vanessa hudgens rebecca minkoff morning after bag

The trendy and popular Disney Star was spotted leaving Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf looking sexy with a rouge scarf and handbag. Wouldn’t you know, Vannessa Hudgens is one of many who is head over heels for the Rebecca Minkoff Matinee Bag. The color Vannessa opted for is called wine, which is such a deep sultry color that I am just insanely in love with it! While this Disney star is cute as a button, her ensemble shows that she wants to look sexy; which is achieved by pairing denim and a black top with her sexy reds. I have been a huge fan of the Matinee from the beginning, but I am certain that this exact version, wine with burgundy suede trim, is hands down my favorite! Buy the bag via Rebecca Minkoff online. As for getting this exact color… I don’t know, perhaps you must beg, plead, and sell your red kidney?

**Edit: This is the Matinee not the Morning After. Sorry everyone**

vanessa hudgens rebecca minkoff morning after bag1

vanessa hudgens rebecca minkoff morning after bag2

vanessa hudgens rebecca minkoff morning after bag3

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  • drati

    Isn’t this the matinee bag?

  • sunny

    i believe in those pictures vanessa is carrying the ‘matinee’ not the ‘morning after’

  • Love for CocoChanel

    I love the bag. Even if I don’t like Vanessa personally but I love her style and would have to add her on to my favourite Star Style list. The way she dresses is the way I would sort of dress like. And not to mention that she has a cute boyfriend.

  • Shola

    many thanks

  • merve

    leuk foto !

  • iqra-sharpay


  • beyza

    hi vanesa ioch bin ein fan von dir.du bist das schönste mädchen der welt.kann ich ein autogramm haben bitte bitte
    ich liebe dich vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • VanessaHudgensIsBeautiful.

    Keep talking shit you’re making her famous.
    She’s is so beautiful!
    I don’t care what y’all say.


  • natalina

    fabulous u look amazing vanessa as always i swear! keep on ! u really ROCK

  • Jennifer

    I think Vanessa looks like such a snob!

  • Jennifer

    Vanessa is such a snob!

  • Tea

    Vanessa Hudgens always looks awesome, she picks colours that suit her and she always look elegant and sophisicated, yet feminine.
    She should be on the best dressed list!!!
    I really like her, and her style…

  • Vanessa

    I have some new for all you Vanessa haters…… Are you listening well if youre not you are now……… VANESSA IS NOT A SNOB………..OK YOU STUPID ASS PEOPLE. :mad:

  • Karla1

    I dont care what everyone
    says about Babyv….
    I’m ur biggist fan!!!!

  • DaNiElA

    vanessa hudgens du hast de besten style der ganz welt

    I Love You

  • edisa

    :razz: ich liebe vanessa hudgens sie ist volll hüpsch und geil :grin: :roll: i love you vanessa you are sooo beatiful!!!

  • Andrea

    Hey. I’m Andrea. One thing i have to say about vanessa’s styleis fantabulastic. Its soooooo nice. The way she styles her hair, how she dresses, her makeup. :???: :???: .

  • Seher

    Hey Vanessa. You are my BIG FANS, and I from Tyrkey, but I liv in Denmark, so I dont good to read english :grin:

  • Seher

    Vanessa you are so beytifull :wink:

  • karem

    wow me gusta much como te vistes!!!!!
    you are ROCK!!!!

  • Sara

    you are very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scarlet

    Vanessa is looking beautiful. Her bag and scarf look beautiful!
    She completely rules the fashion and acting role with Zac. Shes
    like the most beautiful teenager on earth. She is a teen because shes nineteen. She is sexy not a snob! :razz:

  • scarlet

    YOU :oops:

  • sara

    vanessa the best :smile:

  • g-style

    :razz: auuuuu vanessa u are so beautiful u are the best love ya :wink: :wink:

  • fahmida

    :smile: hiya… all i want to say is zac efron is sooooo cute and fit omg, i wanna see him in real life…

  • fahmida

    :smile: hiya… all i want to say is zac efron is sooooo cute and fit omg, i wanna see him in real life… love you zac

  • Liv

    OMG – Vanessa is not a snob. She only looks like it, coz she’s being snapped at by cameras from all sides. Of course she’d sometimes get sick of all the papparazzi. So she doesn’t always wanna look at the camera and smile. She has a right to go about her business and ignore the cameras.

    Anyway, she has got wicked style and I absolutely adore it. Even if her handbag is out of my price range! :roll:

  • njbkgh nh;

    :lol: i like ashley and venessa too they are sam

  • i love you soooooooooooo mush more than any one i always but your picture also i add you on my email but i dont see you online i wish you accept me sweety i am nour from lebanon i am your biggest fan i love you more than you think i want to be like you i like your baby face and your sweety face in the final you are all beautiful muuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i wana be you

  • katheryn

    may ilove you vanessa may damiradora mas big del mundo

  • April

    i totally love her style. she is really beautiful and she can really dress i mean look at her she’s a goddess. i really can’t understand how people call her a snob cause she’s not she just a teenager with lots of money

  • naufa

    VAn ur r sooooooooo much beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………

  • marlie

    im proud with you vanessa,ur so pretty,am a filipina same like u very much.stay as sweet as you are…

  • sabah

    love you to the max….