Penelope accessorized a beautiful outfit by Wyeth Designs with a coordinating beige Chanel classic flap handbag with gold hardware. Often called the 2.55 purse, sales associates simply refer to this purse as the “classic flap bag”. This purse is the foundation of any handbag collection. It is complete with double chain shoulder strap invented by Coco Chanel to free up use of a woman’s hands and quilted design inspired by jockey’s coats. Also featuring exterior love letter pocket, double flap closure and interior pockets to keep lipstick and compacts secure, it offers everything a lady needs. In the 1980s Karl Lagerfeld put the CC monogram turn clasp into the design. There are few purses that have lasted the test of time such as this one. This classic can be worn for evenings or even daytime paired up with jeans as Miss Cruz has.

The classic flap bag is carried season after season, often coming in limited edition colors. Available in lambskin or caviar leather, the latter is must more wear friendly scratch resistant leather but lambskin is a baby soft to the touch. This fall it is available in black, white, gray, a rich dark chocolate brown, yellow, light green, blush, ruby, clay, and two shades of beige.

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  • niki

    I LOVE CHANEL!! i like this bag because its simple and not busy!!

  • chemlex

    Meh. She looks a bit worse for wear.

    I’ve always thought Chanel were old lady purses, right down to their *quilted* look. It’s as if all the 60 year old millionaire widows got together for a bit of a bee, and churned out some bland purses.

  • missy-j

    Love that bag!

  • Suze

    Does anyone know how much it is? Is it only available in the Chanel boutiques?

  • Cindy

    ^^ You can try the Saks 5th Avenue site to see if they have it.

  • I believe it is $1695 or $1895 depending on the leather you get the purse in. A boutique will confirm this for you.

  • rubber duck

    penelope cruz may be a good colour coordinator, but she can’t act- seriously, did you see her in Sahara? oh well, this is not what this page is about, i do agree with chlemlex, though i am a fan of quite a few brands by channel. the reason why they are not so popular, as lets say, guess, is they over price for bags that your grand mom would wear

  • billyjoe

    wow, that bag is cute!

  • kojiko

    I love this bag! :) I wish I had one! :) It’s awesome!

  • Caroline

    It is about $1400 with tax.

  • Caroline

    The white one isn”t for the old ladies as one person mentioned. It is cute for the late 20s ladies

  • jimmy

    that’s 2.55 so clasic I love men bag(white)

  • Tracy

    I agree that the white classic bag with the flap is so in right now! Especially for women in their late 20’s. So many celebrities arond this age can be seen with them. There is a reason its a classic!

  • laura

    the 2.55 is chicer than the classic. i should have gotton that one. i didnt like the chanel name written on the clasp, it was only like an 1/8th of a inch high. i was neurotic. later that week i was in a dept. store which was about to close, & bought the “classic” w/the 2 “c”s on a whim. black w/silver metal trim. the only thing i dont like is that the silver is plated in a cheap way. they could have done a better job or used real stearling. it looks good w/jeans. this is my 1st chanel bag. the quality of the leather & workman ship is amazing. its just that plating is weird.

  • jessica

    the classic flap bag in black caviar with gold metal is 2350 without tax. i just bought one at neiman’s. i saw this girl carrying around a large version of my bag but i haven’t seen that one anywhere. i would like to get the larger bag for everyday because the one i have isn’t adequate for work/school.

  • ola

    does anyone kno how much the smallest chanel flap bag is…im 19 and i want to get it for my birthday

  • marian caruso

    the bag in charlottes apartment whit with red ny logo what brand

  • Farah

    Does anyone know how much the medium sized Chanel classic lambskin flap handbag is worth now? Please let me know as i am selling mine. Thank you x x x

  • Sara

    The bag is only available at Chanel flagship stores or Chanel boutiques. You can find Chanel boutiques in stores such as Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, etc. or Holt Renfrew in Canada. The large flap bag goes for around $3,500. You may also call any Chanel store and ask the exact price of the model you have.

  • Naggy

    The bag is so classic and timeless that it doesn’t need a celeb like Cruz to advertise it. (ipad)

  • KY

    I love the classic flap, still want one! (ipad)

  • honey

    hi.. anyone who can help to choose which better chanel jumbo caviar or maxi caviar??????? thanks!!!