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  • justa9url

    FYI, typo in the title – Just Can’t Get Enough: Miranda Kerry Loves Her Big, Black Day Bags

  • Roxanne2536

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  • Y Ajayi

    I find her bag choice boring.

  • I love black bags and this is proof that you can wear them all year round. I think she is fabulous.

  • Billy

    She may love em but Johnny depp isn’t going to be buyin her anymore of them let that lesbo sponge of Ellen

    • I think you’ve confused Miranda Kerr with Amber Heard

    • debs

      Regardless, this is an inappropriate comment.

    • Yoshi1296

      LOL What the hell is this?????

      • Aurore de La Gorce

        TROLLS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kat

      Why are you here?!?

  • Hbk917

    Chic wants spousal support for 12 months of marriage give me a break stick with your purses for company no judge is gonna give you a dime because he knows you weren’t truly down with the pickle hope you find a rich chic with a pair of pants full of trout maybe then you’ll be happy gold digger

    • Kate

      What a strange rant for a post about handbags.

    • Yoshi1296

      OMG these comments are so inappropriate.

    • Smithy

      alrighty then…..

    • Carrie K

      Her new boyfriend is a billionaire just thought you’ll like to know ;)

  • Smithy

    My attention span with a bag lasts a lot longer when it’s basic black.

    • carrie2514

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  • Tei

    The birkin looks really messed up….it doesn’t seem to hold it’s shape very well. Considering the price and the hype….the other bags look so much better.

  • paula

    She looks perfect every time.

  • trendsetters

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  • Imgoingbroke

    Slide #7…she looks killer in that outfit.

  • Looking very hot with that outfit. Specially the mansur gavriel bag.