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  • Irene

    Love it! I couldn’t wait to scroll down and see what she bought. Nothing really jumped out at me but who cares? The fact alone that she tore through NYC and bought EIGHT bags makes her my hero too!

  • QueenPosh .

    I actually only like the simplicity of the Marni Shoulder bag. The slouchy leather looks beautiful.

  • not impressed

    Today PB did another post on people attending fashion week in NY. The women in that piece looked SUPERIOR to any celeb. Sure, Jessica has some nice bags…. but I think she looks looks cheap, not sexy.

  • She’s looking really good!

  • Aoedele

    Her handbag is always on point, her clothing style, not so much. She dressed better when she was married to Nick. Anyway, love the last two. Is it me or does the bags look empty? For some reason, she doesn’t strike me as the empty bag gal.

  • Smithy

    She’s kinda taking on a Mariah Carey hot mess look with her style. Regardless of that….her husband is on point. Gorgeous man.

    • Jerri R

      That’s exactly it! The “wealthy hot mess” look.

  • Ebun

    Wait when did the Givenchy easy tote become $1350?! I remember when we as a community (lol) appreciated it’s under $1k price. So sad

    • Jerri R

      The way they raise the prices isn’t even funny.

  • seres

    Some of her clothes are so hideous I can’t even focus on the bags. Is she wearing the dress back to front in #1? Is it a homage to string grocery bags?

    • Jerri R

      Made me think of giant squishy bundles on a pickup truck tied down with a bungee cord.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Jessica did renew my interest in Gucci with her love of the horsebit hobo many years ago. Her style was much different then.

  • Miriam

    Ohhh now I get it…I bought a CH andy handbag in Paris some years ago and since I moved to the US I haven’t seen anyone carry a CH handbag, in fact I didn’t found a treat on purseforum about it when I wanted to comment about Carolina Herrera handbags. Now I know why.

  • Yazi

    She’s a beautiful woman but her clothes make her look “cheap” and her hair needs a warmer shade of blonde.

  • Handbag Divas

    Amanda – We did some research & found that the last bag in this series is the Merona clutch from her namesake brand. – HandbagDivas

  • tata

    her handbags choices are ok. but man, she needs a new stylist! she looks horrible! her clothes look so cheap and she doesn’t look like she takes any care of herself. i guess money can’t buy you class or style.

    • Jerri R

      In a few of these pictures she looks like a stripper who just changed into her street clothes after getting off work.

  • Geo

    The only one I really liked was the fringed bag.

  • ellavanw

    That is just a hot mess. Each photo is tackier than the last. (Actually, that’s not right; the first one is probably the worst.)