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  • Jadzia

    I love a lot of these bags, but hate the strips of leather that hang off the belt bags and luggage tote. Can anybody who has one of these bags tell me this: do those little strips get ratty and beaten up looking? Because that’s my primary concern.

    • Amanda

      I don’t personally own a celine style that has the strips, but I’ve seen quite a few, and haven’t seen any significant wear and tear. I know with some other brands or materials, you would for sure see them get dirty, or the piping can begin to crack because they bop around more than the actual bag, but I think because Celine uses such a high quality of material that their strips are able to withstand everyday use. It might be a good idea to choose a darker tone, and a pebbled leather, rather than a suede or nubuck. I would also recommend getting as much care information for your bag as possible. If the particular colour or leather you want can’t be cleaned, then choosing a style without the strips might be a better option. I think my biggest worry would be getting them caught in a car door, if I was rushing.

    • I have the mini belt bag and have been using almost daily for a year now. The strips look as good as they did the day I purchased it. They actually aren’t an issue for me. Sometimes they do tend to stay curved if the bag has been sitting on the strips for awhile but they usually straighten out very easily. My belt bag is a bright green and doesn’t have any worn or dirty spots on it anywhere. I do have the top handle wrapped though as that’s the only part I was concerned with.

      • JHH

        I have a belt bag and agree that the strips are fine. My biggest problem with the bag is that the way handle is attached to the bag. I did not notice until I owned it but it does not feel secure.

    • Margella

      I have the luggage tote in black and it is an amazing bag: lightweight, roomy and chic. The straps are not getting tattered but, like I said, mine is black. If you pull them and tie them, the bag looks better. The photos make it look like a bad shape!

  • Alex

    Is it just me or does slide 58 look like Phoebe skinned Oscar the Grouch and made a tote bag?

  • Tinsley Proust

    Love the sangles, the twisted Cabas, and the trifold. So good.

  • I love the chain bag! Never got the hype about the trio, there’s nothing to it

  • Lori

    Some of these bags are really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing them in person.

  • Kate

    I’m so ready for Celine to retire the luggage totes and trapeze bag. I still love the look of the Phantom, but it’s heavy, cumbersome and awkward. The tri-fold shoulder bag looks very Celine, but not in a good way. Some of the others are quite nice.

    • Tangela Levinson

      I have been on the fence about Celine but since you mentioned the magic word “heavy” then, it’s a wrap. No Celine for me.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I love my trio for a very specific purpose – travel. I carry my iPad mini in one pocket, most important items in another, and less important in the last pocket. I like that I can snap it apart and fit into carry on. I have a dog carrier and always do carry on only when I fly so I have to be creative to bring a purse without being nailed for a third item when only two are allowed on board.

  • FashionableLena

    Celine bags have never spoken to me. Mostly because I found the ones that I liked the look of were not functional.
    I LOVE the look of the belt bag. But, I hated getting in and out of it. That’s a no for me.
    I like the box bag as well but not enough to drop $4000 on it.
    The Twisted bag is very cool, but, again, it’s not functional because of its height. Can you imagine putting this on a counter and trying to look for your wallet?!
    Love that pillow bag, but it kind of reminds me of the Chanel Cocoon.

  • lavinia

    n.61 is really a new entry in this world. Celine is always forward (creativity+ new ideas), what I do not appreciate so much is this over-pricing, I know they are famous now but it’s too high – Mansur Gavriel is taking this part of the market maintaining prices lower…

  • Antonia

    I love the first one, the Phantom Tote in that beautiful pebbled blue color and the Tri-Fold bags are interesting. That’s it.

  • chae

    sangle seau for me.

  • Suzanne

    As usual, gorgeous leathers and cohesive collection… But nothing that gets me excited for some reason. I like the belt bags a lot, but it’s the kind of bag that I’d only pay up to $2K for.

  • Imgoingbroke

    The Phantom Luggage tote is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. I just cannot find anything appealing about Celine bags.

  • Mom2 12paws

    I love my trapeze (big sister to 43). Are the mediums discontinued since all I see here are small?

  • Can someone explain the Luggage tote? I find it heavy, clunky, and overly designed (I think it’s stiff as a board too)… I’m confused by it’s popularity. On the other hand, I love the minimalist elegance of the Tr-Fold. Great to see the whole collection on one page.

  • W S M

    Love, love, love the Phantom with the contrast edging. One of the luggage totes is beautiful (the tri-color brown, black and white with white stitching) and I definitely could go for a python Box (also never thought I’d like the Trotteur but some of these are gorgeous). However, these prices are just out of this world and I’m still in the mindset that if it ain’t Chanel or Hermes (especially the latter), it’s not worth it. I’m just not seeing Celine hold its value at resale/consignment.

  • Monique Grant

    Well…these are expensive

  • -0-

  • Susan

    I wish they would make the trapeze bag without the trapeze. I like the bag, but I hate the sides. Sort of a bigger box bag but with a handle. A clip on strap would be excellent with it, too.

  • fassionpassionbee

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