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  • Alex

    I’d rather have the akita dog than any of these bags.

  • Man Bagger

    Bags dont poop

  • Mile

    The only interesting thing about this article is that cute shiba inu ….otherwise boring!

  • In the market nowadays (as you said it) there are some perfectly nice and gorgeous man bags that would suit every man. I don’t understand the need for carrying obviously feminine bags like the Chanel classic flap or the Birkin. I understand these guys adore them but they don’t look good in them. If only they’d taken a lesson or two from Hugh Jackman.

    • WhosThatBag

      Huge Jackman would look good carrying a grocery bag! Not a fair comparison. :-P

    • Hierophilic

      Lol rigid gender binary. Maybe they carry the more feminine ones because, idk, they like feminine things?

      • You’re probably right. Not that I judge them or anything, I just think that it doesn’t look as good. Just as I wouldn’t look good wearing a mans suit

  • WhosThatBag

    Marc Jacobs’ Hermes HAC bag is stealing the show in a major way.

  • Rada

    Marc Jacobs, Pharrell Williams and Brad Goreski. They pull off the bags inspiringly. Johnny and Bryanboy, while I admire them for expressing themselves, just look ridiculous. Hugh Jackman, well, he’s just transcendent!

    • seres

      To be fair, it is much easier to full of your bag when the rest of you looks conventional.

      • Hierophilic


    • seres

      sorry – I mean’t ‘pull off’

  • Brad Goreski is one handsome gentleman, I must say.

  • AshleyG

    the pic of Lorenzo Martone and his dog could have been the entire post by itself…

  • Man Young

    Goreski’s duffel bag is not an SC, but a Naxos Leather Keepall 45 Bandouliere. As you correctly wrote about it earlier.

  • twoturntables

    I find it cosmically unfair that RuPaul is such a good looking man and good looking as a woman when he is in drag. For most of us, it’s hard to pull of just one gender.

  • Edia

    isnt that a yellow goyard ambassade?

  • Tâm

    Hi Ladies! Please Don’t Hate Me For Saying This. As A Gay Man, I LOVE Handbags. Rather It Be The Obvious Or Not, If I Look Good Carrying It Or Just Plain Love It, I Am Going To HAVE It. Be FAB.U.LOUS Carrying It….Sounds Like Some Ladies On Here Are A Little Jealous. Let’s Calm Down Ladies! This Is A Different Generation. You Are NOT The Only One That Can Carry Handbags. Expect to See LOTS Of Men Carrying Bags. Let’s Just Agree That We All, Male Or Female, Have An Appreciation For Great Handbags.

    • shueaddict

      You bet your tight little tush we’re green at the gills with envy. We’re hot blooded women! Our pulse quickens at the sight of an It bag or a butch hunk like Wolverine here. Debatable which has a stronger effect :-)

      • Tâm

        LOL! Love It!

    • Sophia

      You betta werrrkk

      • Tâm

        Thanks Gurl! Love It! You Betta Werrrk It Too! : )

    • Love to have male readers who love handbags and carry them too!

      • Tâm

        Hi Megs! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I Read It Everyday. And Thanks So Much For Doing This Topic On Men And Bags!

    • rezzamazlan

      Agree with u gurl! i have few handbags too

  • Yoshi

    Where’s Pelayo Diaz? He has the best bags. His collection is immaculate!

  • FashionableLena

    I just find it weird to see most of these men carry very feminine handbags. But whatever floats your boat. That’s what makes the world go ’round. I could really go for Johnny Weir’s blakc and white printed coat.
    The only picture that really caght my eye was Hugh Jackman. Classic look.

  • Guest

    People can do whatever they like, of course, but I’m super tired of this “trend.” I especially dislike the men who hate women (I’m looking at YOU, Johnny) but love to dress like them. And I’m wearing my flame-retardant suit, so have at it if you must!

    • Tâm

      Did You Just Really Go There? Really?! And I Am Just Going To Leave It As That…

  • pixiegirlie

    I had no idea Johnny had such a Hermes collection I’ve only seen him with Bal or LV but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised he’s got the money to spend.

  • Alex575

    I could buy a house with all of Johnny Weir’s Hermes & Bal bags! I love ’em all!
    This is such a great post. It’s almost impossible nowadays not to have some sort of bag, especially if you carry a lot of electronic devices like cells and tablets. Also if you’re going to the market you have to bring your own bags (and most drugstores are starting to do that too) so you have to carry a lot especially if you live in urban areas.

  • yubu

    which brand is that brad goreski’s carrying8grey one without the shoulder strap, open zip on top?

  • Laura.

    I have just received a Beruccio bag from Italy. It’s for my husband. it’s AMAZING!!! More beautiful than any of my handbags. I saw them in Italy, but they were very hard to come by. They have just gone online. Beautiful website like the bags.

  • lancelbbsac

    Porte-avions léger sacs par bus rouges sont probablement les meilleures courses causé facilement lancel bb prix accessible à partir reçu de Lancel, Applications suivantes tranchées distinctifs sont considérés dans la salle de cinéma,

  • Likewaterforchoc

    So, this is off topic, but RuPaul’s suit in the 2nd pic comes thisclose to channeling Randy Watson from Sexual Chocolate! lol