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  • Sandy

    Wow! Makes me feel like my shopping habit and bag collection is very reasonable! Ha!

  • JH

    Are slide 5 and 6 the same bag shown twice? I don’t generally speaking like Marjorie Harvey’s look which usually screams “look at me, I have a lot of money” but I must say that she does look like she is having fun and has an impressive collection of bags.

    • I don’t think they are–I looked at them for a while and I think the bag in slide 5 is larger and navy, while the one in 6 is smaller and true black. In 5, you can see the contrast between the bag and her coat, which is definitely black, if you look closely, and the handle attachments are set at different points on both bags.

  • Carrie K

    Hermès definitely makes Kelly Cut Clutche with Pavé Diamond Hardware, I’ve seen them at their Las Vegas store & it is beyond beautiful in person! It was actually in the same color (Blue Izmir) as the one she has, I wonder if she’s the one who brought it.

    • Oh that’s good to know! From what I could find, one with diamonds has never been resold online–there aren’t even any pictures of ones with diamonds on Google Image. I bet she was the one who picked up the bag you saw.

  • Aidan

    A client of mine consigned a 35cm Himalayan Birkin that she got in Paris in 2015. She wanted a reserve of $110,000 put on it. Little did she know she left the receipt inside the zipper pocket inside. She paid €48,000. The auction prices for Hermes exotic bags are grossly inflated. Especially if the cperson consigning them is a preferred client at Hermes.

  • psny15

    Marjorie has the most beautiful bags of every celebrity, she is always styled on fleek!

    well curated collection!

  • Gigi

    Am I the only one who hates the look of exotics? Such a high price for a (in my opinion) tacky material range.

    • Jerri R

      I can’t stand the look or feel of them.

  • katrina

    tacky and gross collection. Exotics don’t appeal to me at so many levels but on her “look at me. I am dripping money!” look it is disgusting at a whole new level.

    • Jerri R

      Yes. Her life seems to center around showing off the most expensive stuff for the sake of flaunting wealth.

      • Lacey Dadrey

        Right. Steve is just happy to have her and allow her to waste money. He treated his ex wives like shit.

    • Lacey Dadrey

      Correct. It is ridiculous. This is typical of someone who is just interested in spending money just because she has access. The reptile bags are ugly as hell, but because she was told that they are exclusive, feels the need to waste money.

  • Yoshi1296

    She is also an Haute Couture client so her closet must definitely be around $25 million including all the jewelry.

    • JH

      Well, I hope not given that she and Steve have an estimated net worth of about $100 million. I’d hate to think that a quarter of their net worth is clothes and jewelry.

      • Pamela

        Celebs also get freebies and huge discounts just to wear stuff. Steve is a businessman. Highly doubt he’ll go broke buying crap.

      • JH

        I assume that Steve is the celebrity that you are referring to. I do hope that he is getting stuff for free that goes to Marjorie because it would be shame if a quarter of their net worth is in her closet and I hope that they would both be smarter than that.

  • Maya

    Not a fan, I find her to be uber tacky (constantly having to outdo others with more and more and more expensive bags has to be exhausting! Plus, finding new designers is so much more exciting!) BUT I have to give it to her, the toned down, more natural make up and hair she has on the picture where she wears that Chanel jean jacket suits her sooooooooooo much better! There’s hope!!

  • Catherine

    I’m kind of surprised at all the vitriol here… (????) This is a website that celebrates bags and the celebrities/individuals who love them. I don’t like all of her bags (I have DREAMED of a crocodile Hermes identical to the one Olivia Palermo carries), but carrying expensive bags IS displaying your wealth, your style, your individuality, your whatever. The Real Housewives, Kardashians, VS models, et. al don’t carry Chanel through the airport, Birkins and YSL to show how frugal they are…

    Her style is a bit OTT to me, but its no more tacky than Instagram bloggers or Kim Zolciak.

    • Pamela

      And she’s rich! She can do and buy what she wants which lost of us wish we could do! / she always looks great to me.

      • Lacey Dadrey

        Her husband us rich.

      • Pamela

        Aka so Is she…

      • Lacey Dadrey

        Not. As long as she is married to country Steve,she can live the life of a rich woman. She also has no integrity, as she is only interested in the baller life from any means possible including dealing with a low life drug slinging ex husband.

      • Pamela

        Girl they’ve been married like 20 plus years and have tons of kids! Most gold diggers get what they need and peace out. Clearly this is more

    • SullivanO

      Olivia P’s burgundy croc(k) “Birkin” is fake so sometimes it’s about displaying wealth that one doesn’t quite have. Carrying fakes says a lot about what she’s trying to prove.

      I think Marjorie is a little over the top but if she can get these bags and she obviously loves them, I hope they give her a ton of enjoyment!

    • W S M

      Agreed. And I prefer Marjorie’s style over Kim Zolciak’s.

    • Sherre

      I completely agree

  • Nibb

    Bags aside, she’s got some beautiful outfits.

  • tess

    Wos Steve makes way too much money for what he does.(as do all celebrities I suppose) Conspicuous consumption.

  • Pamela

    Let’s hope she’s not robbed next.. celebs need to be way more careful these days..

  • KO0926

    Some of her bags are gorgeous…. I have a nice handbag collection for my price point… In my lifetime, I know I have spent over $100,000 on my bags and if I had her money… I might have many of the bags she is carrying… I’m not a Chanel fan, so I’d leave most of them in the store… and I’m not a big fan of the LV bags she selected, but for the most part her bags are beautiful. I think most handbag lovers might develop a favored designer over time, and maybe hers is Hermes; mine happens to be Prada.. I love their soft calf leathers… and their pebbled leather is beautiful too… I have to say, I love my bags! Now some people might think $2,000 is ridiculous for a bag.. and it might be for them… For me, it’s a special treat, and I don’t take it lightly. For someone with her money,,, it might be the same as one of us on here spending $2,000. I know this is going to sound bad, but I don’t think the money she has spent on her bags is bad, considering how much money they have. Don’t hate… appreciate!

  • TMMA__

    She is the prime example of someone who has all the money in the world and absolutely no style or taste. She looks like she is trying too hard in every single outfit she has on…she even makes these beautiful bags look tacky.

  • Daria

    lipstick on a pig

    • JH

      I don’t like her look but pig seems a bit harsh.

      • dee harbin

        I agree that this flaunting of wealth is over the top. I see bankruptcy in Steve Harvey’s’ future or an unfortunate Kim k. Incident. However, saying “lipstick on a pig ” is gross and perhaps racially motivated. Mrs Harvey is a pretty woman and Takes very good care of herself. I don’t agree with this obsession with flaunting wealth when so many are suffering now. I also don’t like the use of croc skins .When The K’s do it or others it’s celebrated but for this woman to do it “it’s lipstick on a pig” . Also what does carrying an ancient Hermes bag or LV or any of the other old & deceased designer bags have to do with age or body shape? One thing we can thank Trump for is he brought the closet racists out of the closet.

        SorryJH, I meant this response to Daria.

  • Aileen Diaz

    I don’t know who she is but she looks a little bit ridiculous her style don’t go with her age or body shape. It looks like she really try hard to show or prove something. I like some of her bags but definetly no my style.

  • Choogamo64

    Mrs. Harvey is one classy lady and looks great in her style, everyone has the right to their own opinion, howeve I find individuals hate when they can’t afford the lifestyle of others. Love her bags and her own style.

    People stop stop stop with the negative comments!

  • Katy

    Every time there’s a post about Mrs. Harvey, the commenters are always harsh and unrelenting. This is a blog about purses…the owners pay good money to get pictures of them. Let the less judgmental among us enjoy them in peace!

    Also, if someone you are not personally familiar with can inspire such viciousness, I shudder to think about how you treat your intimates.

  • W S M

    I don’t think that Kelly Cut in 13 is Pave. Probably Guilloche hardware.

  • Simone

    You have to enjoy life, spend your money anyway you choose to, wear anything that makes you comfortable.

  • Chelsea Girl

    How many animals had to be skinned to make her these bags? smh

    • nickpa

      Gurl you know you are in purse blog right?

  • Hulda “Bag Lady” St. Felix

    What’s with all the hate? Where is the love? ??Personally, I LOVED her collection of exotics and rare bags. ????#PurseGoals. ?? I am still waiting for the We Did the Math list for Salma Hayek, Debra Lee, and La La Anthony. Come On, Purse Blog! What’s taking so long? ????