Nicky Hilton Balenciaga Bag

Why it sucks to be an A-list celeb – Reason #267

You can’t pick, pinch, squeeze, smile, or laugh any way other than perfectly because the paparazzi will get it on cam and will make you look dumb. Unfortunately little Miss Nicky Hilton was digging for gold with her Balenciaga bag in the other arm when the paparazzi caught her. Let’s have a little sympathy here people, she obviously was at the drug store picking up an Rx (look under her nose picking arm). Either way Miss Nicky owns an exorbitant amount of Balenciaga bags and they are gorgeous aren’t they!

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  • Nat

    HAHAHAHA all the money in the world couldnt save her now! What a moron!!!!

  • capi

    I think those are photos under the arm… but it looks like the shampoo/household products department of some retail walmart type store.
    love the bag though.

  • Zippy

    Hummm… Is the middle finger reserved for the paparazzi? Hummm…

  • rubber duck

    i was never really a fan of the hiltons, though i do like her purse:)
    one word for nicky: MANNERS

  • Brittany Martin

    Pick me a winner girl

  • billyjoe

    ughhh…that is the most disgusting thing…

  • Linda

    Ewwwwww! I can’t believe she’s picking her nose in public!

  • cybasistagirl

    I LOVE HER! Where is the photo of her EATING it?

  • Stephanie

    hey i love purses i have a purse for every outfitt buttttttt they are getting kinda old will u pics me some new ones


    OMG people..leav her alone.. shes just trying to live a normal life and i cant believe theres a page to put ur comments on about : What do u think about the fact that she picking her nose..
    I LOVE the hilton sisters,.. theyre hot and talanted.. And dont tell me that no one of u guys have ever picked their nose.. yea exactly..

  • karie lynn

    I think that she is doing what everyone is doing she just has a bunch of losers following he around tryinh to make a buck! shes pretty guttsie doing it knowing a photographer is around the corner! good for her!

  • karie lynn

    I think that she is doing what everyone is doing she just has a bunch of losers following he around trying to make a buck! shes pretty guttsie doing it knowing a photographer is around the corner! good for her!

  • nicole

    you have to feel a LITTLE sorry for the hilton girls, they can’t even fart without it getting recorded. I wouldn’t take all the money in the world for my anonimity.




  • Purseloco

    I hope she gets out everything she wanted!

  • Loves it!

    Listen…. she’s just doing her own thing so just let it slip…. they shouldnt even have a picture of this on a website! its sooooo mean! i loooove the hilton sisters and im sure that fi someone took a picture of you picking your nose you would make them delete it! Just leave them alone! its there life let them live it!

  • yung clever

    I didn even notice her picking her noise,until you guys mentioned it. I was to busy checking out that beautiful purse of hers. I loveyou Nicky Hilton!

  • claire

    beurk… ca gâche tout le charme de la photo… Et dire que c’est relayé jusqu’en France tout ca…

    La pauvre… Un petit conseil.. la prochaine fois, regarde avant de faire ça en publique ou attend d’être chez toi^^ ca t’evitera de faire le tour du monde lol

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  • Krista Hattt

    Eww You Nasty Bi69h, do that shit in the f69king Bathroom.

  • Kayla

    For the love of god.. she’s not “picking” – it’s obvious she’s purposely doing it while flipping off the paparazzi. Get a brain, people…

  • Serge

    haha, what a weirdo. Who picks their nose with a middle finger. Use a pinky like normal people do

  • Mina

    lmfaooo ! :shock: atleast her bag is hot !

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  • amy

    those are a packet of pictures and a bag of chips…no prescription there!!!!

  • Loren prance

    I’ve had a foot fetish for quite a long time but I don’t think the fetish is being properly treated. So I was wondering how do I find someone in my home town to encourage my foot fetish?

  • Kendra

    Stop picking your nose. (fb)

  • Naggy

    It’s a white purse too; I hope she confines that finger to her shirt. (ipad)

  • KY

    Haha nice picture! (ipad)