katherine heigl zufi alexander bag Some say she is stuck up, but I absolutely adore Katherine Heigl. Let me rephrase that a little, I adore the character Katherine Heigl plays on Grey’s Anatomy, the lovely Izzie Stevens (except for the whole breaking up a marriage, not fond of that) also love her character in Knocked Up and even in 27 Dresses. If I had it my way, she and I would meet and she would be all three of these characters combined; ultimately resulting in her being one of the coolest people around. Right now the cool Heigl is in Madrid touring Europe and promoting her latest film, 27 Dresses. Her sense of style is simplistic; casual and laid back but still looking put together. We have watched Katherine transition from jeans and a tee during the day to a gown at night, but what I love to watch is her handbag choices. And while she has been in Europe she has been spotted carrying a ‘mystery bag’ to some. Upon first glance I *knew* I have seen this bag before. Sure she removed the flower, but Katherine Heigl is carrying a Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby. If you remember, we gave away a Zufi Alexander Python bag back in October. I am happy to see this designer fan base growing, as these handbags are stunning and great for everyday wear. I originally learned about Zufi Alexander from Sari Brown who owns Lux Couture, one of our favorite online e-tailers, who sponsored the giveaway. Check with Lux Couture to see if she will carry more Zufi Alexander bags, but for now, visit their website HERE. The Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby that Katherine is wearing retails for $1250. [images courtesy of Splash News Online]

Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby
Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby

Katherine Heigl with Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby Bag  Katherine Heigl with Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby Bag  Katherine Heigl with Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Baby Bag


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