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  • Anna

    She is the ultimate age defiant celebrity. Year after year she look exactly the same. Not a wrinkle on her and she is in her 40’s!!! Now I want to crawl back into bed and feel sorry for myself

    • The pic of her at the Fendi party is one of the most recent ones in this gallery, and, I mean, LOOK AT HER! HOW? HOW SO PERFECT FOR SO LONG?

      Ahem, sorry for the outburst.

  • louis

    that one unnamed bag looks like a Victoria hermes bag

  • laura

    If you ask me what (bag) brand reminds me of Naomi Campbell, I would say Louis Vuitton. Thats the first brand that comes to mind, I don’t know why.

  • Yikes

    May be just me, but with the exception of a few looks, her overall styling seems a bit tacky/cheap looking considering she’s an industry veteran… You can be dripping in furs and hermes, but money really can’t buy good taste… Just look at the Bravo Housewives, Hilton sisters, Kardashians….

    • In her defense, many of these photos are from the mid-to-late 2000s, which is an era in which most of us probably looked extra tacky by 2015 standards.

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      • Theo


    • box5angel

      I must be looking at different photos because I like her style in a lot of these photos. They don’t look cheap or tacky to me. Oh well, to each his or her own.

    • Sofia

      ITA her style would look tacky on a lot of people, but I think it really suits Naomi’s diva/supermodel persona.

  • Aidan

    Just an FYI im pretty sure the green Birkin is actually alligator and not crocodile. the scales are not as symmetrical for one…

  • Stunning woman! We don’t have the same taste in bags for sure but I love me some Naomi <3

  • Irene

    Love the hot pink luggage tote in slide 11. Wow!
    Yes, I also liked the LV Neo Line. What ever happened to that, and why is it not produced/sold anymore?
    Her collection is impressive of course, but I would expect nothing less. :)

  • et

    this is my kind of content! i just love naomi and her ‘idgaf’ attitude. love her look in #32…those she would kill me if she read this, she kind of looks like tyra (!!) and kerry washington in that photo. probably the bone structure.

  • Dave

    JW Anderson has returned this Loewe version again, but without lock.

  • hermesluv

    I almost fainted when I saw her croc kelly! That poor thing needs a spa treatment!

  • Dylan Propst

    37 is a suede version of the Celine Boxy tote.

  • mrheng

    No 37 has to be an Hermes. The leather, handle, structure look like something only Hermes can achieve. The handle joint does look like a Celine Boxy tote but it’s much tighter and neater; plus if you look at the zipper, that’s absolutely not a Celine but most likely an Hermes. The Celine Boxy tote zipper has a long leather puller. My bet, 100% Hermes, could be a custom made.