graduate from college and get a real job, I will definitely look into it. (fb)

  • swags

    I’ve always thought this was a classic bag. Perfect for most occasions. I don’t care for the fact that so many trashier young celebs are carrying them. (fb)

  • Hannah

    chanel bags are classic and completely glamorous!!

  • Jasmine

    i have one in white and i aspire to own one in every colour possible! lol (fb)

  • Camille

    Classic and an investment bag – never out of style =) (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I want the lambskin medium size…I think the large is too big (fb)

  • Florence

    ultimate girly wish-to own a chanel purse-i wish, i wish, i wish!!!! (fb)

  • Re

    I don’t own any Chanel bags my Mom does. When I was younger, I always wanted to use them. Now, when I go out, it seems as though every bridge and tunnel girl has on a bandage skirt, platform heels and a Chanel flap bag.
    Waiting for this trend to be over so I can start borrowing my Mom’s! (fb)

  • Lilly P.

    This bag is so beautiful and so classic! (fb)

  • Deborah Curran

    I love this bag. It’s a classic and so elegant. Wish I had the money to buy a designer bag. (FB)

  • lockit838

    Brings out the elegance in me…It is a must have!!!!!! (FB)

  • Maren S. Bana-ag

    ooohhhhlalallala ah ilav it! sooooo elegant!!! really love it hope to have one! (FB)

  • Kathryn

    Absolutely a classic must-have!

  • Sue-ellen Brown

    (fb) love it but it is pricey…oh well..

  • Karren

    I have been saving up since waaaaay back to get one… sure hope I’d be at the end of the tunnel and finally own one… (fb)

  • Kathryn

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeee! (fb)

  • Rowie barnes

    It completes your wardrobe and anyone seen carrying this bag looks fab…(fb)

  • Mika

    how i wish i could have one before i turn 33.. ayayay w/ those price increase every 6 mos to a year.. waaaaaaaaaahhhh.. need to work double! (fb)

  • Deb

    I wasn’t a fan but you have convinced me!! (fb)

  • Roxanna

    oh how I long for the day when I can afford one! (fb)

  • Cara

    Someday I will have one – I remember seeing them on tv shows growing up and always wanting that look. My mom was not into fashion so it took year for me to figure out what it was – and that I need it so badly! (fb)

  • Karla

    Definitely on my wish list …. I don’t need to be convinced. LOL! (fb)

  • Julia

    Once a Chanel girl, always a Chanel girl. ^_^ (fb)

  • pursegirl

    It’s CHANEL….what other reason do you need (fb)

  • jonathanxaviertay

    love it. would definitely get it if im actually a girl!! lol (fb)

  • Hillary

    I just got my first chanel bag, the quilted flap bag!!! i’m in love, gonna be burried in it!!! <333 I saved up forever, and even took some of my college graduation money to buy it! (sshhhh, just between me and you, k?) But like The Purse Blog said, buy it now, cause the price isnt going anywhere but up!!! Plus its a classic that will always be in style! ;) (fb)

  • lora

    I just love it.but i still cant afford…(fb)

  • Kitti Laki

    wow. i kind of want one. (fb) Contest entry!

  • Jacqueline

    Yes! Everything you wrote was spot on!!!! I am happy I kept my vintages (fb)

  • Pat

    Classics never go out of style. ‘(fb)’

  • JJ

    If I had money to throw away (or found one dirt cheap second-hand), I’d be happy to own one, BUT, I would never save up for one. I couldn’t spend $2-3,000 on something so “simple” when there are so many other interesting and different bags out there for much less money. I’m very happy with my Marc Jacobs quilted Single with chain strap. I don’t need a bag to say “I’ve finally made it”! (fb)

    • lightdays

      Yeah I was like that when I saved up for the jumbo flap. I bought it and I thought, “This isn’t worth it. Now I’m broke and have no money left.” So I returned it and bought another Chanel bag for less than half the price of the jumbo. I was so much happier because I had over $1k in the end from returning the jumbo and getting a cheaper Chanel bag.

  • NamNam

    I’ll bought it someday when i graduate and get a nice paid job. . .

  • Jocelyn

    I own a CHANEL jumbo flap and I love how it can be worn with almost any outfit. It can hold a lot of items plus it truly has a beautiful timeless look to it! (fb)

  • Jennifer

    I don’t like the newer styles, they go out of style way too quickly for the price. I’d go with a classic style. (fb)

  • PhotoGirl

    You are preaching to the choir! :) This is the one iconic bag that I am saving for and I will happily throw the money down when the day finally arrives.

  • faith24

    i would to own one when i have money (fb)

  • toni canlas

    i think one reason why a lot of women covets a Chanel is because it is price-prohibitive!
    But the Chanel 2.55 is a classic! It is money well spent ‘(fb)’

  • Gelynn

    This bag is gorgeous!!! I love it! (fb)

  • hikarupanda

    I still love the look of Chanel flaps, but the price increase vs quality keeps going down is the exact reason why I stop buying Chanel….in 2005, the reissue first came out and my 226 was “only” $1995, in 2006 the caviar jumbo was like $1650….the high price nowadays made me feel like a total rip off, especially when quality is going down. I also… See More think that it’s silly to buy a bag so that u can feel like being in a special sorority on campus….I don’t mind spending that kinda money on bags, but ONLY buy it if you love it, it works for ur lifestyle (so it doesn’t end up sitting in ur closet), and you know the quality will stand the test of time (unlike the metallic reissue which has dye coming off in just a couple of years!) (fb)

  • Q

    Because it’s worth the money (fb)

  • ceejay

    amazing (fb)

  • satany_caftan

    I would move in with my sister and live in one room with her her for one of these beauties (fb)

  • Jenny

    I would love to own one someday!! (fb)

  • ginfred

    I love the bag! Timeless and classy! ‘(fb)’

  • Mhairi Graham

    They are absolutely stunning and I couldn’t agree more with your point about signalling that you have ‘grown up’ fashion wise. I never really liked these bags in my youth but I’ve really come to appreciate the timeless looks. And your point about prices always going up stuck a chord too..maybe this year should finally be the year when I take the plunge! (fb)

  • Beth

    *sigh* One day. One day I’ll have one. Not now unfortunately. My bank would object very loudly. Stupid bank. Ruining all my fun. (fb)

  • YinFong

    I LOVE Chanel’s flap bag!! Glamarous and gorgeous ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Crystin Jean

    How can anyone think they’re traditional and played out? Yes they’re CLASSIC. Classic, chic, and beautiful! (fb)

  • ginny

    timeless piece
    I guess since I can’t get my hands on one yet, i’ll try to run my fingernails through one to see how tough they really are. haha (fb)

  • Sofia

    Am wondering when it is going to be a give away :D (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    It is like a dream bag…THE dream bag. One I doubt I will ever manage to buy, but it is still a nice dream !

  • kellie wilson

    I agree that the classic flap is simply that..classic. I actually bought a pink classic flap a few years ago but I found it was soooo small inside that I had to cram my things in it and then it distorted the look of the purse from the outside so I ending up having to sell it. I thought the bag was beautiful but I really don’t regret my decision. (fb)

  • geraldine

    dream bag is right! i ‘m in love with the one in white (fb)

  • courtney

    Point number One is how I talked my husband into buying me one for Christmas three years ago. So glad that I did! (FB)

  • Kathrine

    It’s true. I bought Chanel 2.55 when I was17 because I wanted something that was timeless and I love the style of it. (fb)

  • Deborah Smith Spivey

    Because I don’t have one YET!!!!!!!!!!!! (fb)

  • Eliana

    so beautiful and so timeless (fb)

  • Emily

    so beautiula and classic (fb)

  • karinnska

    I would like a quilted flap bag, but the Chanel cachet isn’t important to me at this time.(fb)

  • Lydia M

    Because it’s a MUST! ;) (fb)

  • Sheila

    One of my dream bags that I know I’ll never be able to buy! so gorgeous and classy! It will be around forever! (fb)

  • Marilyn

    i love this bag!!!! I would love to own one!!! (fb)

  • Anika

    I want one so badly! I’m still young… Maybe one day… (fb)

  • amanda

    it’s classic, no doubt, so beautiful! (fb)

  • Sandy Flores

    Gosh! If I have this bag, I’d be confident wearing any outfit! (fb)

  • Cate

    love love love it! Those are some compelling reasons (fb)

  • dr.huni

    I think its exclusivity has gone down. And is becoming main stream.
    I hate watching the girls on The Hills wear classic pieces when they have no sense of style.
    Every thing is a brand, head to toe.
    Gives cali girls a bad name… Even tho I’m from nyc :P hehe

  • Charlene

    I’m dying to have a Jumbo Caviar Flap. I’m still saving for it though. It’s such a big purchase, but i bet that it’s worth it. I had the medium lambskin flap before, and I sold it. Now, I’m in deep regret. I gotta have the Jumbo Caviar flap before the price increase again!!

  • Amanda

    It’s not the money that matters to me, but I find Chanel so not my style, that’s why I have yet to convince myself that I need one.(fb)

  • Denise

    It’s a dream to own one, currently saving up to get one of my own!

  • Claire

    I don’t think the rest of my clothes, lifestyle, etc. would match a Chanel bag. Maybe when I’m older (and I’m not that young!!!) (fb)

  • Karen

    Love Chanel, don’t own a simgle Chanel anything though, beyond a nail polish! One day.

  • Jen


  • Lily

    love love love this bag… my best friend and i have the goal of buying a chanel flap bag for our 30th bdays! (fb)

  • Andjaidy

    I just have one reason… Just want to own one!!!

  • Tamee

    Because classic is classic! (fb)

  • JennMSU

    Almost done w/ my Masters. When I’m done, Chanel here I come! So fabulous. (fb)

  • kimmy B

    I would love to buy another CC, but I’m not sure which one to get! I want them all (FB)

  • Kate

    I have the mini and I want the jumbo soooo badly, the lambskin is definitely not worth the money I have a wallet made of lambskin and it wears poorly.


  • Valentina

    Really good five reasons… but I’m not sure I have reasons, I just want them all :( (fb)

  • Katrina Bowers

    THis is my dream bag….so classic….so ME! (fb)

  • Shirley Ma

    This is definitely one of my dream bags.
    I can’t help but wait, I’m a poor student :(

  • Tiff Chao

    Very pretty bag. (fb)

  • Joy

    I love Chanel. Timeless. But, I’m a poor grad student. (fb)

  • Brenda Cervantes

    I’m dying for a Chanel. I own a couple of LV’s, Dior and Gucci, and have always wanted a Chanel, but I never know what style to get. I’m torn between a Classic style like this or something a little trendier but I guess for me first Chanel, I should go classic. I am hopefully getting one for my MBA graduation. (fb)

  • Marilyn

    I love the classic style — it looks especially fabulous when you’re wearing clothes that are totally NOT classic. (fb)

  • Jessica

    I’m dying to get some chanel bags! but not really in the budget of a college student :/ (fb)

  • Shannon Baker

    I can’t afford this bag, but have always wanted one! Kate spade made a beautiful quilted bag that i may get becaus4e of this Chanel bag.


  • Sher77

    I have several Chanel bags, I’ve collected for a long time. My very favorites are the classic 2.55 flap bags, for sure. The history of the bag is interesting. My go to bag is usually the black caviar jumbo with silver hardware. It is literally a work horse bag. Never over done, for any ocassion. I love, love the look and feel of the lambskin, but it isn’t as durable.

  • Kayla

    Fabulous, one of the most iconic bags ever. (FB)

  • theresa

    Sorry they ae just overpriced for what they are and I am one of those individuals who does not care what celebrities, royals, or reality stars carry. Them spending 2K on a bag is like me spending 5$ on a bag relative to income. :)

    To charge over 2 grand for a handbag is robbery and I won’t fall for it. Yes it is well made and iconic but there are lots of well made handbags out there for 25% the price. Chanel just overcharges as they have convinced the masses that the bags are “worth it” ditto Hermes. If you knew the actual cost to make the bag the profit margins would sicken you trust me (from a gal who knows) :)

  • Lynn

    Love it! *sigh* The stuff that dreams are made of! (fb)

  • Ann

    I’m not a Chanel fan, just don’t like the design and would certainly not be able to pay that kind of money for a bag (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    Ok, now i’m dying to get my hands on one. They’re pretty in photos even better in person and brings so much class to an outfit. Instant fashion points for its owner. le sigh… to be able to afford one (fb)

  • Debbie

    Not a big fan of Chanel and would rather spend the money on something else. (fb)

  • Patricia

    I’m thinking of getting one on my 25th bday (next year).. maybe i should start saving! :D (fb)

  • Mai Thao

    I love this.. I want it so bad!

  • Joy

    always wanted one! not black of course, cause theres so many other beautiful colours

  • madz

    … it’s my happiness! chanel flap transcends generations of trends… uber fab! it can make you feel like you’re the most beautiful girl in the world… even in your most distressed outfit! =) (fb)

  • hannah

    i’ve been aiming for one… hopefully i’ll get it sooner than later. the price tag is steep though. shd go to Paris to buy, that’s the cheapest place to get (fb)

  • Molly

    Beautiful, but at that price I would never want to use it!

  • Lily

    My dream is to own one!! I love the classic AND classy look of a Chanel Flap Bag! (fb)

  • Al

    Respectively all terrible reasons. Ew, number two is turning me away from my love for CHANEL. If I see one more young starlet with one (LC and Tisdale, I’m looking at you), I will surely sell my entire collection. What’s the point of paying $3k for a handbag everyone already owns even though I truly love the classics and always will!

  • Nola

    Bore me later. These bags are a big YAWN and the quilted pattern looks like the upholstery in a diner.

  • nenie anggrayni

    its adorable….as always ;)

  • goldie

    ah, I would die for this bag! (fb)

  • Cherul

    timeless beauty!aww,i would like one in black caviar pls~(fb)

  • liz

    love it,
    but why would i want to look rich, when I’m really not?
    And if you have to rationalize the price so much, that means it’s above your means.
    I am happy to live within my means and buy the best bag that i can afford

    • lyd

      thank you for your comment- really made me stop and think about it, so I really had to thank you for that.

      and yes. it’s beautiful, but it is just a….bag.

    • Segundo B

      I agree!

    • babette

      People don’t really assume you are rich just because you carry a handbag that might be expensive. Most people understand the concept of gifts and also there are so many pirated/fake Chanels around, maybe they would think you were carrying a fake.

    • Kyh74

      It’s not because you carry high end designer bags means you wanted to look rich..It’s a matter of taste.Some people just want to buy something which,for them is worth keeping in the long run even if it cost them thousand bucks..Bottomline,you never argue with taste

      • Cathy

        I agree! I’ve dropped so much money over the years on “moment” bags that I just hope to use, again. Basically, it’s like deadstock purses. I should’ve just taken the plunge and purchased the 2.55.

      • brianF

        Well, in CHINA, many of hookers carry those crazy expensive Chanel bags. I presume they don’t have taste, but they wanted seen as a rich women or simply they wanted to carry something everyone can recognise a BAG.
        You guys better think about the quality and must know that you are not spending your precious money for the quality but spending for stupid designers name!!! Wake up girls!!!

      • Jana Childres LeBlanc

        Yep – decided years ago just to buy forever classic bags like the Chanel Classic Flap. I don’t even receive Coach coupons anymore because I stopped buying new Coach bags every season. I don’t regret that decision.

  • Joyce

    It’s such a timeless beauty, perfect match with any outfits! Be it glamorous or rugged or feminine… worth every penny to own this piece of art!

  • Yvonne

    I would love to own one… But as a gift please! Advance thanks to hubby =) (fb)

  • Shine

    i am going crazy wondering how can i have this flap bag, my friend have one and i am very jealous, she had scoliosis and doctors advice her that refrain from using shoulder bags hahaha!!! I plan to suggest that she sell it to me, dont care its if pre owned at least authentic(fb)

  • Joyce

    It’s such a timeless beauty, perfect match with any outfits! Be it glamorous or rugged or feminine… worth every penny to own this piece of art! (fb)

  • kotani

    I would love to own a chanel outlet..www.handbag-bags.com.

  • ad

    i only need this bag in 3colours, red,cream and black. thats all that i need. :P (fb)

  • Helena

    even a used 2.55 is above my range (snif) and (fb)

  • christian

    I HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!!!! It is my most prized possession. Honestly, a lot of people are quite judgmental when they know how much you spent on a bag, but it is such amazing quality and i have wanted a chanel bag for so long, it is so amazing so who cares what anybody else says. But all of my friends are extremely jealous, and plus when one of your friends has a fake imitation one and you are out with them with the real one – it is a damn nice feeling haha. I advise you to buy one. It is black and gorgeoussssssssssss.

  • christian

    oh and by the way did i say that i am 17.

  • MichelleC

    I’ve already own 2 of chanel handbags. My next aim is to own this classic flap bag. The self satisfaction n confident is there when you carry chanel bag. Will work hard to own this dream bag…… =o)

  • Joseph

    I have a large classic flap and I LOVE IT. I flew all the way to florida to purchase one. I live in the Bahamas and we don’t sell Chanel over here just Gucci and Fendi. My mantra you only live once so if you love it and can afford it buy it.

    I just decided to cut out buying lunch instead take lunch and limit eating out to twice a month that way I could afford the bag and lose weight in the process so I look slick with my new bag.

    I love my Chanel and get compliments all day long

  • Linda

    Careful there! I wouldn’t want to see you run your fingernails on their lambskin leather bags!!!

  • Cora Coomber

    I’m in category one. I’ve dreamed of one for years. I wish I could afford one. (fb)

  • Nikki

    This is one of the bags I want to own! If only it isn’t so expensive. (fb)

  • gaganao
  • luvluxx

    I’d love to own one…hopefully sooner

  • Kimberly

    One day! (fb)

  • nur

    anybody know how much Chanel classic flap bag selling price in uk…

  • Jen

    For my 21st :) Hello Chanel next year!

  • Shine

    Owning a chanel flap bag will be a dream come true for me(fb)

  • Latifa

    What I really like about the bag is not the fact that everyone is carrying it or because it gives you off as an important or rich person (cuz almost anyone could save for one, no matter how long it takes), it is the fact that it is a classic and never goes out of style, so it’s worth your money!!
    You can buy a bag that is seasonal for less but the next season it’s out the doors and you will have to sell it or not wear it as much. This is the case with all new seasonal bags that I have and that is why I started to only buy classic bags like the Chanel one, the Birkin, the Lady Dior, and many others.
    :) J’adore Chanel

    • Beatrice

      Can’t agree more, I like classic as well…

      • Merve

        Couldnt agree more

  • Linda

    How much is the medium 2.55 going for now? Everyone is saying it’s expensive but how expensive is it?

  • Beatrice

    it is sarcastically that i sell a lot of branded bags, but I don’t have one.
    I loves bags, but wherever I go, I only take a normal plain wallets to keep cash and cards in there.

  • Kim

    I am going to own a Chanel flap one day!! (fb)

  • IVY

    oh my god, so true. i love this article.

  • Becca

    I used to want one so badly…now I’m kinda over seeing them everywhere. I predict the style will die a slow death amongst people with more unique and personal style!

  • Tiff Chao

    Chanel=Classic (fb)

  • Christina

    Follow me on http://twitter.com/MyFtips for fashion tips and advice.

  • Hilda

    Chanel bag is one of the classic and elegant bag i wanna have.it is really beautiful and stand out among other bags.(fb)

  • Steph

    I’m saving to buy one, i just called and it costs 2255$CND in Canada for the small classic one. Is there anyone who can tell me how much it costs in the States?

    • Jfad

      was at a store abt 2 weeks ago, the XL was around $3600.++

      • Nimue

        I was at the Chanel store yesterday. The one smaller than the jumbo in black caviar is $2950.00. I like this size since I am petite. I’d love to have it in another color, not black. Yes, I am a New Yorker but I like my handbags in vibrant colors such as red and orange and not in black. Unfortunately, right now, Chanel NYC boutique carries the flap bags only in black. The sales person told me that the colors of the leather as well as the chain usually got recycled and/or rotated every six months or so. I will wait for the right color (sigh) even if it’ll cost me $500 more.

        Like a Bottega Veneta bag, Chanel flap bag is still lined in leather and yes, the bag has a lot of details that are hand finished.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not my favorite (fb)

  • MarvelGirl

    I own quite a few Chanel classic flaps as well as seasonal styles and love them all dearly! I, like many here, feel that it is THE MOST elegantly chic and timeless bag that one can be blessed enough to own. If you must save for one, I think it is a fine idea as it will never go out of style. Chanel and Bottega Veneta are my favorites. Classic, Timeless, Elegant.

  • jenny


  • kseniya

    вы заебали мои коменты удалять!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    тут для того и написано “добавить комментарий”!!!!!

    • Kalinka

      Smeshnaya tu. A shto tu bila napisala?

  • Zachry Christ

    I have an XL and I love it.

  • Ciara

    I’m asking a friend who’s going to Paris next month to buy for me a Chanel Classic Flag Jumbo size (12″x8″x3″) caviar beidge color with silver chain. Can anyone advise me the price and the model no of the bag. Thks!

  • Jen

    its not true that caviar leather and the bag is indestructible! Really rubbish. My Jumbo Caviar bought from Paris Flagship store already has few stripes across the center of the quilting block because the quilting material inside kind of sink in. It makes the bag look older than its actual age. Quality isnt as good as yrs ago. Lambskin is fine though

    • Jennifer

      HI, how much did you pay for your Jumbo Caviar in paris? I planning to get one and thought it might be cheaper to get it there. Thanks

  • Nika

    I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fb)

  • Chihuahua MaMa

    IMO only invest your $ in Classic 2.55 cus it is going up in $ over times. The style is timeless, and $ is going up…. need me to say more? =^^=

  • faith24

    one bag i would definitely not regret splurging on (fb)

  • April

    I love wearing this bag with jeans and flats, but woul trade for one with silver hardware.

  • lightdays

    FYI, the jumbos, caviar and lamskin are over $3k. The $2k one is the classic mini flap which I own and LOVE!

    • lightdays

      I meant FYI everyone that are posting the comments.

  • jenny

    I think is going up because people are willing to pay more like the real estate market years ago people was buying and paying whatever sum of money. Chanel will increase prices because they have people who pay whatever price.

  • April


    I’m thinking about selling my lambskin flap with gold hardware. I purchased it at the Chanel counter at Bloomingdales when I lived in Manhattan. I’m living in the country now and have not used it for years. I can’t decide. What would you do?

    • Buyer

      sell it or give it away?
      put me on the top of your list if you’re doing any of the two options above. :)

    • Ljubica

      You should sell it!
      how much do you want for it?

  • M.L.

    I finally bought one a week ago, i got the Medium size classic flap in caviar leather silver chains.. I didnt get the large one even if its $200-300 difference . Like the versatility of it, can be use as evening bag and can be everyday use. Everytime i wear it,, it feels Im on top of the world!! Im loving it…..very classy and CLASSIC….;)

  • Misha

    i’m a very practical person and like to buy items that doesn’t fade in time stylewise. of all the designer bags, chanel flap bag fits all of my requirements. it’s stylish, classic and will never go out of style. it’s expensive, but for me, it’s worth it. i have a louis vuitton, but even since i got my chanel black caviar maxi with gold hardware, i use it wherever i go, day and night. it’s a beautiful bag. you’ll never regret owning one.

  • Leather Jackets Manufacturer

    I don’t like this one but i wonder to see the number of comments on this article. I am surprised.

  • princess stitch

    I’ve been dreaming of owning a Chanel flap bag like 10 years ago, and have been starry-eyed when i see the 2 Chanel pieces my friend owns (2.55 white lamb and a jumbo flap in black)..up to the point I keep reading magazines and imagining one in front of me!

    Now that my friend really helped to buy one from me in Paris yesterday (classic caviar medium)… i somewhat feel very guilty for making such a splurge. Should I keep or not keep it?

  • KellyX

    I am intending to get myself my first chanel, and have been having a hard time with the decision on the colors.

    I loveeee the flap in red, but I thought a “safe” color would be a better choice for a first?

    Black or Beige, I can’t decide..Any opinions??

    • LYNN

      Hi Kelly,

      I’m thinking of getting one myself. It’s gonna cost me a bomb!! The calf skin classic is slighly cheaper than the lamb skin classic

      I like the pink classic in medium size but it’s not available in Kuala Lumpur. The beige looks good too.

      Black? In my opinion too conventional.


  • Kate

    Hi guys,
    I bought (pretty much I snapped) a Chanel GHW Jumbo Caviar classic flap in Black from Saks (their only and last one) in New Orleans after an eternity of waiting in several waiting lists and I paid around $3294 for it. However, my boyfriend got me a red jumbo one as a “I’m sorry for being an ass lately” gift. I know there is a demand out there for jumbo black flap (Chanel is really good at making it unbelievably unavailable and limited), and I’m looking at a trip oversea, so I am willing to sell it if anyone is interested. Brand new, never been used, still in the box with card and dust bag. I took it out like twice just to look at and show my boyfriend.
    If anyone is interested, please let me know and email me at kdcherryblossoms@yahoo.com
    I’m in Louisiana, USA by the way.

    • Amy

      Hi Kate

      I notice this was posted 3 years ago…just wondering if it’s still available? Thanks

  • Caroline

    I want the chanel classic flap bag too but I am 17 and I still dont know if its convenient for me. My father says that chanel handbags are only for old women, so Im not sure. Maybe i’d buy the other color like white, red or purple. In november I go to London and there is a beautiful channel shop on bond street so I have to make a decision. I need advice. Thanks

  • belgianyen

    Hi again! You truly have persuaded me! :)
    I reckon after 3 LVs, a Gucci, a MiuMiu, a Prada, a Burberry, 3 Bottega Venetas, a few Balenciagas…..it’s time for me to welcome a Chloé and a Chanel in my purse closet. :)

  • luvluvchanel

    just bought a maxi! luv it to pieces!!!

  • Magoo

    Exactly! I agree with you Amanda. This what I had in my mind when I bought mine in Rome :) Girls,its worth it! Every woman in this world should have a Chanel flap no matter what size :)

    • iceshaker

      How much did you get yours in rome?

      I heard that there is a shortage of Chanel Classic Flap in Paris and the prices just went up worldwide!

  • Flutterby

    Hi all, I just bought a jumbo lambskin recently in Paris and I am so loving it! The price has slightly gone up!

  • kelliesha

    drool…muz have!!!!

  • Giggles

    Next week finally i get to buy my first chanel in paris!!! Soooo excited! I’m definitely getting the caviar classic flap large – preferably silver chain. Can’t wait!

  • JEN

    I actually prefer the wallets on a chain by Chanel. A flap bag, maybe one day but just having a nice wallet on a chain with the beautiful metal chain is so nice! Dress it up and down, it’s so universal!

  • Catherine

    such a classic bag! i found mine gently used on shopbellabag.com

  • JEAN

    I live in Thailand, and everybody seems to be carrying them around. Chanel now looks not as prestigious because I would see about 7 people carrying the same bag, and I am just totally over it.

    • MaximizeThis

      Are you sure they’re all real?

    • Purses

      Because all fake. In Asia channel, LV, Burberry and branded bags
      You could buy at $5 it’s depends the grade

      • bags

        Not all are fake. I agree lots of fake are made there but Asia is currently the biggest market for luxury item. In Paris , i have seen plenty of Asian tourist splurging on Champs Elysees luxury stores. For them it s a symbol of status.

      • idgafaboutyouropinion

        i’m not even surprised. i heard that’s where most of the companies that replicate brand names are located.

  • Tilly Bee

    I LOVE mine, she’s red. Her name is Coco and she is my favourite bag.
    The only thing not fair about my Coco is that in the Australian town that I live in most people have no idea of her value and class. Silly ignorant people. :)

    • Coco

      Because you are one idiot to have it in Australia, where everyone does not care what you carry or wear.

      • Clare

        Excuse me? Bit of a generalisation saying that everyone in Australia doesn’t care what you carry or wear..

  • suzy

    beautiful collection i love it.

  • Carolina

    Mine is black, I call her little COCO because I also have a big one, I love, love both of them!!

  • Melissa

    I just purchased my very first Chanel Classic Flap Bag today at Chanel :D I bought the black medium size bag for $3,675.00 (around there including tax). Where I live, not much people wear Chanel but everyone seems to have Louis Vuitton and Gucci. I have many Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry and Coach handbags but I’m so excited and proud to own a Chanel bag becuase it’s been something that I’ve always wanted for a few years now. I purchased it for myself as a graduation gift! While my boyfriend watched me in awe… YAY :)

    • Naomi

      Never dreamed that I would own something designed by the legendary Coco….but just returned from my first trip to Paris and London and returned with the black classic. I must admit that a tear of disbelief came to my eye when my husband asked if that was the one. It was a diamond or Chanel for my 40th anniversary gift. I know I made the right choice.

  • Jan

    I am a retired F/A and flew Paris in the 80’s. Finally decided to purchasse one in 86 But it was over 800 and just couldn’t do it! Retired in 90 and went in to purchase my classic flap, but it was up to over 1200. Still couldn’t do it! Diagnosed with a cancer in 04 and put it on my bucket list. I’m fine now and so are my 1/2 doz bags! Should have done it years ago!!!

    • Toya

      Thats right Jan!
      Live life honey! God Bless You!

    • idgafaboutyouropinion

      OMG I WISH IT WAS STILL $800 !!!!! NOW IT’S ALMOST $5000 :(

    • S

      Good for you for finally doing what you want. My thing about this is though, if you bought that one in the 80’s would you still be using it now? I bet not. Chanel or not, fashion changes, tastes change, lifestyles change.

      • hermesboy

        actually yes, Chanel Classic Flap had remained the same throughout the years. My grandmother used to travel a lot to the Europe and started collecting Classic Flaps in different sizes, different hardwares and leathers and now they are like treasures for both my sisters. and they still love it. Quality-wise it is also better as it is more durable compared to those that are made recently. imho

  • jane van

    Just purchased the chanel maxi flap in black cavier in nyc, can’t decide if i should keep it or return for large size. which is more classic, the maxi or the large???

  • Kat

    It is truly a classic and I would love, love, love to own one, but it’s not my ultimate dream hand bag. That will always be the Bottega Veneta Cabat. I just find 2.55 a little too formal and serious for my personal style. (ipad)

  • Marivi

    i would spend the money on one (or 10) in a heart beat if I had it =/ (ipad)

    if i buy one it may have to be on credit and idk if thats a good idea…credit cards are deadly!

  • sharebear

    I love chanel, just got my first jumbo classic flap in caviar.
    I am eyeing the chanel classic flap from cruise collection but not sure how durable is grained calfskin leather compared to caviar. Anyone knows? (iPad)

    • Briana

      Hey guys I’m going to NYC next month and I want to buy the classic flap medium in caviar, anyone know how much it will be?

  • beanyce126

    ok im convince when i hit 30 thats my gift for myself. (ipad)

    • idgafaboutyouropinion


  • XY

    Hey, does anyone know how much the Chanel classic flap medium cost in US?
    Even better if you know how much it is in Guam.. Thanks

  • igoihappy

    chanel flap bag chanel flap bag

  • CC

    Just bought my chanel flap bag lambskin in medium. Was 2700 euro , precisely in Vienna, Austria

  • rose60610

    I purchased the classic lambskin flap in 1998 from Neiman Marcus for around $1600. I love it to this day. I question how much I could get for it if I decided to sell it (it’s in perfect condition). A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Mademoiselle bag in black patent quilt with the classic leather and silver chain with patent leather handles. It was $2700 in the Chanel store in Michigan Ave. It’s so pretty.

  • yunice

    haha ok, honestly speaking i dont know if i will ever even be able to own one. this bag is clearly the only bag i fantasize having, but it is extremely expensive for me.at this time. when i went to the chanel store to ask how much they were, i literally couldnt breath for at least 30 seconds, i had to catch my breath outside of the chanel store because i know it be a long time before i could afford this… im hoping that one day i will be able to own one but as of right now it is something that i will always daydream of having.

  • Jes

    I can never believed it myself, I bought 3 Chanel bag in a month! A vintage Chanel, a Chanel Maxi Jumbo in Caviar and a Baby Chanel. Ask me if I regretted? NO. I cant get my hand off them!!!
    I usually dont splurge on luxury bag, but once I started with the Chanel bag, I just fall in love with it. Hello, any CURE?

  • Kate

    I love to pull out my black jumbo caviar with gold hardware and just stare at it. I love it so much.

  • Dolly

    which part of Europe ischeaper to buy chanel bag

    • Amanda

      Ireland for sure!

  • Lyndi

    My brother bought Chanel flap bag for my mom, she thought she’s too old to carry that, pass it to my niece, she thought she’s too young to carry that….so it landed in my closet now…hippie! Love the bag, aint i lucky? I promised my niece i’ll pass it back to her when she’s older..

  • Brenda sim

    can decide which size to own jumbo or maxi jumbo? Any idea anyone?

  • Brenda sim

    can decide which size to own jumbo or maxi jumbo? Any idea anyone?

  • annie

    I wish someone would buy me one? one bag probably equal two month paycheck for me :(

  • Zara

    i would like to buy the Jumbo Flap in Red Caviar but currently no more in the boutique.  Should i wait or take the black one instead? please advise.

    • Arnav

      I say wait, there’s no point in spending that much on something that isn’t EXACTLY how you want it :)

      • Mscook

        I agree get the one your heart really want.

  • Jennifer Wintroub

    Amanda- I am 24 years old (25 end of July) and work my ass off – 3 jobs to be exact.  I always promised myself that as soon as I can afford it I am buying myself the chanel classic black small caviar bag.  Well…I have waited and waited, and like you said it’s gone up.  The purse is now $4400.  I don’t know what to do.  A part of me says do it now before my life gets tougher and I have kids and a mortgage, or dont do it now or never bc spending that much is nauseating.  WHAT DO YOU THINK??  I NEED YOUR ADVICE!!  (btw I agree with everything you said – I just need the final push)

    • A. Ali

      You should not spend your life savings for a hand bag. 3 jobs sounds like money is tight and you never know when a rainy day will come along. Chanel bags are not ‘starters’ – why don’t you purchase a Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton bag instead. That way you have a really nice designer bag and are not breaking the bank. Just my two cents – in the end everyone is different. If you have wealthy parents that will help out on a rainy day – then that is an entirely different story ;)

      • Loula

        There is a problem with buying a Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton bag instead. After she gets it she will still be lusting for a Chanel. At the end she will end up paying for two bags.

      • Mscook

        so true, I did just that when I want a louis vuitton, ended up spending more money because I did want pay the price. Save up and get the bag you really want. Up will always end up paying more for something you truly want if you don’t get it and settle for something else. My advise would be get a wallet, then go for the bag later.

      • Vanessa

        I recently went to buy a wallet on chain and it’s sold so I bought a wallet and a separate chain, so. I can wear the chain separately and as a bag also – any thoughts on this

      • naknak

        I just got back from Paris 3 days ago june-2014. I can’t believe the classic flap bag in beige caviar with gold chain in size medium is almost $5,000! and sold out too! I had to go to 4 different boutiques to find my true love lol. First stop was the original chanel boutique at the 31 rue cambon, they only have the jumbo in beige with silver chain, then we stop at Gallery Lafayette, they sold out too, 3rd stop we went to Le Pringtemp also sold out, the lady was nice enough to help locate the beige in medium (we call it medium, they call it large and they come only in 2 sizes, medium/large & jumbo in beige color). 4th stop was at the famous street where all the celebrities go for their high end shopping at 51, avenue Montaigne. All i can say was WOW. I didn’t expect to buy anything after I found out the price from the first boutique but end up walked away with 2 Chanel bags!! one for me the beige classic flap bag, and the WOC for my daughter since it is her 16th birthday. My first chanel classic bag was only $1,000 17yrs ago luckily it is still in mint condition I barely use it and the plated gold chain the color last forever. My husband end up bought us 4 bags, 2 LV and 2 chanel for daughter & happy mama.

    • Marjan

      Did you buy the bag?? How much did it cost??

    • tammy

      DO it you only live once and if you have daughters or daughter in laws you can pass it on

    • sha

      get a pre-owned, cheaper.

    • life

      Though there’s nothing wrong in getting a Chanel bag, the reason to buy and the value placed on the bag matters significantly. It reveals one’s psychological needs.

      If you find yourself thinking excessively about it despite having tight finances, it will be good to rethink and reflect on how you can achieve constant stream of satisfaction and fulfillment within your circumstances.

    • Kokky

      Just do it your Kids will thank you for it

  • I don’t know. I understand the quality arguments and so on but still don’t see why I would want to invest on it. There are tons of brands that have really high quality bags and you don’t have to spend a small fortune on them (e.g., Fossil). Also, the fact that every socialite has one? I definitely don’t want to be put on that box! It sounds like people are trying too hard. The quality of Chanel is undeniable but the price is definitely a purposeful elitist barrier. Perhaps it will continue into the 21st century with the luxury image it created for itself but the more those brands are associated with people considered more trashy than fashionable,the more they loose some sparkle. 

  • i’ll stop buying bags after i get my flap

    • idgafaboutyouropinion

      darling. that’s what we all think. i thought the same way until i got mine. then it wasn’t enough. i had to have it in a different color (off white) then THAT wasn’t enough….i had to have a celine…then different other designer bags. the chanel flapbag is iconic and it goes with everything but i cant say this will be the last bag ANYBODY buys. but what i will say is….it’s the only bag of its kind and style that i’d keep. like i refuse to have any crossbody type bags with a chain on it that is an “inspired” chanel.

      • softy

        so true, except i stick with buying just chanel. my first was a black classic 2.55, and i bought it thinking i’d never need another bag again, so it was worth the price. but there’s just something about chanel that keeps me going back for more…

  • Sassygrl

    I don’t think you can really appreciate a chanel flap until you have owned one. I have two and I love love love it. I only wear it out on special occasions, especially with the lambskin. It brings an outfit to a whole new level, it is such an iconic handbag. I also have a Celine bag which was about 2400 but its not the same as a Chanel. Chanel is my fav bag of all time!

  • MR2Marilyn

    I’m not sure yet which one to buy the classic flap bag in caviar or the reissue 2.55. I really want one for special (or more formal) occasions. Which style is a better investment (goes up in prices faster or more often)?

    • Kittykitty

      I love the classic one because of CC logo

      • MikaelaGilbyivu

        Aaliyah . even though Eleanor `s blurb is flabbergasting, last tuesday I got a new BMW 5-series since I been bringin in $7856 this – 4 weeks past and even more than ten k last munth . no-doubt about it, this really is the best job I have ever done . I started this nine months/ago and almost immediately was bringing home at least $77… per/hr . view…..>> -> click here to start it now!!! <-

    • Foxi Conserv

      Caviar. Will last you forever.

    • PinkNY

      Reissue! It is not as in your face as the classic and the chain strap makes it dressier. The bag is also lighter and holds more. My favorite bag. If I had to pick one Chanel, it would be a reissue.

      • DrEmms

        I cant agree with u more!With more people jumping into the Chanel flap bag band wagon,the reissue looks more stylish,a bit more logo discreet,more durable and functional!:) I wear my Reissue bags more compared to my classic flaps!

      • Jerri R

        The Reissue is classy and understated. Quietly confident just like Coco Chanel.

  • kk

    I don’t understand why women love to buy purses so much. I am no exception. I own more purses/bags I can ever use, but I still want more. I also want to own a Chanel, and I have the means to do it, but I just cannot let myself spend $5000 on a purse. I want a bargain because getting exceptional things with good value makes me happy. Plus, I want to say that LV bags are so overrated. Everyone wears one at the mall, it means nothing.

    • Lara (LAIR-A)

      Consignment stores are your best bet if you’re bargain shopping. There are several online … Malleries, Yoogi’s Closet and Portero to name a few. I got mine from Malleries a few weeks ago. It’s a barely-used calfskin etoupe tassel hobo from 2003 that was 75% off retail. It was $699 — originally retailed for $2,500. Took hours of searching, but I found what I wanted. Malleries has the best selection.

  • Erica

    I’m a college student and obviously could not afford to spend $4000+ on a Chanel Classic Flap in M/L or anything like that, but I do work two jobs and recently spoiled myself with a vintage Chanel Mini Flap Bag in Beige. Couldn’t be happier! I love the Chanel look and the mini is totally age appropriate!

  • Morgan Grace

    “Owning one is like getting in to one of the most exclusive sororities on campus….or the same bag as one of the girls from the Hills” WTF? Obviously Amanda Mull has a huge inferiority complex, which is why she bought one of these bags. Like, we all, like, want to be one of the girls from the Hills!!!

    • idgafaboutyouropinion

      heidi is a broke bitch now anyways.

  • fashion

    the flap bag is so high price some time i may want to purchase a fake one to alternative to expensive one,

    • Mscook

      Please don’t buy a fake one, because you will not be happy if you did. You know you want a real one .Just wait and save or find one from a consignment place instead.

  • Ursula

    Do I need a reason? I don’t think so, just some cash :)

  • Tiff H

    I was able to purchase a vintage 0 series flap (1st generation of the classic flap from the mid 80’s) this year for $1200. It was in excellent condition and the gold hardware is from when they used to be 18K gold plated. I love that the bag is vintage with so much history and I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to own one!

  • Sandra

    I have been one of the people on your third list for a while now….the only Chanel bags that I were drawn to were small and of course the quilted flap bag. I love bigger bags and the bigger the Chanel the less I like them. I now am of the opinion that there are situations where a smaller bag is actually a good thing…on trips or when walking a great deal. I am considering now which version of the flap bag to purchase….I am planning to purchase my first Chanel this spring.

  • Staci

    This is my most wanted bag. Someday !

  • hikarupanda

    I bought my first reissue in 2005 (the anniversary version), then my first caviar flap in 2006. And then throughout the years, I kept buying and selling them. I finally realized that while I love the look of the flaps (both classic and reissue), they just don’t seem to fit my lifestyle, and then with this insane price increase, I am more and more unwilling to pay double or even triple the price it used to be (while the quality is definitely going downhill). Though at times I still wish I would buy more back in the days when it was much cheaper (though in no way “affordable”), and I still look at them, admire them from afar. Still, I doubt I will ever pay full price for a reissue or classic, and I think it’s silly to buy just coz the price keeps going up, or that you wanna be part of this exclusive
    “sorority,” you gotta really love it and use it to justify that price tag IMO. I have yet to really take a closer look at the Boy bag and see if it suits me better, and I think it may still take some time to see if the Boy bag can really succeed in the test of time to be considered a true classic.

  • brandy

    Def going to own one someday!!

  • Balimoon

    I bought the jumbo GHW 2 years ago love it to bits. I’m daydreaming everyday about the beige Gst now jus cannot wait to get it someday..

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I love that you started the gallery with mademoiselle hardware and a bijoux chain.

  • starrs

    Ladies, meet my Christmas present .. in black. :)

  • Ellebee

    For anyone that really wants one, go and spoil yourself a little. I love purses and collect all sorts of designers but don’t have a Chanel yet. I wish I bought one when I was single and could afford it more but I kept stalling. Now I have a baby and not as much surplus $$ so I cannot justify it now.
    A good way to save for yourself is think about where you spend your money and find something and cut it out of your life for awhile. Like Starbucks, eating out, drinks, etc. Get an envelope and put what you would have spent on the thing you cut out and you’ll be surprised by how fast it adds up. It is also kind of fun to watch the $ grow and challenging yourself to think of ways to get money for the envelope. You will be so proud of yourself for this accomplishment so not only will you get an amazing bag but you’ll get a little self esteem boost too!
    Good luck people!! Save save save!

    • Glenz

      This is exactly what I do to buy my David Yurman pieces. I love my envelope.

  • Alka

    Where can I buy an authentic new Chanel bag online?

    • Lara (LAIR-A)

      You can find them on Malleries, Yoogi’s Closet and Portero — all consignment stores. Malleries has the biggest selection overall. They also have barely used Chanels. Just have to do a lot of searching to find exactly what you want.

  • Segundo B

    Why not try to own other types of bags. There are lots out them and some of them are even less expensive and colorful then a chanel. I believe that having options and a variety of things is the best option.

  • Yen

    Can someone advise me between caviar and aged calf skin, which one is better?

    • idgafaboutyouropinion

      u mean lambskin? are you buying the classic flap bag or the boy chanel?

  • Kitty kitty

    I have dream of Chanel bag for 1 year and I m spending about $500 for a month on shopping. I just apply a credit card with 2 years free interest and get my dream bag – a medium classic lamp gold cc bag .. And so I will pay $240/each month within 2 yrs … Still have $260 left for shopping
    If you dream of s.t … Just do it when you can..

  • ana

    how much cost chanel clasic mini and medium bag???

    • ana

      I just want to be prepared before I go for it

      • Sal

        Why don’t you just call the boutique and ask? Get the model number of the bag you want then google their phone number and call. They’re usually very helpful & you get an accurate answer.

  • Babette

    My sweet husband bought me one for Christmas a couple of years ago. In Paris. My husband ? Perfect husband :)

  • Ginger

    I will not be one to judge someone for the way they use their money. It is your money, your life. (Of course, unless you are directly harming yourself or someone else… that’s a different story)

    This is my story…

    I was one who was lucky enough where my parents started me off with Louis Vuitton bag as my first designer bag. Yes, I am lucky. Once I started to work, I did save money each month so I can buy my own designer bags going forward.

    As years went by, I end up owning multiple LV’s. Then, I started looking at the Chanel. Like many of you mentioned, the classic look and feel, along with its reputation, is something of which I desired. With much thought and consideration (ultimately, it is just a bag), I purchased a Black Classic Flap Maxi (the largest) in Caviar. I thought It was expensive but I also thought it was worth my money.

    I loved it so much I ended up purchasing a seasonal flap bag in white to suit my non-black ensembles. Again, with much thought and consideration, it was all worth my money in the end.

    Because I satisfied my desire of owning a classic flap (and upped the ante and purchased 2 to fit my attires) I have not yet purchased another handbag since my 2nd Chanel.

    • cc

      how much were your bags?

    • ana

      Someone can tell me how much cost the clasic small and medium bag???

      • Ginger

        I am unsure of the small/medium.

        When I purchased the XL classic flap, it was $5,800.
        When I purchased the XL seasonal flap, I think it was $4,100 (?)

  • Juniper

    In September last year, I came back from the Chanel boutique with a black trench coat, and two months later a plum classic flap in lamb skin with silver hardware. The secret is, convincing a man with a wallet that they are “investment pieces” like a classic car. They will complete your life and never devalue. That way, your purse is happy and so is your wardrobe and your other half thinks of them as assets as much as that thing in the garage.

    • ana

      Someone can tell me how much cost the clasic small and medium bag

  • Tinker’s Realm!

    I am in the Camp of Been There & Done That! I am all for Classic Designs but Chanel has not been as fresh to me in the last 5 years-the Classic Flaps are not that convient to wear for everyday & too many compnaies have duplicated the style. If I am going to pay 5k plus for a bag I wold like more details & an original enough look that it is not duplicated on every corner.

  • John Hout

    if you’re going to own a nice expensive designer handbag at least look the part, last thing I hate to see is a busted up person rocking it…..just sayin

  • Cindy B

    I wanted one and I saved and shopped around. I ended up buying one from BBOS – Private Sale. I got a gently used one (that looked BRAND new) for $1200 less they wanted at the Chanel Boutique. I bought the Jumbo Caviar 2.55 in black. It’s stunning and I love it.

  • Amanda

    I bought my Jumbo caviar bag in Ireland in 2011~saved myself about $500 as it was tax free! I do this all the time when I’m in Europe….

  • June

    A number of people are asking what Chanel bags cost so I will tell you what I paid for mine. My first was a medium sized, black patent quilted, silver hardware bag. it was $2,700 seven years ago. My second was a small, black leather, vintage bag (90s) I bought after MUCH research for $300 after I validated it on Purse Forum (thanks!). My third I bought in Paris this year. It’s light grey, leather quilted and considered a wallet-on-a-chain for $1,200. I use it as a cross body for shopping, nice and light-weight. I recommend this style to anyone starting out because if you aren’t going to buy a previously-loved bag because it’s affordable and adorable.

  • Jane Melany

    ” Owning one is like getting in to one of the most exclusive sororities on campus”

    Such stupid, shallow reasons. Just because you can buy one doesn’t mean you belong in a special class, especially if you had to spend a 2 month paycheck on it. Also, you can’t buy class, especially not with one bag that is as trite as a Mercedes Benz.

    Where I live, I see this bag everywhere. Even though some are fake. The bag doesn’t make the woman; It’s the woman who makes the bag.

    But I own one anyway because I am a sucker for classics.

    • Callexiss

      I totally agree with you, I seen a lot of people get themselves into debts because of shallow reasons. I don’t own one, yet, not because I can’t afford it, is because I still think it is way too expensive to buy one. You can do a lot of stuff with $5000.

  • Marla

    Never get one with white , it’s the hardest to keep clean ; (

  • Yen

    I am planning to buy a classic flap bag

  • Rebecca Chan

    It took me a while to warm up to the Boy but my most recent trip to Chanel made a Boy convert ouf of me.

  • Rmnw28

    I have wanted a Chanel bag for the last 20 years. I decided for my 40th birthday I’m going to get a purse and a wallet. Even though my 40th bday is not until December i figured I would get one now and it can be paid off by December. 2/3/14 i bought my first Chanel black (lambskin) mini flap with Valentine charms and a Zip Around Caviar black wallet. I love them so much! I started to used my wallet yesterday. I find myself staring at it and smiling. ???? I haven’t used my mini flap yet but I will on Saturday. I’m so happy with my purchase. I wish I didn’t wait so long to buy my first Chanel but good things happen to those who wait. ? ????.

    • softy

      your bag is beautiful!

      • ì want to guíde you to amazíng online work opportunity.. 3-5 h of work a day.. payment at the% end of each week.. performance dependíng bonuses…earnings of six to nine thousand dollars /month – merely few hours of your free time, a computer, most elementary familiarìty wìth www and trusted web-connection is what is needed…learn more by headìng to my page

    • ckc57tbird


  • Suselyn

    U don’t need to wait for that long to hv Chanel bag….hv it now while still last…instead I hv 3 Chanel bag in hands and I don’t regret it nam proud to hv it even I’m not rich…..

  • David Noah

    Go to Chinatown in NYC or any large city. You can get a great knockoff and you can not tell the difference unless you give it to someone who knows to examine close up. Remember it’s the person who carries the bag that gives it its authenticity.

    • Farah

      That is so untrue. Many of us can spot a fake from a mile away. There’s no point in wearing a fake; even high quality ones will not be a good as the original. Those who are thinking of buying knockoffs just to have the brand should consider that 1. Those who can’t tell the difference won’t be impressed that you have a “Chanel”, 2, Those who can tell will simply laugh at you. Therefore, either go with the real deal, or choose from many other brands that have great quality. Yes, they do exist, and without the harsh price tag.

  • Lola

    does someone know the name/ year of the burgundy flap from point 9 ? thanks =)

  • Mary

    I have the exact bag on the cover! I absolutely love it and it feels very soft! It’s my first piece of Chanel purse :)

  • alice

    what’s the chanel bag in number 5 called? it’s gorgeous. huhu

  • kelly

    My only question is when will Chanel stop increasing their prices?! They can’t go on increasing forever as they’re definitely not worth more than a Birkin!

  • D S

    I’m glad I got a Chanel Classic for my wife years ago when it was still a $3000 bag, because now it’s a $5000 one. I don’t think I could really do it now had I waited.

    If it’s within your means, and your wife has been eyeing it repeatedly… I would suggest making her happy by getting one. Neither of you would regret it.

  • klam

    My husband bought me one for our 10 year anniversary (yes, he’s very romantic). I had laid my eyes on it 5 years ago when I stopped by a Chanel store and now we’re smacking our heads. Why didn’t we get it 5 years ago? The price went up by 60%…who would have thought!?

    Anyway, I love, love, love this bag! I can see myself carrying it through out my life time (yes, regardless of age).

  • Julia moris

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  • Anonymous

    Chanel bags have been everywhere recently, to the point where I’m starting to get bored and sick of seeing them. If you have money to blow on Chanel, go ahead. If it weren’t everywhere these days, a Chanel bag would be great to have, + however the money spent on a Chanel bag could be spent elsewhere – much more reasonable or a bag (school, traveling, etc.).

    • Anonymous

      Chanel bags have been everywhere recently, to the point where I’m starting to get bored and sick of seeing them. If you have money to blow on Chanel, go ahead. If it weren’t everywhere these days, a Chanel bag would be great to have, + however the money spent on a Chanel bag could be spent elsewhere – much more reasonable (school, traveling, etc.). **

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  • turquoisebadger

    In my opinion, the Boy Bag was a rip-off of the Coach Classic Shoulder purse from the 60’s. Coach is also guilty of copying. Theres a bag I saw that is part of Coach’s Fall collection that looks like a spitting image of the Chanel Flap

  • Sbb

    Yes the price is exorbitant but if you do it correctly it’s indeed an investment. I bought my first classic flap (medium/large size) 2 years ago off ebay. It was preloved and in excellent condition, paid £1700 ($2780) for it. It wasn’t an easy decision as it was quite a lot of money but finally I did it. Used it a lot of times and loved it so much. Last week i sold it for $3390 within the same day I put it up for sale on my facebook page. There, I made $610 profit from the bag after using it for 2 years. Even my husband was impressed ????
    Now I’m buying the bigger size, jumbo (I’m actually picking it up from the reseller tomorrow, yay!). I may or may not sell it in future but I do not feel guilty spending so much money on a bag knowing that the bag holds high resale value. My advice though, is get a preloved one in excellent/mint condition. Use it as much as you like but take very good care of it. I won’t buy a new one because firstly, you can get a preloved one sometimes in a “like new” condition for a substantially lower price. And secondly, with a new one you may have to wait a few years before you can resell it to get a profit. I have no qualms about using a preused bag (provided that it’s in excellent condition) as the new ones in Chanel boutiques could be returned items hence technically, preused too ????

  • Adelia Erdie

    Great article and very useful, greetings

  • I recently bought my first Chanel Clutch for my birthday.. I am madly in LOVE – I wrote a little article about it on my personal blog here – http://www.candiecaviar.com/happy-birthday-to-me-chanel-gold-class-double-cc-bag/ Seriously can’t stop looking at it!

  • Jordan

    I bought my classic flap bag for $2400 in 2005 new it now costs $6650. I know this coz my original got stolen and I will never own one agsin as the insurance won’t cough up the new fir old policy in the grounds I should have declared it separately. How the hell was u supposed to know the price had gone insane ???

  • I just had my new Chanel classic flap bag in caviar leather for Christmas, the perfect choice in my opinion, and this article was so useful, I couldn’t wait any longer because as you said the price increases every year ! Plus the caviar leather is much durable. If you want to see the pics and read the article, here is my first Chanel classic flap bag !

  • rayouxx
  • Amanda

    I’ve bought most of my Chanel bags in Ireland b/c you get the tax back…..it all adds up in the end :-)

  • ic3fall

    Hmmm… living in singapore and I see chanel bags everyday on the streets! They’re everywhere! I’ve even seen aunties carry it to the market. And they look authentic too! Kinda makes me wonder if all these pple r carrying fakes or just rich. Meh. Chanel is beautiful but it’s one of the most copied designs. When I went to Indonesia, they even had entire malls full of well made fakes :/ honestly, for 200-300, the quality is quite good. All these designer bags certainly don’t match their pricetag. We’re just paying for the prestige. Most times I don’t mind being ‘swindled’ by them since branded bags are beautiful but really. I think I’ll spend my money on less copied bags. Which is sad, cause chanel is really beautiful. It’s just that it’s so common nowadays that everytime I see someone carry it on the streets I automatically wonder if it’s a fake :((

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    And I only have two reasons not to buy. Low quality and they don’t really look that good.

  • OWNF

    Hello I’m the director at Once Worn Never Forgotten, we have a Chanel reissue bag which is in immaculate condition. You should visit our website http://www.ownf.co.uk/product/chanel_reissue_255_225_flap_bag_in_quilted_age_calf_skin_/

  • OWNF

    At Once Worn Never Forgotten, we have a Chanel reissue bag which is in immaculate condition. You should visit our website http://www.ownf.co.uk/product/chanel_reissue_255_225_flap_bag_in_quilted_age_calf_skin_/

  • carryallqueen

    Thank you for giving me 10 great reasons to invest in my first chanel classic flap bag!
    I have wanted one since forever and now it is my mission to start investing! It is such an icon.

  • Holly White

    Life is short. Buy the Chanel.

  • Schenley Catabay Smolens

    I wanted one since the 80’s when I am the one who carries my Boss bag,(An Arab Royalty) Who only owns Chanel bag. I waited that long and finally got 3, 2 red, one black double flap,not to look rich, but to finally live my dream of having it.

  • Yooyooyooo

    Don’t hate but I think the hype is more about the brand and the fact that this bag may be the most recognizable bag out there (even more than the birkin in my opinion) than the actual design.
    I personally don’t like the design, I think is a little dated and old lady looking but that’s my taste, and even if you truly like the design it’s not a very practical bag, I never owned it but from what I’ve heard its heavy, and even if you buy the jumbo size you can’t fit a lot into it.
    I love designer bags, it’s my passion, but I love them for the design and the quality other than the brand name.
    I personally would never spend 5000 dollars on this bag when I can get three bags I adore because of what they are instead of what they’re called at the same price.

  • Dede Storer

    I, too, remember when,
    not too long ago it seems, Chanel bags were about $700 to $800, a seemingly huge amount. I do have several which are 25 ish years old. My first one was a gift from my lovely sister-in-law. The others I acquired through the years. If you can, I would buy one. Think of it this way. It will last years and years and still be fashionable. How many other items in your wardrobe can boast this. Enjoy!

  • FrederickBPerez

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  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Great colors and styles!

  • Diana Katzeva

    I’ve been enchanted by Chanel bags and seriously considered buying one. What stopped and still stops me is the price. I can definitely afford to spend that much but it would make me feel manipulated by the mainstream culture that dictates that cool people can and do spend so much on a bag. I can spend this much in so many better ways! I like these bags but won’t like me if I buy one. :( is something wrong with me or with a society that tells us that spending thousands on a bag, while there are people who would definitely benefit a lot more from this amount of money?!

  • Ally

    This post was absolutely ridiculous

  • LeftBank

    Just talked to my SA in Walnut Creek, CA. She said the GST is discontinued in the US; only available in Europe and Asia. Guess the rumors were correct. Suppose I’ll consider the flap instead, though I had my heart set on a tote. :(

  • Jess

    This article should be entitled ‘Get your flaps out’. Oh come on.

  • Such a beautiful bag, and definitely and investment piece that will last you forever (and can be passed down to your grandkids ;) )

  • Wilma

    I bought my pre-owned mint condition 2005 2.55 reissue about 6 months ago. I spent a thoroughly enjoyable 4 hours online “authenticating” the bag, literally examining every minute detail of my gorgeous bag. Not only did I assure myself that my bag was authentic (I bought from a very reputable seller), that purchase inspired me to read “Mademoiselle: Coco Chanel and the Pulse of History” by Rhonda Garelick. How many purses can inspire one to delve into history and love it?

  • Goldie James

    I chose the Easy Flap over the Classic Flap–still happy I did. :) My review is here. http://goldiejames.com/chanel-easy-flap-handbag-review

  • Alyson Mikaela Wong

    Do Paris outlet always have the boy series burgundy flap bag?

  • Choogamo64

    I purchased my first Chanel 2012, absolutely love it, and those that have followed in my purse wardrobe, it’s definitely addicting

  • Gloriuss

    I had the Chanel white classic flap medium. I bought it for my 22nd birthday. I used it many times for over 10 years, it matched many outfits and just completed my look. I just loved it. Never had to purchase a light colored bag for all those years Cus it went with everything! :) I was wanting a red woc or small red Chanel bag for years. I finally decided to save and purchase it for my 32nd birthday. I used it twice. One day I came home and found that they were stolen. All my hard work and saving. That feeling after buying them for myself. Turned to heart break and I just cloud not believe they were gone in a matter of minutes. I’m now sad when I try to match outfits I have no cute purse and get sad when I go shopping for one now. Also scared to purchase another.

    • Passerine

      That is such a sad story. When we go on holiday, I take my very favorite bags, good jewelry and a backup of our computer hard drives to work and lock them up in my secure storage there. Fortunately the building I work in has 24 security by ex military. When we’re traveling, our stuff is safer there than at home!

  • Lisa

    To me most Chanel bags are old ladyish except for the boy bags and WOCs. Definitely not worth the price. I prefer YSL.

  • footnotegirl

    Here’s one reason not to!
    Coco Chanel was a supporter of the Nazi’s and did undercover work for them. She was extremely anti-semitic.

    • GNJ

      Yes, she was. But she didn’t turn out to own the brand after she partnered for capital. The actual majority owner of the brand was a Jewish man was. And it’s his descendents who own it now. Poetic justice, no?

  • Jennifer

    I got mine two weeks ago – medium, caviar, black. It’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Kokonuts

    I think there is too much hype on the resale of a bag. With all these recent articles about how a bag investment is better than the stock market, I think it has created a false sense of security when purchasing a Chanel, and other high luxury bags. The resale market is becoming increasingly saturated with designer bags, and I can now purchase a Chanel bag for even 50% off its retail price often, maybe more but definitely not as high a resale as some may be lead to believe. Is that a good investment? That is up to the person selling. I have two mini Chanel from 25 years ago and I never wear them because I see Chanel everywhere I go. Gone are those days where it is considered an attainable item that only few can attain. When I see young women carrying Chanel bags but complaining they can’t pay their rent, I have to wonder. I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but there are many that would rather purchase their bag and be in huge credit card debt. The classic Chanel is gorgeous and I do agree the Caviar leather is almost indestructible. But it’s lost its appeal to me and sense of ‘luxury’ as I see too many nowadays.

    • Passerine

      I agree with you about the inflated second-hand/vintage/used bag prices. I often see used bags (in excellent but still used condition) selling on U.S. sites for about the same price as a new bag in Europe. Occasionally, the used price on these sites is equal to or even more than what I would pay here in Europe.

    • Kelly

      Exactly! Don’t believe the hype ladies.

  • Cari

    So happy for u!! Enjoy that bag!!!!

  • Passerine

    LOL, I was just looking at Chanel Flap bags on Malleries when the email about this thread popped into my inbox. Although, tbh, I won’t buy used — I’m looking only at new medium or large Boy bags or the Jumbo flap. Much as I admire the Flap, I think I will get the Boy.

  • kk78

    Checked out both of those websites that are recommended at the end, and both of their listings are incredibly overpriced. You could buy a brand new bag for less. Just a heads up!

  • Anna

    My love for Chanel has been more than 20 years. Ever since a little girl, purses are a Chanel classic flap and an Hermes Kelly to me (well of course I was not aware of the price tags when I was little). They are timeless classics to me. Well said about the silent/unspoken waiting list about classic flap, for me it’s the waiting for a red jumbo classic flap, which has already taken more than one and a half years. During this period of time, I’ve got my hand on 2 Kellys, 1 Birkin and 1 Constance among other things!!! It’s ridiculous !! My SA told me that the inventory for Chanel classic flaps has been so rare in the past 1 to 2 years! Chanel has been promoting its seasonal bags instead… I am still waiting patiently for my red jumbo classic flap……..

  • Jerri R

    The resale value and price increase theories do not mean much to me, because I do not believe in buying a bag then being too afraid to use it because I want to keep it pristine so I can sell it later at a higher price. I buy a bag to enjoy carrying it, to get used to it and grow to love it.

  • supremelyours

    It is probably just me…but I bought the Classic Flap when the prices went down last year. I thought I scored a pretty good deal on my dream bag.
    A year later, I bought my Boy Chanel which I use very often.
    And I realized I no longer use the classic flap anymore because it just doesn’t fits into my lifestyle or my dressing style. I am thinking of selling mine already. So I am not too sure whether if there are any other reasons to actually own one.

  • sam

    Got my Chanel Flap for only $100 at LuxRack.com, great quality, I just love it :)

  • Trinice Davis

    Good Luck ? other Fellow Chanel Lovers. Today My daughter was blessed with her 255 Double Flap Jumbo Chanel Medium Size Bag. I was on the waiting list for over a Year And a Half with this store for The Bag. Foundly the weight is Over.