Today I got an email with a complaint about us covering Gossip Girl on Purse Blog. Ok, I see your point. This is a handbag website and covering a TV show that is not about handbags may seem a bit off topic. But you must give it to Gossip Girl for having some of the most bold, fun, young, hip, and daring styles! And one of the things that Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman does best is accessorize the characters.

This week we found Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester, carrying around a classic yet hip crocodile tote. This tote is one of my favorites, as it is a Sang A Bag. We have covered Sang A on Purse Blog before and I have loved her different uses of materials, modern lines, and sleek styles. The River Tote has been the bag on my lust after list (in YELLOW PYTHON!). Blair Waldorf carried a different version of the River Tote, and I must admit that I am in love!

The Sang A River Tote in African Crocodile was the bag of choice for character Blair Waldorf as she made her way onto Yale’s campus. The bag signifies tradition, elegance, and class while being able to be worn by a young 20 year old and not look old. The bag worked perfectly for all of her outfits and I am officially in love with Sang A bags all over again! The River Tote is a staple for Sang A and is available in a wide variety of colors and materials. The specific bag Blair was seen carrying retails for $9,440 at Sang A online.

Sang A River Tote in African Crocodile, $9440.

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  • Sarah

    LOVE the bag and the show!!!! Great pic Megs!!

  • michelle

    I LOVE THIS BAG!! I bought it in black leather and use it all the time!! Function and Style!!

  • tadpolenyc

    what?! who complained? if you don’t want to read it, then skip over the post! it’s that simple. please keep the gossip girl recaps coming. they’re one of my favorite things to read on the pb. amanda does a fantastic job.

    as for the bag, it was the first thing i noticed about blair’s outfit. the hardware is distinctive and hard to miss. plus it’s a great looking bag. gg is the most stylish show on tv right now.

  • Not a complaint, more of a why is it there! I see the point, this is a handbag site. But I figure we spice it up a bit!

  • Tadpole, I LOVE Blair’s headbands!!! Amanda hates them, I ADORE them!!!

  • Anilu Magloire

    This bag is pure perfection!

  • harumph. tell the complaining complainer that doesn’t like my recaps that I WILL FIGHT THEM.

    and it bothered me alllll last night that i couldn’t remember who made this bag! now i remember!

    and a recap of this week’s episode is coming in the near future!

  • ^ No no, not complaining complainer!! :)

    I love GG… love recaps… love the bag!!!!

  • AHL

    I am officially addicted to SANG A bags now!!! and this is on the top of my lust list :) Three River bags isn’t really that many right?…

  • Big Pearls

    I love that bag..I wanna get one as soon as possible.

    I wonder if you could tell me what brand was Serena’s handbag in that scene. looked nice.

  • Serena carried a Celine Watch Me Work bag for most of the episode, although I don’t remember if that was the bag in the specific scene. Megs? You got pics?

  • Yep Celine in croc!!!!! It was an episode of exotic bags!

  • KathGrace

    Love the show, love the bag

  • El

    hmph to the complainer as well :D altho, i guess yes, the recap could focus more on the bags that were carried to please all? :)

  • Kinny

    I, for one, love the show and I feel that the bags they show off are very much worthy of this blog. I always look forward to what bags Blair, serena and Lily will be carrying around.

    Blair is my hands down favorite fashion wise by the way.

  • Alison

    I’m pretty sure that Annette Benning’s character carried this in two different colors in the movie The Women…

  • Big Pearls

    Is there a shop in London that sells Sang A river bags?

  • Em

    I LOVE Amanda’s GG posts. Can you please bring them back?

  • Jasmine

    Yes I love your recaps of GG and I LOVE GG STYLE!!
    I was drooling when I saw Blair carry this lovely River tote and I immediately remember the first moment when I saw it on this blog….
    I’m in love too!
    But it’s too exorbitantly expensive!! >_<

  • Melissa

    this purse sucks. does anyone realize it’s from a real crocodile, some being endangered species. What a sad sacrifice for fashion.