If you’re anything like me, coverage of the hippie-dippy nonsense known as the Coachella Music Festival does not interest you in the least. What does interest me (and perhaps some of you), though, is celebrities acting crazy while carrying fabulous handbags, and Coachella had more of that than perhaps you’d expect. Yes, stars carry ridiculously expensive bags to sweat, dance and get all gross and dusty in the stifling hot desert climate at Coachella. Why would we expect anything else?

Of course, celebrity activity at the fest is mostly restricted to VIP areas and Palm Springs luxury hotels (unless you’re super committed to the whole Coachella flower-child thing like Vanessa Hudgens or Kate Bosworth), but in my mind, I still expected all the celebs to have their stylists call in some relatively inexpensive, fringe-covered bags for the occasion. Instead, we found Chanel, Celine, Valentino and Roger Vivier on display. Check out our full rundown below.

Why was Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at Coachella? No one knows, but I do know that she was carrying Chanel Mini Flap Bag on this particular evening. See more of Kyle’s collection, along with her cast mates’, in “The Many Bags of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Kyle Richards Chanel Mini Flap Bag Coachella

Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint and notorious Birkin-burner, is indicative of the typical Coachella look – cutoffs, a floaty top and a relatively well-priced Alexander Wang Marion Crossbody. Buy for $650 via ShopBop.

Francesca Eastwood Alexander Wang Marion Crossbody Bag

Vanessa Hudgens, of course, is practically a Coachella mascot. Her studded backpack, which we’ve been unable to identify, is exactly what you’d expect a woman her age to carry to a music festival. Check out the rest of Vanessa’s collection in “The Many Bags of Vanessa Hudgens.”

Vanessa Hudgens Studded Backpack Coachella

Reality star Audrina Patridge was firmly on the luxury bandwagon with her Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

Audrina Patridge Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Kate Bosworth, like Vanessa Hudgens, chose a non-descript, festival-appropriate option that wasn’t obviously expensive.

Kate Bosworth Brown Crossbody Bag Coachella

As Nicky Hilton’s incredible bag collection would indicate, she went with several high-end Coachella options. The first was the Valentino Rockstud Nude Tote with a monogrammed pouch tucked inside. Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus.

Nicky Hilton Valentino Rockstud Nude Tote Bag

Kelly Rowland is a good example of how ridiculous Coachella “fashion” can be – is that a python fanny pack?

Kelly Rowland Python Belt Bag Coachella

Celebrity offspring are drawn to Coachella like swallows to Capistrano – witness Rumer Willis, proudly toting her Givenchy Mini Pandora Bag. Pick up one of your own for $1,050 via Bergdorf Goodman.

Rumer Willis Givenchy Mini Pandora Coachella

Of all the bags at Coachella, I was most surprised to see this Roger Vivier Prismark Shoulder Bag, carried by Julianne Hough – usually you only see Vivier at far more rarified occasions.

Julianne Hough Roger Vivier Prismark Shoulder Bag Coachella

Nicky Hilton’s second bag of the festival was this black Celine Nano Luggage Tote.

Nicky Hilton Celine Nano Luggage Tote Coachella

Leave it to Diane Kruger to somehow make a Dolce & Gabbana Round Leopard Mini Bag somehow look totally festival-appropriate. Check out more of her collection in “The Many Bags of Diane Kruger” or shop Dolce & Gabbana via Nordstrom.

Diane Kruger Dolce and Gabbana Leopard Bag Coachella

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  • Guest

    In the wake of Boston, Coachella is beyond stupid. Vapid “celebrities” posing in “gifted” clothes while dragging super expensive handbags through the mud. What utter nonsense.

    • I think there’s little that fashion sites can write about right now that seems on-face appropriate in the face of an event like Boston, but what we can do is provide an some escapism, and perhaps a bit of respite from the very serious things going on in the world and in our own lives. That’s all we seek to provide.

      • Kate

        I agree…why are people visiting this site if they don’t want to read about handbags?! While we are all aware of the tragedy in Boston, it doesn’t mean that every website in the world should focus solely on that tragedy. If you’re looking for serious news coverage, try a news site-it’s not like this was posted on the Times website.

  • Silversun

    Mmm, Joshua Jackson.

  • isnt Diane Kruger too old for something like Coachella

    • Lisa

      Diane Kruger is 36!!!

  • I wish I could visit a festival like this with one of my favorite designer handbags. But I fear the mud/rain/sunscreen so I’ll bring my cheapest fake leather shoulderbag with me. 100% festival proof.

  • Lisa

    Umm Diane Kruger is only 36… Not sure who you are mistaking her for.

  • Leslie

    Vanessa Hudgens appears to be wearing something I would wear to bed…And I am really enjoying Julianne Hough hair choices and clothing choices…it appears that she doesn’t need Ryan Seacrest dressing her, she is quite capable herself! Who knew?

  • thescm

    I will admit it — I like hippie fashion. I’ve been enjoying a few Coachella fashion slideshows (celebrity and everygirl/boy) recently.

  • Bo

    Really? Kyle Richards… Isn’t she kind of out of place at coachlla?