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Only in today’s day and age can a teenager become famous by appearing on a scripted reality show. The Laguna Beach turned Hills star, Lauren Conrad, has been riding a high since MTV decided to cast film her and her life. While her internship at Teen Vogue is over, LC has ventured off on her own and now is designing clothing. Too bad her ex-boss, the genius Lisa Love, thinks her line is “more T-shirt kind of things and jeans, very simple basics.” Ouch! Love did not have great things to say about Lauren, especially about her love of partying, but the show must move on. Lauren Conrad has paired up with Linea Pelle to design her own line of handbags. She has been seen sporting the bags herself, but the wait is on to hear whether those in the fashion world think her bags are fab or drab. She designed three bags; the LC Tote, the LC coin purse, and the LC Clutch. All three are available online at Linea Pelle.

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lauren conrad handbags
Lauren Conrad for Linea Pelle Handbags

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  • william

    As a person who has no skill in design, I’m sure used chains thinking they are an unrelentingly sophisticated touch – though clearly, she has shown they are not.

  • michelle

    I bought this bag in black and olive. It is light-weight and the leather is to die for!! It is the perfect size for everyday. I did not buy it because it was an LC bag, but because I liked the style.

    • victoria

      hey there :)
      i was wondering where from and when you bought the lc tote bag…..i really love this bag but i can’t find somewhere to buy it from….please help ..?

  • foxyqt

    i love LC =) i think it looks great on her but they’re not my style..

    however i really like her clothing line! i think her simple dresses are so cute

  • tina

    i really used to like LC but ever since her fame got to her and the launching of her fashion label – she is just the norm in my book. nothing extraordinary but just ordinary. i do like the bags to a certain extent but for some reason the metal chain comes off as looking a little cheap and a total chanel wannabe! >_<

  • LoveforCocoChanel

    not going too crazy for her collection.

  • vickythong

    sorry,but if spend 350 bucks for it,i would love to buy Coach. :neutral:

  • Britt

    Love LC ;-) but she could do better they look a little bit cheap and kinda boring.

  • Jenna

    i think LC’s clothing line is over price…she’s only a reality tv person…firs of all the material her clothing line is not that great…her line isexpensive as Gwen Stefani who have accomplished a lot in her career…she need to be realistic if she want to stay in business for that long…there are lots of starts out there that create clothing line and have better quality and more unique design that her

  • Robyn

    I believe that she should have waited to launch her own line she, needs more experience in design. After having looked at her collection and accessories I think that it totally lacks innovation. If she wasn’t LC she wouldn’t even get the press she is getting.

  • SCF

    I now own the actual bag she is wearing in the picture! :-D It’s signed on the inside too