Stars Offer Inspiration for Fall Dressing With Chanel, Hermès and More

And a Pink Andiamo...let's go!


Stars, they are just like us! As soon as the temps get a bit chillier, the blazers, sweaters, and leather come out. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to nail fall dressing, the stars below have plenty to offer. From Bottega Blazers to combat boots, denim, and Julia Fox’s insane oversized suit set, this set of stars has personal style down pat.

As for the bags? We’ve got oversized versions of fan favorites like the Luar Ana and the Bottega Veneta Andiamo, as well as neutral classics of the iconic Birkin Bag and more. As per usual, this set of bags is overwhelmingly neutral, but we’ve got A$AP Rocky’s special edition Andiamo to break up the black and brown.

Birkins, Bottega and More!

A$AP Rocky celebrated his birthday in New York in a full Bottega Veneta look earlier this month. His custom large pink Andiamo Bag is truly the star of the show, and I can’t help but wonder when Bottega will bring the pink Andiamo to us mere mortals too.


A$AP Rocky
New York, New York

Celine girl Kaia Gerber was seen in Paris enjoying some downtime post-fashion week. She carried the large version of Celine’s Romy Bag.

KAIA GERBER Celine Romy Paris

Kaia Gerber
Paris, France

Jumping over from a Celine gal to a Saint Laurent one, Mrs. Hailey Bieber took a break from her beloved Le 5 à 7’s to show off a Saint Laurent Manhattan Bag while out and about in LA.


Hailey Bieber
Los Angeles, California

EJ Johnson shows us how to make a baby Birkin look cute just in time for fall! They paired a Prada mini skirt with a crop top and blazer while out with a pal in LaLa Land.

EJ Johnson LA Hermes Birkin

EJ Johnson
Los Angeles, California

Julia Fox visited The Drew Barrymore Show in an oversized suit set toting the largest Luar bag we’ve ever seen. She’s been out and about promoting her new book ‘Down the Drain.’ Would you read it?

Julia Fox Luar NYC

Julia Fox
New York. New York

Blake Lively was seen strolling the West Village with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, who was celebrating his birthday. She nailed the art of casual fall dressing in jeans, combat boots, an oversized sweater, and a Chanel 2.55 Reissue.

Blake Lively NYC Chanel Reissue

Blake Lively
New York, New York

Emily Ratajkowski was seen walking back to her apartment in New York on a crisp fall day wearing a long leather trench, green pants, and a Hermès Constance Bag.

Em Rata NYC Hermes Constance

Emily Ratajakowski
New York, New York

Last but of course, not least, we’re checking in with Jennifer Lopez, who was spotted out and about in LA with a gorgeous suede Birkin Bag.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
Los Angeles, California


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  1. Sandy Avatar

    While I do enjoy street style and the fact that occasionally we see photos that are not photoshopped I do dislike the insinuation that these people are any better than the rest of us!

    1. kdb Avatar

      So true! Guilty pleasure for sure.

  2. Georgina Avatar

    That suede Birkin will always make me drool. Fall in a bag!

  3. ECe Avatar

    Emily Ratajakowski – models Tory Burch bags yet doesn’t carry the bags in real life. I refuse to buy anything she endorses when she doesn’t believe in them.

    1. kalista Avatar

      yeah just like J.Lo used to model Coach bags. They look cute on her but we all know she ain’t really carrying coach bags everywhere in her real life lol

    2. itchybits Avatar

      A silly way to view it. She doesn’t endorse…she models. It’s her job. Hired to create a lifestyle or look for an ad. Marketing. To sell bags. How can you be mad because she uses her own bags outside of work? Some celebs are hired for a campaign that is ongoing so they get photographed using bags IRL. To sell bags. Like the Bieber chick with YSL. Probably Kaia Gerber as well with Celine. They could hate the bags but you would never know. JLO …probably sold a lot of Coach but I don’t see her photographed using Coach now that campaign over. Tory Burch herself likely uses other bags as well. Buy a bag because you like it not because Emily Ratajakowski did an ad. An ad can bring a bag to your attention but you should only buy it if it rings your bell.

  4. itchybits Avatar

    Love the Birkin. What on earth does that Aesop guy have in his hair?

  5. Adangerousbeauti Avatar

    Love the fits of Blake Lively.

    Why does Emily Ratajkowski have to be in most of these articles. I dont find anything special/ unique about her style or anything worth mentioning.