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Just Can’t Get Enough: Jordana Brewster and Her Hermès Evelyne Bags

Jordana Brewster is an ultra-casual chick. She is neither a slave to fashion, nor to designer handbags, which I can respect. In the five-plus years I have worked here, I have mostly seen her carry one bag, with extremely rare exceptions: the Hermès Evelyne. She owns one in brown, and one in black, and I suspect that over time she’s owned multiples of each. Based on our research (which is fairly comprehensive about this sort of thing), the Evenlyne is one of the only styles of handbag that Jordana carries in her day-to-day life.

She does not lug this one around on the red carpet, but frankly, if she did, I would not be surprised. Don’t believe me? Scroll on. I feel like Jordana can teach us all a little something about caring less, cherishing what you have, giving angry side-eye and rocking a bunch of overalls.

If you feel inspired to own an Evelyne of your own, you’re in luck. Despite Hermès’s reputation for being elusive when it comes to handbags, the brand actually carries a generous 32 (yes, 32!) different versions of the Evelyne on its website, ready for your purchasing pleasure. This black version, which is much like Jordana’s, will set you back $3,725.

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